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Travis Etienne

Jacksonville Jaguars


25 YRS


Sports Category : NFL

Date Injury Game Missed Details
10/13/2017 Hamstring 0 Hamstring strain, likely mild
01/01/2018 Concussion 0 Traumatic brain injury
08/16/2021 Foot 17 Left midfoot (Lisfranc) sprain, grade 3
09/02/2021 Foot 0 Left midfoot (Lisfranc) surgery, by Dr. Robert Anderson
11/27/2022 Foot 0 Left foot sprain
11/26/2023 Chest 0 Chest injury. Usually ribs

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Travis Etienne, a name that resonates with football enthusiasts, is a dynamic running back who has made a significant impact on the NFL landscape. Born on January 26, 1999, in Jennings, Louisiana, Etienne’s journey to the National Football League is a tale of dedication, resilience, and unwavering determination. This talented player made waves in college football as a Clemson Tiger, where he became the Atlantic Coast Conference’s all-time leading rusher.

This page focuses on Travis Etienne’s Injury History & the recent updates on his health. 


Etienne’s remarkable collegiate career led him to be selected by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the 2021 NFL Draft. He joined the Jaguars as a first-round pick, ready to take the NFL by storm. With explosive speed, agility, and the ability to catch passes out of the backfield, Travis Etienne was poised to make a significant impact in the league.


Travis Etienne’s Injury History


However, as is often the case in the NFL, the path to success is marred with challenges and setbacks. Injuries are an unfortunate but common part of the game, and Etienne has had his fair share. Let’s delve into Travis Etienne’s Injury History, highlighting the date, type of injury, and the respective teams he was playing against when these incidents occurred.


October 13, 2017 Travis Etienne’s Hamstring Strain:


In his early years at Jennings High School, Etienne suffered a mild hamstring strain. This injury occurred during a crucial match against the rival team, adding to the intensity of the moment even more. It served as a learning experience for the young athlete, pushing him to develop resilience and come back stronger.


January 01, 2018 Travis Etienne’s Concussion:


As Etienne continued to establish his dominance in college football with the Clemson Tigers, he faced a challenging moment when he sustained a traumatic brain injury in a game. Concussions are always a cause for concern, and this one was no exception. Fortunately, he was able to recover and continue his journey to the NFL.


August 16, 2021 Travis Etienne’s Grade 3 Lisfranc Sprain (Left Midfoot):


Etienne’s journey to the NFL was not without its obstacles. Just a few weeks after being drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars, he suffered a significant left midfoot (Lisfranc) sprain during a preseason game against the New Orleans Saints. This injury would prove to be a major setback, requiring an extended period of recovery and rehabilitation.


September 02, 2021Travis Etienne’s Lisfranc Surgery (Left Midfoot) by Dr. Robert Anderson:


In the same year, Etienne underwent Lisfranc surgery, a delicate procedure performed by renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr. Robert Anderson. The injury and subsequent surgery necessitated a long recovery period, postponing his highly anticipated debut in the NFL.


November 27, 2022 Travis Etienne’s Left Foot Sprain:


In a more recent occurrence, Etienne experienced a left foot sprain during a game. While less severe than his previous Lisfranc injury, it is a reminder of the physical demands and challenges that NFL players face, especially in a position as physically demanding as running back.


Travis Etienne’s journey in the NFL has been a rollercoaster of triumphs and setbacks. Despite these injuries, he continues to display the resilience and determination that have characterized his career. As we follow his progress, it’s clear that this rising star is not one to back down from adversity. Travis Etienne’s Injury history is one of a young player with immense potential, striving to overcome challenges and make a name for himself in the world of professional football.


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