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Robert Woods

Houston Texans


32 YRS


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Date Injury Game Missed Details
01/01/2011 Ankle 0 Ankle injury, no details
01/01/2011 Shoulder 0 Shoulder injury, no details
01/01/2011 Shoulder 0 Elbow injury, no details
01/01/2012 Ankle 0 Ankle surgery, reportedly his second
11/03/2013 Ankle 2 Left ankle sprain, moderate lateral or high-ankle sprain
02/10/2014 Ankle 2 Ankle surgery, minor arthroscopic procedure, address injuries from 2013 season
09/14/2014 Ankle 0 Ankle sprain, likely lingering from surgery
10/26/2014 Back 0 Back injury, no details
11/24/2014 Ankle 0 Ankle, no details
08/18/2015 Hip 0 Hip strain, likely grade 1, Preseason
12/13/2015 Hip 0 Hip sprain, reinjury or new?
12/20/2015 Groin 2 Groin strain, likely grade 3 or sports hernia. Missed rest of season
12/20/2015 Groin 0 Groin surgery
10/16/2016 Foot 1 Foot injury, possible midfoot sprain
11/20/2016 Knee 2 Left knee sprain
11/19/2017 Shoulder 3 Left shoulder sprain, likely type II AC or dislocation
10/23/2020 Groin 0 Groin strain, likely very mild
12/16/2020 Quad 0 Quad strain vs. bruise
11/03/2021 Foot 0 Foot injury, mild
11/12/2021 Knee 8 Torn ACL, admitted to no other injuries
11/12/2021 Knee 0 Torn ACL reconstruction surgery, no details
10/08/2023 Ribs 0 Rib injury
10/26/2023 Foot 2 Foot injury. No details
12/31/2023 Hip 1 Hip injury. No details

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  • Texans’ WR Robert Woods is dealing with a foot injury that is expected to sideline him 2-3 weeks, per source. Woods already has been ruled out for today’s game vs. the Panthers

    Source: Adam Schefter via X

Robert Woods, the talented wide receiver, has left an indelible mark on the NFL with his exceptional skills, versatility, and unyielding dedication to the game. Born on April 10, 1992, in Carson, California, Woods’ journey from Serra High School to USC, and eventually to the NFL, showcases a relentless pursuit of excellence. His impact goes beyond the gridiron, reflecting a commitment to community service and inspiring the next generation of athletes. This page focuses on Robert Woods’ Injury History & the recent updates on his health. 


Woods entered the NFL as a second-round pick in the 2013 draft by the Buffalo Bills. After four impactful seasons in Buffalo, he joined the Los Angeles Rams in 2017, becoming a cornerstone of their offense. Known for his precise route-running, reliable hands, and ability to gain yards after the catch, Woods quickly became a fan favorite.NFL Journey


Woods’ NFL journey has been marked by consistent excellence, contributing significantly to his teams’ successes. Whether it’s his time in Buffalo, where he showcased his burgeoning talent, or his tenure with the Rams, where he evolved into a key playmaker, Woods has proven his worth time and again. His on-field chemistry with quarterbacks, coupled with his ability to navigate tough defenses, has made him a formidable force in the league.  He currently plays for the Houston Texans. 


Robert Woods’ Injury History:


Robert Woods’ Ankle (January 1, 2011):


Robert Woods’ NFL journey began with minor setbacks, as he grappled with an ankle injury early on. While details remain scarce, this initial setback hinted at the physical toll the sport could take.


Robert Woods’ Shoulder (January 1, 2011):


In the same season, Woods faced dual shoulder injuries, further testing his resilience. The lack of specific details leaves fans curious about the nature of these shoulder issues.


Robert Woods’ Elbow (January 1, 2011):


Adding to the early challenges, Woods encountered an elbow injury. The absence of specifics leaves us pondering the severity and impact on his performance.


Robert Woods’ Ankle Surgery (January 1, 2012):


A turning point in Woods’ early career came with ankle surgery, reportedly his second. This procedure hinted at persistent issues, prompting a deeper examination of his long-term health.


Robert Woods’ Left Ankle Sprain (November 3, 2013):


The 2013 season saw Woods sidelined for two games due to a left ankle sprain, described as a moderate lateral or high-ankle sprain. This incident emphasized the physical demands of professional football.


