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#ForTheA Mike Soroka suffers leg injury. Our @seleneparekhmd believes it could be his achilles. Watch our 3D animation detailing this injury #MLB #FantasyBaseball

The @Angels Shohei Ohtani suffered a forearm strain & has been shut down from throwing for 4-6 weeks. Assuming MRI was completed & negative for UCL damage. Will still DH. #Ohtani @TheFantasyDRS

The orlandomagic Jonathan Isaac believe to have a torn ACL. If true, surgery and lots of rehab. RTP 9-12 months. @TheFantasyDRS

@MarcJSpears @b_sutterer Twisting knee mvmt. X-rays and MRI to come. Worry for ACL tear, multi-ligament injury, and rarely bone issue. Expect MRI to bring clarity on this. @TheFantasyDRS

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