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Talkin Crazy-Week 2

This NFL season, like all seasons before it, is producing some juicy headlines. Now, some of these headlines are purely intended to be clickbait. On the other hand, some headlines may seem far-fetched, however they have some merit. In this weekly article, we will take a look at the week’s top headlines and break them down a little further. Is the talk legitimate? Or are we all just talkin’ crazy? The Dolphins are Super Bowl contenders. Now, don’t get me wrong. The Dolphins appear to be improved from last season, and the addition of Tyreek Hill opens up their offense in crazy ways. The tandem of Jaylen Waddle and the Cheetah is a nightmare for any defense. BUT, to say they are Super Bowl contenders is a little much for me. They looked great in that fourth quarter, but let’s not forget, they gave up 35 points to the Ravens BEFORE the 4th even started. I need to see the defense clean it up, and this offense to do this more consistently before I’m buying the Lombardi talk. Verdict: talkin’ crazy. Jalen Hurts is looking like he belongs in the MVP conversation. I for one am buying this stock, if of course that was a real thing. Watching Hurts progress with his passing over the last almost 2 years has been eye-opening. Did you see that accuracy on display Monday night? Talk about threading the needle. Also, that deep ball to Quez Watkins was a thing of beauty. First we were all lucky enough to watch Josh Allen bloom right before our eyes, and the addition of Stefon Diggs certainly helped. Now, we are watching the same thing with Jalen Hurts, AJ Brown, and the rest of the Eagles offense. Verdict: truth. The Colts are a dumpster fire. Sheesh. Really did not see this one coming. Through two weeks the Colts are the worst team in the NFL, and I’m not sure it’s that close. Now, they were playing without Michael Pittman, but I’m not sure that would’ve elevated Matt Ryan’s level of play that drastically. Their defense is putrid as well. Add in the fact they are playing against the Chiefs this weekend and you’re staring at a 0-2-1 start. Not good. Jonathan Taylor may still end up with RB1 numbers, but I do not see him ending the year as THE RB1. Verdict: truth. The RB situation in Jacksonville is going to remain murky for the foreseeable future. Let’s all give a round of virtual applause for James Robinson. Coming off an Achilles injury, he looks tremendous. The data shows that RBs have a difficult time coming back from an Achilles injury, and many times, it is a career wrecking injury. For him to be performing at this level of play is absolutely fantastic. Now, with this comes massive disappointment from the Travis Etienne owners out there. I think brighter days are ahead for Etienne. But, just like Doug Pederson showed in Philly, he is going to rotate RBs frequently. Whoever has the hot hand will get the bulk of the snaps. Maddening from a fantasy perspective. Verdict: truth. The Bengals are in trouble. Another one I, along with many others, did not see coming. An 0-2 start for the defending AFC champs has everyone’s blood pressure in the Cincinnati region rising ever so slightly. Weren’t they supposed to have fixed their leaky offensive line problems? Sure does not seem that way. Burrow is getting absolutely killed out there. Reminds me of watching him his rookie season, which ultimately ended up with Burrow getting pummeled to the tune of a torn ACL. Really hope that does not unfold in the same manner this year, but they need to protect him (thanks Captain Obvious). However, a game against the Jets may be just what the doctor ordered. I don’t think the Jets are pushovers, but the talent disparity between these two teams is rather large. Especially with the Jets coming off such an emotional win last week, I think this is the week the Bengals get back on the right track. Verdict: talkin’ crazy (for now). All in all, let’s see what week 3 has in store for us. Which teams will remain unbeaten? Which teams will remain winless? Another week should provide more clarity for all of us. Any other headlines you want discussed? Feel free to hit us up on social media for suggestions. You can find us @TheFantasyDoctors on all social media platforms, and you can find me on Twitter @DLorenzDPT. Let’s see what week 3 has in store for all of us. Buckle up! CAN”T WAIT (Bart Scott voice).

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