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Curtis Samuel

Buffalo Bills


28 YRS


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Date Injury Game Missed Details
07/28/2017 Hamstring 0 Missed some camp practices and the 1st 2 preseason games with a hamstring strain.
09/24/2017 Back 1 Missed 1 game with an unspecified back issue.
11/13/2017 Ankle 9 Suffered ligament damage in his left ankle. He needed surgery and missed the final 6 games of 2017 and the first 3 games of 2018
10/14/2020 Knee 1 Inactive for Week 6's game against the Bears due to a knee sprain
06/02/2021 Groin 3 Grade 2 groin strain. Tweaked his groin and missed the mandatory minicamp. Placed on IR after a setback
10/10/2021 Groin 5 Aggravated his groin injury in Week 5 game vs. the Saints
12/16/2021 Hamstring 4 Grade 2 hamstring strain. Samuel was sidelined at practice ahead of the Week 15 game due to a hamstring injury. He missed the remainder of the season.
08/02/2022 Miscellaneous 0 Conditioning issues, hamstring and back tightness
09/10/2023 Foot 0 Hip injury. No details
10/29/2023 Toe 1 Toe injury. Likely turf toe

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  • Commanders ruled out WR Curtis Samuel for Sunday’s game at New England due to a toe injury.

    Source: Adam Schefter via X

Curtis Samuel, a dynamic wide receiver, has left an indelible mark on the NFL landscape with his electrifying plays and versatility on the field. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Samuel’s journey to professional football is a testament to hard work, dedication, and unwavering determination. From his standout performances in high school to his stellar collegiate career at Ohio State University, Samuel’s talent and potential were evident from an early age. This page focuses on Curtis Samuel’s Injury History and the recent updates on his health. 

Upon entering the NFL, Samuel was selected by the Carolina Panthers in the second round of the 2017 NFL Draft, immediately making an impact with his speed, agility, and playmaking ability. Throughout his tenure with the Panthers and later with the Washington Football Team, Samuel emerged as a key weapon in the offensive arsenal, garnering attention and admiration from fans and peers alike.

The NFL Journey of Curtis Samuel

In his rookie season with the Panthers, Samuel faced his first bout of adversity when he suffered a hamstring injury during training camp. Despite missing valuable practice time and preseason games, Samuel’s resilience shone through as he recovered from the setback and returned to action.

Curtis Samuel’s Injury History

Let’s take a look at Curtis Samuel’s Injury History throughout his American football career. 

Curtis Samuel’s Hamstring Strain: 07/28/2017

During his rookie year, Samuel encountered a setback with a hamstring strain, sidelining him for several camp practices and the first two preseason games. While initially deemed minor, hamstring injuries can be tricky to manage, often requiring careful rehabilitation to prevent recurrence.

Curtis Samuel’s Back Issue: 09/24/2017

Midway through his rookie season, Samuel experienced discomfort due to an unspecified back issue, causing him to miss a game. Back injuries are notorious for their unpredictability and lingering effects, posing challenges for athletes as they navigate recovery and return to play.

Curtis Samuel’s Ankle Ligament Damage: 11/13/2017

In a significant blow to his sophomore season, Samuel suffered ligament damage in his left ankle, necessitating surgery and an extensive rehabilitation process. Ankle injuries, particularly those involving ligament damage, can have long-term implications for an athlete’s mobility and performance.

Curtis Samuel’s Knee Sprain: 10/14/2020

During a game in the 2020 season, Samuel was sidelined due to a knee sprain, highlighting the physical toll of professional football. Knee injuries, though common in the sport, can vary in severity, often requiring careful management to avoid exacerbation and further complications.

Curtis Samuel’s Groin Strain: 06/02/2021

Ahead of the 2021 season, Samuel faced another setback with a grade 2 groin strain, leading to his placement on injured reserve. Groin injuries can be particularly challenging for athletes, affecting mobility and explosiveness on the field.

Curtis Samuel’s Aggravated Groin Injury: 10/10/2021

Despite efforts to return to play, Samuel aggravated his groin injury during a game against the Saints, prolonging his recovery and sidelining him for additional games. Recurrence of groin injuries is not uncommon, underscoring the importance of comprehensive rehabilitation and cautious return to activity.

Curtis Samuel’s Hamstring Strain: 12/16/2021

As the 2021 season progressed, Samuel faced yet another setback with a grade 2 hamstring strain, forcing him to miss the remainder of the season. Hamstring injuries, notorious for their susceptibility to reinjury, require careful management to prevent prolonged absence from play.

Curtis Samuel’s Conditioning Issues: 08/02/2022

Ahead of the 2022 season, Samuel encountered challenges with conditioning and tightness in his hamstring and back, highlighting the rigorous demands of professional football and the importance of maintaining peak physical fitness.

Curtis Samuel’s Foot and Hip Injuries: 09/10/2023

Details surrounding Samuel’s foot and hip injuries remain undisclosed, leaving fans and analysts speculating about the nature and severity of the ailments. Foot and hip injuries can significantly impact an athlete’s performance and require thorough evaluation and treatment to ensure a safe return to play.

Curtis Samuel’s Toe Injury: 10/29/2023

In a further setback, Samuel sustained a toe injury during a game, likely a turf toe, adding to his injury woes and necessitating careful management to prevent exacerbation and prolonged absence from play.

Despite the challenges and setbacks he has faced throughout his NFL career, Curtis Samuel remains undeterred in his pursuit of excellence on the gridiron. With his resilience, determination, and unwavering passion for the game, Samuel continues to inspire fans and teammates alike as he navigates the highs and lows of professional football.

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