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Jesse Morse, MD

March 7, 2023

Jalen Hurts

    Hurts had a monster season in 2023 after struggling to finish the 2021 season with an ankle injury that eventually required high-ankle sprain (tightrope) surgery in 2/2022.  He came up just short of winning a Super Bowl despite a valiant effort. Finishing third only behind Mahomes and Allen as the QB3. Hurts suffered a right shoulder / chest injury in W15 against the Bears. This was actually one of the rarer injuries, a sternoclavicular (SC) joint sprain, which is where the clavicle meets the sternum. Six weeks after initially sustaining the injury, in the Super Bowl, he probably still wasn’t 100%. He is expected to secure a new huge contract this off-season, and should be 100% healthy to start the 2023 regular season, where he will likely be a top-five fantasy quarterback again. 2/22/23 - 10:04 AM    

Josh Allen

    After finishing a rare back-to-back QB1 in 2020 & 2021, Josh Allen slightly regressed in 2022, only finishing behind Mahomes as the QB2. Allen suffered two injuries in 2022, a minor hand injury in late September that he played through, and then a concerning right throwing elbow injury. Despite spraining his UCL against the Jets in W9, and dealing with a significant amount of pain and inflammation, Allen was able to impressively play the remaining season without missing a game. Allen admitted that he wasn’t able to throw with his normal mechanics until the playoffs secondary to his elbow injury, which correlates with his drop in statistics later in the season. It remains to be seen if the Bills will add any new weapons for Allen, but expect his elbow to be 100% and a top three QB once again in 2023. 2/22/23 - 10:15 AM    

Patrick Mahomes

    Mahomes surprised many and ended up regaining the QB1 spot, his first time since 2018, despite losing Tyreek Hill, and having a mediocre wide receiving core. Mahomes was able to stay healthy the entire regular season, only to suffer a right high ankle sprain in the divisional playoffs which caused him to be significantly limited, but he admirably prevailed to another Super Bowl victory. It is not known if he will need off-season surgery. I'm excited to see what new weapons Mahomes will have in 2023, but we know that he will have his main man Travis Kelce by his side. Expect another top 5 fantasy season with no long-term ankle concerns. 2/22/23 - 10:45 AM    

Joe Burrow

    In 2022 Burrow was another year removed from his significant left knee injury, where he tore his ACL, MCL, PCL, and meniscus in 2020. He was able to stay healthy and injury free in 2022, despite needing to undergo an appendectomy in July. Burrow had his best season yet, finishing as the QB4, despite losing Ja’Marr Chase for a month. Burrow actually demonstrated his mobility in 2022 showing he is more confident in his knee, rushing for 250 yards and throwing for 4,500+ yards. He has top 5 QB potential in 2023 and minimal injury concerns. 2/22/23 - 11:00 AM    

Javonte Williams

    Many were excited about William ‘s potential in 2022 as he potentially took over the backfield from Melvin Gordon, and a newly high-powered offense led by Russell Wilson. Well, we know how that ended. Unfortunately, Williams suffered a significant knee injury in Week 4 to his right knee, including a torn ACL, LCL, and posterior lateral corner. This is a very significant version of an ACL tear, and up there with JK Dobbins’. The problem with the severity of this tear is that it usually takes at least 12 months, sometimes up to 14 months to fully return to play. Even then the player usually doesn’t fully trust his knee until the following season. I fully expect him to miss games early in the season, possibly starting on the PUP. It’ll be interesting to see who the Broncos pick up to supplement their backfield, possibly even considering drafting one of the many talented rookies. 2/23/23 - 4:00 PM    

Antonio Gibson

    Gibson disappointed in 2022, after suffering a myriad of injuries, including a hamstring strain in training camp, and a fracture in his left foot that required off-season surgery. He was placed on IR on Christmas Eve after likely suffering and MCL sprain in his knee, causing him to miss the final two games of the season. He finished as the RB27 this season after 2 top 15 finishes. Gibson has quite the lengthy injury history since entering the NFL in 2020, including turf toe that eventually required surgery, multiple shoulder sprains, a stress fracture in the shin, rib, injury, calf injury, hip injury, and being placed on the Covid list. That was all before the 2022 season. With the emergence of Brian Robinson Jr. it will be interesting to see Gibson‘s role in 2023, but the injuries are starting to mount, which have been likely affecting his performance. 2/23/23 - 4:00 PM    

