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Tyreek Hill

Miami Dolphins


30 YRS


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Date Injury Game Missed Details
10/12/2017 Hamstring 0 Tyreek Hill
10/15/2017 Neck 0 Neck sprain, concussion ruled out
10/28/2018 Groin 0 Mild groin strain
12/09/2018 Foot 0 Heel injury, bruise vs. midfoot sprain
12/09/2018 Wrist 0 Minor wrist sprain
07/30/2019 Quad 0 Right quad bruise vs. strain
09/08/2019 Chest 4 Posterior Sternoclavicular dislocation, no surgery
08/20/2020 Hamstring 0 Hamstring, right, likely minor
12/13/2020 Hamstring 0 Hamstring, likely minor
08/03/2021 Knee 0 Patellar tendinitis, unknown side
10/11/2021 Quad 0 Quad bruise vs. strain, lingered for weeks
12/21/2021 COVID 0 Tested positive for COVID
01/08/2022 Foot 0 Heel bruise
10/09/2022 Quad 0 Quad injury. Non-specific foot injury, boot
12/11/2022 Ankle 0 L ankle sprain, likely moderate lateral
09/20/2023 Ankle 0 LIkely mild lateral ankle sprain, minimal concerns.
08/20/2021 Hamstring 1 Grade 1 Strain.
12/30/2020 Hamstring 0 Grade 1 Strain.
10/25/2023 Hip 0 Hip injury. No details
11/19/2023 Hand 0 Minor right hand injury
12/11/2023 Ankle 1 L high-ankle

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  • Devon Achane is active and Tyreek Hill is inactive for week 15 matchup against the Jets.

    Source: Adam Schefter via X

  • Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill is considered day to day leading up to Week 15 as per coach Mcdaniels.

    Source: Barry Jackson via X

In the electrifying realm of the NFL, Tyreek Hill stands as a dynamic force, leaving an indelible mark with his breathtaking speed and agile maneuvers. Born on March 1, 1994, in Pearson, Georgia, Hill’s journey to stardom is a testament to resilience and raw talent. 

This page focuses on Tyreek Hill’s injury history & the recent updates on his health. 


His remarkable career began at the University of West Alabama, where his explosive plays earned him the nickname “Cheetah.” Drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs in 2016, Hill swiftly became a household name, captivating fans with his unparalleled athleticism and game-changing performances. He currently plays for the Miami Dolphins. 


Tyreek Hill’s injury history


Known for his versatility, Hill is not merely a wide receiver; he’s a game-breaker who can turn any play into a highlight reel. The Chiefs’ offense thrives on his explosive capabilities, making him a pivotal asset in their quest for victory. As we delve into Tyreek Hill’s injury history, we witness the challenges and setbacks he has overcome, reaffirming his resilience on the field.


Tyreek Hill’s Hamstring – October 12, 2017


In 2017, Tyreek Hill faced his first significant challenge when a hamstring strain sidelined him on October 12. A key player in the Chiefs’ offensive strategy, Hill’s absence was palpable. Despite the commonality of hamstring injuries in football, it marked the beginning of the physical toll his career would endure.


Tyreek Hill’s Neck – October 15, 2017


Just days after the hamstring setback, on October 15, 2017, Hill encountered another hurdle with a neck injury. Fears of a concussion loomed, but fortunately, medical evaluations ruled it out. This incident highlighted Hill’s resilience and foreshadowed the unwavering spirit that would define his approach to subsequent adversities.


Tyreek Hill’s Groin – October 28, 2018


The 2018 season brought a new challenge for Hill in the form of a mild groin strain on October 28. Despite being categorized as ‘mild,’ this injury underscored the vulnerability of even the most agile players in the high-stakes world of professional football.


Tyreek Hill’s Foot – December 09, 2018


Later in 2018, Hill faced a dual challenge with a heel injury and midfoot sprain on December 09. The toll on both foot and wrist showcased the multifaceted challenges players face, beyond the typical strains and sprains. Hill’s ability to navigate through these simultaneous injuries spoke volumes about his physical and mental resilience.


