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Nick Chubb Injury History

Nick Chubb

Cleveland Browns


28 YRS


Sports Category : NFL



Games Missed


October 10, 2015



Left knee, dislocated knee including torn MCL, LCL, and PCL.

October 23, 2015


Left knee surgery by Dr. Robert Hancock and Dr. James Andrews.

August 17, 2020


Traumatic brain injury.

October 04, 2020



Right knee, MCL sprain, grade 2 - Placed on IR

October 10, 2021



Calf strain, likely grade 1. Unknown side.

January 03, 2022


Rib injury/bruise . Played through it

September 18, 2023



Torn ACL, MCL, meniscus, & capsule

September 29, 2023


Surgery to repair damage to his medial capsule, meniscus, and medial collateral ligament. performed by Dr. James Voos

November 14, 2023


Surgery #2. ACL reconstruction. Performed by Dr. James Voos

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Nick Chubb is not just another NFL player; he’s a force to be reckoned with on the field. Born on December 27, 1995, in Cedartown, Georgia, Chubb’s journey to NFL stardom is an inspiring tale of determination and passion. His early years were marked by a profound love for football, and he honed his skills on the fields of Cedartown High School. His high school football career was illustrious, setting the stage for what would become a remarkable journey to the NFL. This page focuses on Nick Chubb’s Injuries History & the recent health updates. 


Nick Chubb’s Road to the NFL


Chubb’s path to professional football was paved with dedication and hard work. After his impressive high school career, he continued to excel at the University of Georgia, where he played college football. It was during his college years that Chubb first came under the national spotlight. His exceptional performances on the field earned him recognition and acclaim, and he consistently displayed an unwavering commitment to the sport.


As he progressed through college, it became evident that Chubb was destined for a promising NFL career. His work ethic, exceptional running abilities, and commitment to his team were attributes that set him apart from the rest. The NFL scouts took notice, and Chubb’s dream of playing in the big leagues was soon to be realized. He currently plays for the Cleveland Browns. 


Nick Chubb’s Injury History


Let’s take a look at Nick Chubb’s Injury History throughout his football career in the NFL. 


Nick Chubb’s Knee Injuries- October 10, 2015

In 2015, during his college days at Georgia, Nick Chubb experienced a severe setback when he suffered a knee injury that sent shockwaves through the football world. His left knee was dislocated, accompanied by torn MCL, LCL, and PCL ligaments. This injury was a turning point in his career and a testament to his resilience. The incident occurred during a game against the Tennessee Volunteers, where Chubb displayed his unwavering commitment to the game.


October 23, 2015

Following the devastating knee injury, Chubb underwent left knee surgery performed by renowned doctors, Dr. Robert Hancock and Dr. James Andrews. Despite the odds stacked against him, Chubb was determined to make a remarkable comeback.


Nick Chubb’s Concussion- August 17, 2020

In 2020, Chubb faced another challenge when he suffered a concussion, a traumatic brain injury. Although concussions are common in football, they can be both physically and mentally taxing. Chubb’s commitment to the game and his dedication to his team were evident in how he handled this situation.


Nick Chubb’s Knee Injury – October 04, 2020

On October 4, 2020, Chubb experienced another knee injury, this time to his right knee. It was diagnosed as a grade 2 MCL sprain, which led to him being placed on Injured Reserve. This injury came during a game against the Dallas Cowboys, highlighting the physical demands of NFL football.


Nick Chubb’s Calf Injury – October 10, 2021

The 2021 season brought a new challenge for Chubb. He sustained a calf strain, likely grade 1. The opponent during this game was not disclosed. Despite the setback, Chubb’s determination and grit were evident as he pushed through to continue representing the Cleveland Browns.


Nick Chubb’s Rib Injury – January 03, 2022

In January 2022, Chubb faced a rib injury or bruise, but he played through it, showcasing his dedication to his team. This injury demonstrated his resilience and willingness to put the team’s needs first, no matter the physical cost.


Nick Chubb’s Knee Injury – September 18, 2023

The most recent and significant injury Chubb faced occurred on September 18, 2023. During a game, he suffered a torn ACL, MCL, meniscus, and capsule in his knee. This injury was a tough blow for Chubb and the Browns. However, it’s a testament to his character that he continues to face these challenges head-on.


Nick Chubb’s journey in the NFL is marked not only by his incredible talent and performance but also by his unwavering commitment to his team. Nick Chubb’s  injury history demonstrates the physical toll the sport can take on even the most talented players. Despite these challenges, Chubb’s determination and resilience shine through.


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