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Top-5 Draft Picks at Quarterbacks for Dynasty

Here is a look at the top five quarterbacks for fantasy purposes. This writing is formatted for Superflex and dynasty purposes. The quarterbacks are much more profound than last season, and all five on this list have a chance to start for their future teams. A lot will depend on the landing spot of the individual player.

1) Bryce Young- Alabama

Bryce Young is a former 5-star recruit from Santa Ana, California. Young has a calm presence and is very confident with reasonable accuracy. Young will scan the field and has 4.4 speed with mobility to evade defenders in the open field. There is extraordinary accuracy to all field levels, with a nice touch to the open receiver. Even though he has limited size and could be a high injury risk, Young demonstrates Pro Bowl-caliber skills in the all-around game. He doesn’t have the elite arm strength and will need to stay on his reads longer, but Young takes care of the ball — by throwing only 12 interceptions on 927 attempts.The main reason for Young to be over CJ Stroud is his legs.

2) CJ Stroud- Ohio State

CJ Stroud is a former 4-star recruit out of Rancho Cucamonga, California. Stroud has excellent instincts and is a natural leader. He has the talent to progress through reads and will put good zip and placement on his passes. Even though Stroud struggles to escape the pocket, pressure does not phase him; he will hit receivers through tight windows. Stroud will get the ball out quickly and spray the ball to all areas of the field. With that said, he will overthrow his receivers and needs more aggression in significant play opportunities. He makes excellent decisions, but his ball becomes erratic while throwing off-platform. Stroud has good vision, balance, and elusiveness with a good processor and is mechanically sound.

3) Anthony Richardson- Florida

Anthony Richardson is a 4-star athlete from Eastside High School in Gainsville, Florida. The one thing that certainly stands out about Richardson is his athletic ability. He made the Bruce Feldman Freak List as the 50th athletic freak. He is built like a full-back but has the speed of a wide receiver. However, Ricardson needs to be a better decision-maker, and his pre-snap recognition must be upgraded. His lack of understanding of blitzes comes from his limited experience. Richardson has just 393 attempts and has only completed 54.7 percent of those passes. There is solid placement on the ball regarding short and intermediate throws, and he will work through his progressions. Richardson has one of the strongest arms in the class and will read the entire field.

4) Will Levis- Kentucky

Will Levis is a 3-star recruit from Xavier High School in Middletown, Connecticut. Levis has the size and height for a prototypical passer and could have the strongest arm in the draft.He has a quick release, accuracy, and placement on his intermediate and long throws. Levis is an older prospect, as he will be 24 when the NFL season begins. However, Levis has demonstrated growth each season. He went from being a nobody and a backup at Penn State to first-round consideration at the 2023 NFL Draft. Levis fits the ball in tight windows and shows confidence while possessing good footwork. He will need to better his anticipation and improve his mechanics under pressure. However, he can escape the pocket under pressure and make things happen with his legs.

5) Hendon Hooker- Tennessee

Hendon Hooker attended James B. Dudley High School in Greensboro, North Carolina. Hooker is a 4-star prospect who is a dual-threat quarterback with plenty of tools. He has a terrific frame and has room to add bulk. As a passer, Hooker demonstrates a compact release and can hit all areas of the field. He can hit tight windows and has good placement and accuracy in the red zone. Hooker will run with intention and has adequate speed, which makes him a force in the open field. Even though Hooker can run, he will revert to his legs as a safety valve instead of making the correct decision in throwing. The reliance on running also occurs after he loses pocket presence. He can make impressive passes when his timing is on, and his footwork is clean.  Now that there is a grasp on the top five, it would look different if I broke it down by tiers. There is a tier-one group of BryceYoung and CJ Stroud. In tier two, we would have Anthony Richardson and Will Levis in the last tier – Hendon Hooker.

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