Tyreek Hill’s Wrist – December 09, 2018


On the same day as the foot injury, Hill also dealt with a minor wrist sprain. Despite being overshadowed by the more significant foot ailment, it added to the overall physical strain endured by this exceptional athlete.


Tyreek Hill’s Quad – July 30, 2019


July 30, 2019, marked a bruise vs. strain in Hill’s right quad. While considered less severe than some previous injuries, it emphasized the continuous wear and tear endured by players in a physically demanding sport like football.


Tyreek Hill’s Chest – September 08, 2019


In a notable event on September 08, 2019, Hill experienced a posterior sternoclavicular dislocation. Despite avoiding surgery, this chest injury introduced a different dimension to the physical toll on the star player, showcasing the unpredictable nature of football-related injuries.


Tyreek Hill’s Hamstring – August 20, 2020


Returning to the familiar territory of hamstring injuries, Hill faced another setback on August 20, 2020. Described as likely minor, it further emphasized the ongoing challenges and risks inherent in his explosive playing style.


Tyreek Hill’s Hamstring – December 13, 2020


On December 13, 2020, Hill faced another bout with a hamstring injury, categorized as “likely minor.” The recurrence of hamstring issues underscored the ongoing challenge of managing and preventing these common but disruptive injuries.


Tyreek Hill’s Knee – August 03, 2021


The summer of 2021 brought a new challenge for Tyreek Hill in the form of patellar tendinitis in his knee. The specific side remained unknown, adding an element of uncertainty to the injury. This incident hinted at the toll that high-intensity gameplay takes on even the most elite athletes.


Tyreek Hill’s Quad – October 11, 2021


October 11, 2021, marked a lingering challenge for Hill with a quad bruise vs. strain. This injury persisted for weeks, emphasizing the difficulty of managing and recovering from injuries during the demanding NFL season.


Tyreek Hill’s COVID-19 – December 21, 2021


December 21, 2021, presented a unique and unexpected hurdle for Tyreek Hill as he tested positive for COVID-19. The pandemic’s impact on the NFL was widespread, and Hill, despite his elite physical condition, was not immune. This incident highlighted the unpredictable nature of external factors affecting even the most prominent athletes.


Tyreek Hill’s Heel – January 08, 2022


Entering the new year, Hill grappled with a heel bruise on January 08, 2022. While seemingly less severe than some previous injuries, it added to the cumulative toll on his body, emphasizing the importance of consistent care and recovery.


Tyreek Hill’s Foot – October 09, 2022


October 09, 2022, brought a non-specific foot injury for Hill, compelling him to wear a boot. The lack of specific details hinted at the intricacies of injuries in professional sports, where precise information may not always be readily available.


Tyreek Hill’s Ankle – December 11, 2022


As the 2022 season progressed, Hill faced a significant challenge with a left ankle sprain on December 11. Described as likely a moderate lateral sprain, it posed potential complications and disrupted his on-field contributions.


Tyreek Hill’s Ankle – September 20, 2023


The 2023 season witnessed another ankle setback for Hill, this time categorized as a likely mild lateral ankle sprain on September 20. Minimal concerns were reported, but it served as a reminder of the ongoing battle to stay healthy in the physically demanding world of professional football.


Tyreek Hill’s Hip – October 25, 2023


October 25, 2023, brought a new entry to Hill’s injury history with a hip ailment. Unfortunately, details were not disclosed, leaving fans and analysts to speculate on the potential impact on his performance.


Tyreek Hill’s Hand – November 19, 2023


The most recent entry in Tyreek Hill’s injury log occurred on November 19, 2023, with a minor right hand injury. While the specifics were not divulged, it added another layer to the ongoing narrative of a star player navigating the challenges of the NFL.


Tyreek Hill’s Injury History through his career is a testament to his resilience and determination. Each injury, regardless of its severity, has shaped his career and demonstrated the physical toll that comes with being a star in the NFL. As Hill continues to overcome challenges, his ability to return to the field stronger than ever solidifies his status as one of the league’s premier players, determined to leave an enduring legacy in the world of professional football.


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