Sam Darnold

Minnesota Vikings


27 YRS


Sports Category : NFL

Date Injury Game Missed Details
09/29/2017 Ankle 0 Ankle sprain
11/04/2018 Foot 3 Right foot sprain
11/12/2019 Illness 3 Diagnosed with mononucleosis
10/01/2020 Shoulder 2 AC joint sprain
11/01/2020 Shoulder 2 Shoulder re-injury
10/31/2021 Concussion 0 Traumatic brain injury
11/07/2021 Shoulder 0 Scapula fracture
09/01/2022 Ankle 11 Left high-ankle sprain, likely grade 2. Placed on IR

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Sam Darnold, born on June 5, 1997, in Capistrano Beach, California, emerged as a football prodigy, capturing the hearts of fans with his exceptional talent and tenacity. Darnold’s journey into the NFL began when he was selected by the New York Jets as the third overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. His promising skills and potential marked the inception of a career that would face both triumphs and challenges on the grand stage of professional football. This page focuses on Sam Darnold’s Injury history & the recent updates on his health.   


Sam Darnold’s The NFL Journey: Rising Through the Ranks 


Darnold’s NFL journey commenced with the New York Jets, where he swiftly ascended to become the team’s starting quarterback. His ability to read defenses, make precise throws, and exhibit poise under pressure set him apart. Despite the team’s struggles, Darnold’s performances garnered attention, making him a player to watch in the league.


In 2021, a new chapter unfolded as Darnold was traded to the Carolina Panthers. This marked a fresh start for the quarterback, presenting an opportunity to redefine his career trajectory. As Darnold embraced the challenges of leading a new team, fans eagerly awaited the unfolding chapters of his professional saga. He currently plays for the San Francisco 49ers. 


Sam Darnold’s Ankle Sprain: September 29, 2017


Darnold’s early career faced a hurdle on September 29, 2017, when an ankle sprain sidelined him temporarily. The sprain, although a common injury, posed a challenge to the quarterback’s mobility and agility. The rehabilitation process became crucial to ensure a swift return to peak performance.


Sam Darnold’s Right Foot Sprain: November 4, 2018


A right foot sprain on November 4, 2018, tested Darnold’s resilience. The three-week absence allowed time for recovery, but the impact on his throwing and maneuvering capabilities couldn’t be overlooked. The meticulous rehabilitation that followed aimed not just for physical healing but also for restoring confidence in Darnold’s on-field prowess.


Sam Darnold’s Mononucleosis: November 12, 2019


November 12, 2019, brought an unexpected adversary – mononucleosis. Diagnosed with this illness, Darnold faced not only physical fatigue but also mental challenges. The three-week hiatus disrupted the quarterback’s rhythm, emphasizing the interconnectedness of physical and mental well-being in professional sports.


Sam Darnold’s AC Joint Sprain: October 1, 2020


Darnold’s shoulder endured a setback on October 1, 2020, with an AC joint sprain. The two-week hiatus aimed at healing the sprain also underscored the vulnerability of crucial joints in a quarterback’s throwing arm. The rehabilitation process became pivotal in ensuring a seamless return to the field.


Sam Darnold’s Shoulder Reinjury: November 1, 2020


Barely a month later, on November 1, 2020, Darnold faced a shoulder re-injury, complicating the recovery process. The recurrence tested not only the quarterback’s physical resilience but also his mental fortitude in overcoming setbacks within a short timeframe.


Sam Darnold’s Concussion: October 31, 2021<