Robert Woods’ Ankle Surgery – Arthroscopic Procedure (February 10, 2014):


Post-2013, Woods underwent minor arthroscopic ankle surgery, addressing lingering issues from the previous season. This strategic move aimed at securing his long-term performance underscored the dedication to maintaining peak physical condition.


Robert Woods’ Ankle Sprain (September 14, 2014):


Despite surgery, Woods faced a subsequent ankle sprain, likely lingering from the previous surgical intervention. The recurrence hinted at the challenges in fully overcoming persistent issues.


Robert Woods’ Back Injury (October 26, 2014):


A mysterious back injury surfaced during the 2014 season, providing no details. The ambiguity surrounding this injury leaves fans curious about its nature and impact.


Robert Woods’ Additional Ankle Trouble (November 24, 2014):


Later in the same season, Woods grappled with another ankle-related setback, emphasizing the ongoing nature of his lower-body challenges.


Robert Woods’ Hip Strain (August 18, 2015):


As the 2015 preseason commenced, Woods encountered a hip strain, likely grade 1. This incident highlighted the toll preseason activities could take on players.


Robert Woods’ Hip Sprain and Groin Strain (December 13 & 20, 2015):


Towards the end of the 2015 season, Woods faced a double blow with a hip sprain, raising questions about recurrence or new injuries. Subsequently, a significant grade 3 groin strain or sports hernia resulted in him missing the remainder of the season. The subsequent surgery further underscored the severity of this dual setback.


Robert Woods’ Foot Injury (October 16, 2016):


The 2016 season brought a foot injury, possibly a midfoot sprain, adding another layer to Woods’ injury history. The vague details leave fans speculating on the exact nature of the ailment.


Robert Woods’ Left Knee Sprain (November 20, 2016):


Woods grappled with a left knee sprain, sidelining him for two games. This incident raised concerns about the stability of his knee and potential long-term implications.


Robert Woods’ Left Shoulder Sprain (November 19, 2017):


In 2017, Woods faced a left shoulder sprain, likely of type II AC or dislocation. This injury further tested his durability, prompting questions about the impact on his playing style.


Robert Woods’ Mild Groin Strain (October 23, 2020):


Returning to his career after injury-riddled seasons, Woods encountered a mild groin strain in 2020. The relatively minor nature of this injury offered a glimmer of hope for fans anticipating a resurgence.


Robert Woods’ Quad Strain vs. Bruise (December 16, 2020):


Later in the same season, Woods dealt with uncertainty regarding a quad injury. The ambiguity between a strain and a bruise leaves room for speculation on the extent of the impact.


Robert Woods’ Mild Foot Injury (November 3, 2021):


As the 2021 season unfolded, Woods faced a mild foot injury, signaling potential ongoing challenges despite the seemingly less severe nature of the ailment.


Robert Woods’ Torn ACL (November 12, 2021):


One of the most devastating blows to Woods’ career occurred in November 2021 when he suffered a torn ACL. The eight-game absence underscored the gravity of this injury, impacting not only his current season but also raising concerns about his future performance. Woods opted for reconstructive surgery, and the lack of specific details leaves fans with unanswered questions about the recovery process.


Robert Woods’ Rib Injury (October 8, 2023):


In the later stages of his career, Woods faced a rib injury, adding a new dimension to his injury history. The details surrounding this incident remain undisclosed, leaving fans curious about the severity and potential implications.


Robert Woods’ Foot Injury (October 26, 2023):


A recurring theme in Woods’ career, another foot injury surfaced in 2023. The absence of details once again prompts speculation regarding the nature and impact of this setback.


Robert Woods’ Hip Injury (December 31, 2023):


Closing out the year 2023, Woods encountered a hip injury. With no specific details available, fans are left to wonder about the circumstances surrounding this latest challenge.


In conclusion, Robert Woods’ injury history in the NFL journey is a testament to his resilience and determination in the face of numerous injuries. From ankle troubles to major surgeries and the recent ACL tear, Woods’ career has been a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows. As he continues to navigate the challenges of professional football, fans eagerly await his return to the field, hoping for a triumphant comeback that adds another chapter to his remarkable story.


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