DeVonta Smith

    Smith had a fantastic sophomore season with the Eagles, finishing as the WR9 in PPR, secondary to the break out of Jalen Hurts, as well as the additional support of AJ Brown. Smith suffered a groin strain in the preseason, that may have impacted him in week one, other than that he was super healthy and fantastic all season long. Finishing with 95 catches for almost 1200 yards and 7 touchdowns. Smith had a fantastic Super Bowl, but appeared to injure his left foot or ankle in the game. He was spotted 2/25/23 at a Philadelphia 76ers game, wearing a medical boot on his right foot. We will wait for further information as regards to what specific injury he was dealing with, and if he needed surgery. The good news is that whatever it is, it should be healed by July. 2/26/23. 8:30 PM _________________________________________  

Kyler Murray

    Kyler Murray had a rough 2022, after testing positive for Covid in the preseason, he used a combination of Zach, Ertz, DeAndre Hopkins, and eventually Hollywood Brown to put together a decent season that was riddled with injuries. After missing three games in 2021 with a high ankle sprain, he missed two games in November with a hamstring strain, and then just three weeks after returning he unfortunately tore his ACL as well as his meniscus. Murray reportedly underwent surgery in early January, there are some rumblings it was completed by Dr. Dan Cooper, who is the team doc for the Dallas Cowboys, and also the surgeon who did Michael Gallup‘s ACL last year. Due to the severity of the injury, nature of the way Murray plays the game, and timing of the injury, there is a very good chance he could miss time early in the season, and if he has any setbacks, possibly half of the season. 3/2/23  

Dak Prescott

    Prescott had to have surgery on his non-throwing shoulder heading into the 2022 season, but was reportedly healthy heading into week one. Unfortunately in that game he fractured the thumb on his throwing hand. This cost him the next five games and likely lingered for a couple more. Prescott struggled with his accuracy in 2022, leading to 15 interceptions, the most he had ever thrown. Out of the 12 games he played this season, he only had four top 10 performances. He finished as the QB 18, which is not bad, considering he missed five games with his thumb. There are some rumblings that he may be extended in the off-season, and it will be interesting to see if they get him some new weapons for 2023. 3/2/23    

Aaron Rodgers

    Rodgers had a down season in 2022, despite being the highest paid quarterback in the league. He had his most interceptions in a season ever (12), and it was the first time he failed to crack the top 10 fantasy QBs in a season where he played all of the games (QB13). Just because he didn’t miss any games doesn’t mean he wasn’t injured. Rodgers actually played through what is likely a pretty significant thumb injury on his throwing hand. While no details have been specifically confirmed, there are rumors that it was an avulsion fracture, which is where the stability ligament of the throwing thumb (UCL) gets sprained and pulls a piece of bone off with it. Instead of missing 3 to 6 weeks, allowing this to heal, he played through it, likely leading to his reduced accuracy. He also suffered a rib injury in late November, but again did not miss any time. It is unclear what the future holds for Aaron Rodgers as of early March, but it sounds like he is more interested in chasing another MVP trophy, as opposed to trying to win another Super Bowl based on some of his recent comments. Rodgers should be considered the top free agent quarterback, heading into 2023. 3/2/23    

Mac Jones

    In his sophomore season, Mac Jones really struggled to take the next step forward, and even being out played by second string rookie QB Bailey Zappe. Jones finished with a poor 14 touchdown and 11 interception ratio. He missed three games earlier in the season with a high ankle sprain. While much of the poor play could be attributed to Patriots OC Matt Patricia, Jones made plenty of poor decisions on his own. 2023 will be a big season for Mac, as it will be a make or break campaign for him. He gets a new OC in Bill O’Brien, which should help to optimize his strengths, and should get a couple new offensive weapons. 3/2/23    

Trevor Lawrence

    Lawrence showed in 2022 why he was the former number one pick in 2021. He had a fantastic season with the help of new coach Peterson, receiving weapons, Kirk, Zay Jones, Evan, Engram, and Travis Etienne. He finished as the QB8, and played all 17 games, despite suffering turf toe in early December. He managed to take his team to the playoffs. This is just the beginning for Lawrence, and he has top 8 QB potential for many years going forward. There is a very good chance he has even more weapons in 2023, including former elite wide receiver Calvin Ridley. 3/2/23  

