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Nico Collins

Houston Texans


25 YRS


Date Injury Game Missed Details
08/22/2021 Miscellaneous 0 Sat out preseason game with "muscle tension"
09/19/2021 Shoulder Was forced from the Texans’ Week 2 game against the Browns with a shoulder injury. Placed on injured reserve
10/22/2021 Ankle 0 Mid-week ankle injury presumably suffered in practice
11/26/2021 Hip 0 Collins was a late addition to the injury report
10/23/2022 Groin 2 Groin injury
11/08/2023 Calf 1 Calf strain
12/10/2023 Calf 1 Reinjury to calf strain
  • Texans’ WR Nico Collins, listed as questionable for Sunday due to a calf injury, is not expected to play vs. the Titans.

    Source: Adam Schefter via X


  • Among the players ruled out for Week 10 are Nico Collins (pictured), Dameon Pierce, Zay Jones, Treylon Burks, and Emari Demercado.

    Source: Adam Schefter via X

Nico Collins, a standout wide receiver in the National Football League (NFL), has left an indelible mark on the sport with his prowess on the field. Born on March 19, 1999, in Birmingham, Alabama, Collins emerged as a football prodigy during his college years at the University of Michigan. His exceptional athleticism and playmaking abilities garnered attention, leading to his selection by the Houston Texans in the third round of the 2021 NFL Draft. In this page, we will focus on Nico Collins’ injury history & the recent updates on his health. 


Navigating the NFL: Collins’ Gridiron Odyssey


Collins swiftly made an impact in his rookie season, showcasing his ability to stretch the field and make crucial receptions. Despite facing challenges adapting to the professional level, he quickly became a reliable target for the Texans’ quarterbacks, hinting at a promising future in the NFL.


Nico Collins’ injury history


As Collins continued to evolve as a player, his journey encountered obstacles. Injuries tested his resilience, serving as crucibles for his character and determination. Let’s delve into Nico Collins’ injury history that has marked Nico Collins’ NFL career.


Nico Collins’ Muscle Tension (August 22, 2021)


In the preseason of his rookie year, Collins faced the initial hurdle of muscle tension, prompting him to sit out a game. While seemingly minor, this early setback hinted at the physical toll the demanding NFL season could take on even the most robust athletes.


Nico Collins’ Shoulder Woes (September 19, 2021)


Shortly into the regular season, Collins encountered a shoulder injury that saw him exit a game against the Browns. The severity led to his placement on the injured reserve, disrupting the momentum of his debut season. The exact nature of the shoulder ailment remained undisclosed, leaving fans curious about the extent of the setback.


Nico Collins’ Mid-Week Ankle Twist (October 22, 2021)


An unexpected midweek ankle injury added to Collins’ challenges during his rookie campaign. Presumed to occur during practice, this twist further highlighted the rigorous nature of professional football, where even routine activities could lead to significant setbacks.


Nico Collins’ Hip Hitch (November 26, 2021)


Collins, despite a late addition to the injury report, faced a hip issue during a critical juncture in the season. This unforeseen complication added to the intricacies of his injury-riddled year, prompting questions about his long-term durability in the demanding world of the NFL.


Nico Collins’ Groin Grief (October 23, 2022)


A groin injury in the following season further tested Collins’ resilience. The two-week absence not only impacted his individual performance but also raised concerns about the team’s offensive dynamics without his potent presence on the field.


Nico Collins’ Calf Conundrum (November 08, 2023)


Collins encountered a calf strain, signaling a recurrent theme in his injury history. The strain, though categorized as mild, showcased the challenges of maintaining peak physical condition in the high-stakes environment of professional football.


Nico Collins’ Calf Recurrence (December 10, 2023)


As the season progressed, Collins faced a recurrence of the calf strain, intensifying concerns about the persistent nature of his injuries. This double setback brought into question the efficacy of rehabilitation protocols and the delicate balance between pushing through challenges and ensuring long-term well-being. 


In navigating these physical tribulations, Nico Collins exemplifies the resilience demanded by the unforgiving landscape of the NFL. His journey, marked by highs and lows, stands as a testament to the unyielding spirit of athletes who persevere against the odds in their quest for gridiron glory.


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