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Raheem Mostert

Miami Dolphins


31 YRS


Sports Category : NFL



Games Missed


November 12, 2017


Shoulder sprain, likely type I AC

November 26, 2017



MCL sprain, grade 2

October 28, 2018


Ankle sprain, likely mild lateral

November 01, 2018



Fractured forearm, required surgery, season-ending

November 01, 2018


Fractured forearm, second 're-do' surgery

August 10, 2019


Traumatic brain injury

October 17, 2019


Knee injury, mild sprain, lingered rest of season

October 29, 2019


Quad strain vs. bruise

January 11, 2020


Calf cramp, unknown side

September 20, 2020



MCL sprain, grade 2

October 18, 2020



Left high-ankle sprain, grade 3

December 20, 2020



Left high-ankle sprain, grade 3, reinjury

June 02, 2021


Patellar tendinitis, unknown knee

September 12, 2021



Knee injury , 'quarter-size cartilage damage.' Season-ending

October 12, 2021


Cartilage repair with graft. Performed by Dr. Dan Cooper

November 13, 2022



Knee sprain - Grade 1

January 08, 2023



Hand thumb fracture

September 10, 2023


Knee injury. No details

October 25, 2023


Ankle injury. No details

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Raheem Mostert, a well-known figure in the National Football League (NFL), has left an indelible mark with his explosive speed and versatility as a running back. Born on April 9, 1992, in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, Mostert’s journey to NFL stardom is a testament to his determination and unwavering commitment to the sport. This page focuses on Raheem Mostert’s Injury history & the updates on his health. 


Raheem Mostert: A Legend in Making


Raheem Mostert’s football career began at Purdue University, where he played college football for the Purdue Boilermakers. During his college years, Mostert showcased his incredible speed and agility, making him a promising prospect for the NFL. After going undrafted in the 2015 NFL Draft, he embarked on a remarkable journey through several NFL teams before ultimately finding his place with the San Francisco 49ers.


In 2016, Mostert signed with the Philadelphia Eagles as an undrafted free agent but had brief stints with multiple teams, including the Miami Dolphins, Baltimore Ravens, and Chicago Bears. However, it was his arrival in San Francisco that truly marked the turning point in his career. Mostert joined the 49ers in 2016 and soon became a key part of their special teams unit.


Throughout his career, Mostert demonstrated his versatility as a running back and special teams ace. He was known for his explosive speed,and ability to break long runs, which made him a valuable asset to the 49ers. Mostert’s rise to prominence within the team culminated in his performance during the 2019 NFL playoffs, where he played a pivotal role in the 49ers’ journey to Super Bowl LIV. He currently plays for the Miami Dolphins. 


Raheem Mostert’s Injury history


However, Mostert’s career has also been marred by a series of injuries that have tested his resilience and determination. These injuries, ranging from shoulder and knee issues to concussions and ankle sprains, have posed significant challenges, causing him to miss games and undergo multiple surgeries. Let’s take a look at Raheem Mostert’s Injury history & the challenges he faced during his American football career.


Raheem Mostert’s Shoulder Injury (November 12, 2017)


On November 12, 2017, Raheem Mostert sustained a shoulder injury, specifically a shoulder sprain of likely type I AC. The injury occurred during a game, although the specific opponent is not mentioned. Despite this setback, Mostert’s determination shone through as he battled back from the injury.


Raheem Mostert’s Knee Injury (November 26, 2017)


Just two weeks later, on November 26, 2017, Mostert faced another challenge, this time with a knee injury—a grade 2 MCL sprain. The opponent responsible for this injury remains undisclosed. Mostert’s resilience was on full display as he navigated a six-game absence.


Raheem Mostert’s Arm Fracture (November 01, 2018)


In a fateful game on November 1, 2018, Mostert suffered a fractured forearm, requiring surgery and effectively ending his season. This severe injury occurred while playing for the San Francisco 49ers, although the opposing team remains unspecified. Mostert’s determination led to a recovery and rehabilitation journey.


Raheem Mostert’s Concussion (August 10, 2019)


A traumatic brain injury, or concussion, struck Mostert on August 10, 2019. The specific team responsible for the concussion is not mentioned. Despite this setback, Mostert returned to the field, underscoring his dedication to the sport.


Raheem Mostert’s Knee Injury (October 17, 2019)


In October 2019, Mostert encountered a knee injury characterized as a mild sprain. This injury lingered throughout the season, but the exact opponent that caused it remains unspecified. His ability to push through adversity was evident as he continued to contribute to his team.


Raheem Mostert’s Quad Injury (October 29, 2019)


A quad injury further tested Mostert’s resilience on October 29, 2019. While the injury was described as a quad strain, the specific game and opponent are not detailed. Mostert’s determination remained unwavering, despite these hurdles.


Raheem Mostert’s Calf Injury (January 11, 2020)


A calf cramp struck Mostert on January 11, 2020. Although the exact opponent and game details are not provided, Mostert’s commitment to overcoming challenges remained unshaken.


Raheem Mostert’s Knee Injury (September 20, 2020)


In September 2020, Mostert faced another knee injury, this time diagnosed as a grade 2 MCL sprain. The specific opponent responsible for this injury is undisclosed. Despite this setback, Mostert’s determination saw him through a two-game absence.


Raheem Mostert’s Ankle Injury (October 18, 2020)


One of the more severe injuries Mostert experienced was a left high-ankle sprain of grade 3 on October 18, 2020. This challenging injury kept him out of action for four games, although the opponent remains unspecified. Mostert’s commitment to recovery was unwavering.


Raheem Mostert’s Ankle Reinjury (December 20, 2020)


Just a few months later, on December 20, 2020, Mostert experienced a reinjury to his left high-ankle sprain. This grade 3 sprain required further recovery and rehabilitation. The specific game and opponent causing the reinjury are not mentioned.


Raheem Mostert’s Patellar Tendinitis (June 02, 2021)


In June 2021, Mostert faced another knee-related issue—patellar tendinitis, although the exact game and opponent are not specified. His dedication to overcoming injuries and returning to the field remained a defining trait.


Raheem Mostert’s Season-Ending Knee Injury (September 12, 2021)


On September 12, 2021, Mostert encountered a severe knee injury that resulted in “quarter-size cartilage damage.” Unfortunately, this injury was season-ending. The exact opponent in this game is not disclosed.


Raheem Mostert’s Knee Surgery (October 12, 2021)


Following his season-ending knee injury, Mostert underwent cartilage repair surgery with a graft, performed by Dr. Dan Cooper. This procedure marked a significant step in his recovery journey.


Raheem Mostert’s Knee Sprain (November 13, 2022)


On November 13, 2022, Mostert faced a knee sprain, graded as a Grade 1 injury. The specific game and opponent responsible for this injury are not mentioned.


Raheem Mostert’s Thumb Fracture (January 08, 2023)


In January 2023, Mostert suffered a hand thumb fracture, specifically in the thumb area. The game details and opponent are not provided.


Raheem Mostert’s Recent Injuries (September 10, 2023 & October 25, 2023)


As of his latest info, he faced a knee injury on Sep 10, 2023 and an ankle injury on Oct 25, 2023. 


Raheem Mostert’s injury history showcases his unwavering determination to overcome challenges and return to the field, regardless of the setbacks he has faced throughout his career. His commitment to rehabilitation and recovery, coupled with his explosive speed and agility, make him a formidable force in the NFL, despite the adversity he has encountered. Mostert’s journey is a testament to the resilience and determination that define the world of professional sports.


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