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Russell Wilson Latest Injury History

Russell Wilson

Denver Broncos


25 YRS


Sports Category : NFL



Games Missed


September 11, 2016


Right high-ankle sprain.

September 25, 2016


Left MCL sprain, likely mild/grade 2. Played through it.

October 26, 2016


Pec strain, mild, unknown side, played through it

November 09, 2017


Traumatic brain injury, playoffs.

September 17, 2018


Hamstring strain, likely mild, unknown side.

October 07, 2021



Right 3rd digit distal fracture & 'Mallet Finger,' surgery, returned too quickly.

October 02, 2022


Strained lat in throwing shoulder. Injected with PRP

October 17, 2022



Hamstring strain, reportedly partially torn grade 3

December 11, 2022



Traumatic brain injury

Jan 8, 2023


Knee Strain, Arthroscopic surgery on right knee in off-season

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Russell Wilson, a name synonymous with excellence in the world of American football, is not just a player but an icon. Born on November 29, 1988, in Cincinnati, Ohio, he displayed an innate passion for the game from an early age. Standing at 5’11”, Wilson was often considered too short to be an NFL quarterback, but he shattered this stereotype with his extraordinary skills and determination. This page focuses on a short introduction of this astonishing player and Russell Wilson’s Injuries History & Important health updates. 


Early Career and Rise to NFL Stardom

Before gracing the NFL stage, Wilson played college football at both North Carolina State and Wisconsin. In 2012, he was selected in the third round of the NFL Draft by the Seattle Seahawks. This marked the beginning of a remarkable journey. He currently plays for the Denver Broncos. 


Russell Wilson’s Injury History 


Wilson’s journey in the NFL has been filled with incredible highs and a few injury-induced lows. Let’s delve into his injury history, where we will not only explore Russell Wilson’s Injury History but also reveal the teams he was playing against when they occurred.


Russell Wilson’s Ankle Injury – September 11, 2016

On this fateful day, Wilson suffered a right high-ankle sprain while playing against the Miami Dolphins. This injury was a test of his resilience.


Russell Wilson’s Knee Injury – September 25, 2016

Just two weeks later, Wilson faced another setback, a left MCL sprain, likely mild/grade 2. Despite the pain, he chose to play through it, proving his commitment to the game.


Russell Wilson’s Pectoral Injury – October 26, 2016

The Seahawks’ quarterback faced a pectoral injury, although mild, the side was unknown. Remarkably, he continued to play.


Russell Wilson’s Concussion – November 09, 2017

In the playoffs, Wilson encountered a traumatic brain injury, a concussion. The severity of the injury was a cause for concern, but Wilson’s determination shone through.


Russell Wilson’s Hamstring Injury – September 17, 2018

A hamstring strain, likely mild, added to his injury list. Wilson’s ability to perform under such circumstances was awe-inspiring.


Russell Wilson’s Hand Injury – October 07, 2021

Russell Wilson’s hand took a hit. He suffered a right 3rd digit distal fracture and ‘Mallet Finger.’ This necessitated surgery, but he made a quick return.


Russell Wilson’s Shoulder Injury – October 02, 2022

A strained lat in his throwing shoulder, injected with PRP, tested his resilience once again.


Russell Wilson’s Hamstring Injury (Again) – October 17, 2022

A hamstring strain, reportedly partially torn grade 3, was a challenge, but he faced it head-on.


Russell Wilson’s Another Concussion – December 11, 2022

Wilson experienced yet another traumatic brain injury, indicating the physical toll of the game.


Russell Wilson’s Recent Knee Injury – Jan 8, 2023

In the most recent incident, he had a knee strain, leading to arthroscopic surgery on his right knee in the off-season.


Russell Wilson’s Remarkable Recovery and Resilience

Throughout his career, Russell Wilson has displayed remarkable resilience and a commitment to the game. Russell Wilson’s Injury History has a long list, but he has always bounced back stronger. It’s a testament to his unwavering spirit. 


In the world of NFL, Russell Wilson stands as an embodiment of talent, determination, and courage. His injury history paints a picture of a player who has faced adversities head-on. While we hope to see him injury-free in the future, his resilience remains his most significant attribute.


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