Zach Wilson

  Zach Wilson had a very rough, sophomore campaign. Often looking lost and lacking confidence. In his rookie season, he suffered a right PCL sprain in his knee that cost him for games, and he unfortunately suffered a new injury to the same right knee during the preseason, tearing his meniscus and suffering, a bone bruise. This cost him the first three games of the season, and despite starting the next eight games for the Jets, he looked simply awful. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for Wilson, and the Jets, as he may likely start as the back up if the team decides to bring in a free agent. 3/2/23  

Davis Mills

  After surprising many people in his rookie season, Davis Mills struggled to take advantage of the opportunity during his sophomore season. Although he was able to stay healthy, his accuracy was poor, leading to 15 interceptions and him eventually getting bench for a couple games. It is expected that the Texans will draft a QB very high in the draft and Mills will likely back the rookie up. 3/2/23  

Daniel Jones

  After suffering a neck injury in late November 2021, Jones missed the final six games of the season. His future was uncertain, and it was unclear initially, if this was going to be a severe long-term injury. Thankfully it was not, and not only did he have a fantastic 2022, but he took a huge step forward and even carried his team to the playoffs. Jones actually suffered what was likely a mild high-ankle sprain in early October, but never missed a game. Jones actually finished as the QB9 despite resting in week 17. He is in the process of vying for a new contract, but all expect him to return to the Giants in some capacity. He needs several new offensive weapons if he’s going to be able to repeat his impressive 2022 season. 3/2/23  

Kirk Cousins

  Kirk Cousins had a fantastic 2022 season, where he finished as the QB6, mainly thanks, to the other worldly talent of Justin Jefferson. Cousins has been able to stay impressively healthy over the 8 seasons after becoming an NFL starter. He has yet to miss a game since 2013, despite testing positive for Covid three different times. Despite being owed a ton of money, the Vikings do not have any other viable options, and it is expected that he returns in 2023. 3/2/23  

Jameis Winston

  Winston went into the 2022 season with the expectation of bouncing back after tearing his ACL on the Halloween of 2021. With multiple weapons, many had high hopes for Winston, unfortunately his season ended really before it began. He suffered two different injuries in the third game of the season, rupturing a tendon in his foot, and then fracturing four bones in his back. Initially he missed the next two games, and then was benched indefinitely for the rest of the season despite Andy Dalton, who looked awful at times. It is unclear what the future holds for Jameis. 3/2/23  

Carson Wentz

  Wentz has had one of the craziest careers that I can remember. After nearly having a magical season with the Eagles before tearing his ACL in 2017, it feels like he has simply never been the same. The Eagles finally had enough of him in 2020 and he landed with the Indianapolis Colts in 2021. Where in late July of that season he suffered that strange left foot injury, then struggled the entire season, despite staying healthy. In 2022 again he was shipped off to a different team, this time to Washington, where he struggled again. In October he suffered a bicep tendon strain on his throwing arm, as well as a finger fracture on his throwing hand which required surgery. Wentz missed 7 games with this injury, and was essentially benched for the rest of the season. He was recently released by the Commanders, and it is unclear what his future holds. 3/2/23  

Matt Ryan

  After spending his entire impressive career with Atlanta, Ryan landed with the Indianapolis Colts in 2022. Unfortunately, the experiment did not work, as he struggled and even got benched a couple times. He did suffer a throwing shoulder injury in October, which cost him a couple games. Due to the significant amount of money that he’s owed, $35 million, there is a very good chance Ryan will either be looking for a new team or decide to retire this off-season.  

Marcus Mariota

  The future appeared to be bright for Mariota after he won the Heisman Trophy in 2014, however his NFL career has been anything but. His first five seasons were in Tennessee, then two seasons with the Raiders, before landing in Atlanta this season. Mariota actually had some decent games in 2022, but it was not enough. He suffered what appeared to be a phantom knee injury, reportedly requiring surgery, ending his season. This allowed rookie Desmond Ridder to take over in Week 15 after the bye. He was recently cut by the Falcons, and is likely in line to sign a new contract as a back-up quarterback. 3/2/23


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