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Puka Nacua

Los Angeles Rams


23 YRS



Date Injury Game Missed Details
11/15/2019 Foot 1 Fractured left foot. No details
11/20/2021 Unknown 0 Unknown injury
09/03/2022 Ankle 2 Ankle injury?
09/24/2022 Lower leg 1 No details
09/14/2023 Oblique 0 Oblique injury
11/01/2023 Knee 0 Knee swelling, sprain vs. meniscal injury
11/22/2023 Shoulder 0 No details
12/03/2023 Shoulder 0 R AC sprain, likely grade 1. Re-injury?

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Puka Nacua, a name that resonates with the vigor and talent emblematic of NFL greatness, is a wide receiver who has left an indelible mark on the field. Born on September 22, 2000, in Provo, Utah, Puka embodies the spirit of a dynamic player with a relentless pursuit of excellence. His journey to NFL stardom began at Orem High School, where he showcased his prowess, earning All-American honors and a spot as one of the top recruits in the nation. This page focuses on Puka Nacua’s Injury history & the recent updates on his health


Embracing his Polynesian roots, Puka continued his football odyssey at the University of Washington, contributing significantly to the Huskies’ offense. His remarkable skill set, characterized by agile moves and an uncanny ability to read the game, drew the attention of NFL scouts.


Puka Nacua’s NFL journey commenced when he was drafted by the Los Angeles Rams in 2023. Since then, he has been a vital asset to his team, creating highlight reels and thrilling fans with his exceptional performances. As we delve into the riveting details of Puka Nacua’s injury history, it becomes evident that his resilience on the field matches his talent.


Puka Nacua Injury History


 Puka Nacua’s Fractured Left Foot (11/15/2019):


In a game that etched itself into the chronicles of Puka Nacua’s career, he suffered a significant setback on November 15, 2019. A fractured left foot sidelined the budding star, casting a shadow over his promising trajectory. The details surrounding this injury remain shrouded in mystery, but the impact was palpable, marking the first chapter in Nacua’s journey through adversity.


Puka Nacua’s Unknown Injury (11/20/2021):


Fast forward to November 20, 2021, and Puka Nacua faced another challenge, albeit cloaked in uncertainty. An unknown injury emerged, creating speculation and intrigue among fans and pundits alike. The ambiguity surrounding this incident added a layer of complexity to Nacua’s injury narrative, leaving followers eager for updates on the enigmatic setback.


 Puka Nacua’s Ankle Injury (09/03/2022):


September 3, 2022, witnessed Puka Nacua grappling with an ankle injury, introducing a new dimension to his physical trials. The intricacies of this ankle ailment remained undisclosed, raising questions about the severity and potential repercussions on his gameplay. Nacua’s resilience faced a stern test as he navigated the path to recovery.


 Puka Nacua’s Lower Leg Injury (09/24/2022):


Just weeks later, on September 24, 2022, the challenges persisted as Nacua encountered a lower leg injury. The specifics of this setback remained elusive, but its impact on his performance was evident. The resilience that had become synonymous with Puka Nacua’s name faced yet another examination.


 Puka Nacua’s Oblique Injury (09/14/2023):


Adding to the tapestry of injuries, an oblique injury surfaced on September 14, 2023. The oblique, a muscle critical for rotational movements, posed a unique threat to Nacua’s agility and maneuverability on the field. The details surrounding this injury remained veiled, leaving fans and analysts to ponder the implications for the upcoming games.


 Puka Nacua’s Knee Swelling vs. Meniscal Injury (11/01/2023):


As the 2023 season unfolded, Puka Nacua encountered a challenge that struck at the core of his athleticism—the knee. Whether it was swelling or a meniscal injury, the exact nature of the knee ailment became a subject of conjecture. Nacua’s journey through the complexities of knee issues added a compelling chapter to his narrative.


In examining Puka Nacua’s injury history, a pattern of resilience emerges—a testament to his unwavering commitment to overcoming adversities. As fans, we await his return to the field, where his indomitable spirit continues to inspire and elevate the game.


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