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Matthew Stafford

Los Angeles Rams


26 YRS


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Date Injury Game Missed Details
01/01/2005 Knee 0 Right knee, patellar subluxation, MCL tear. Surgery. Senior in HS.
10/04/2009 Knee 2 Right knee, patellar dislocation. Surgery (MPFL repair?) by Dr. James Andrews (12/24/09)
10/04/2009 Shoulder 2 Left non-throwing shoulder, AC sprain. Likely Type 2.
12/06/2002 Shoulder 9 Left non-throwing shoulder, dislocation, torn labrum
09/12/2010 Shoulder 5 Right throwing shoulder, Type II AC sprain.
10/07/2010 Shoulder 8 Right throwing shoulder, reinjury, now AC Type III
01/21/2011 Shoulder 0 Right shoulder surgery by Dr. James Andrews. AC repair & shaved clavicle.
10/30/2011 Ankle 0 Right high-ankle sprain, likely grade 1. Played through it (impressively).
10/30/2011 Finger 0 Right index finger, fracture. Played through it.
08/25/2012 Hand 0 Left hand sprain, no fracture.
09/23/2012 Hip 0 Right hip strain, likely either flexor or pointer.
09/13/2015 Arm 0 Right throwing-arm injury. Likely a stinger. Played through it.
09/20/2015 Ribs 0 Rib injury, cartilage/fracture. Played through it.
10/15/2015 Hand 0 RIght throwing-hand sprain, no fracture.
10/25/2015 Quad 0 Quad bruise vs. strain. Minor, played through it.
12/11/2016 Finger 0 Right middle finger, torn collateral ligaments PIP joint. No surgery.
10/09/2017 Hamstring 0 Right hamstring strain, mild.
10/09/2017 Ankle 0 Right ankle sprain, either moderate or high-ankle. Played through it.
12/03/2017 Hand 0 Right throwing-hand sprain, no fracture. Played through it.
09/10/2018 Shin 0 Shin injury, unknown side, likely bone bruise. Played through it.
12/02/2018 Back 0 Back, multiple pedicle fractures. Played through it.
09/27/2019 Hip 0 Unknown side or injury. Powered through. 132nd consecutive start.
11/10/2019 Back 8 Back, multiple transverse process(?) fractures, thoracic?
11/15/2020 Thumb 0 Partially torn UCL in right throwing thumb. Surgery on 4/1/21 to repair.
11/08/2020 Neck 0 Neck sprain, negative for concussion.
08/02/2021 Thumb 0 Right throwing thumb, partial torn UCL.
11/26/2020 Elbow 0 Left non-throwing elbow, torn UCL.
12/13/2020 Ribs 0 Tore cartilage in 8th rib.
12/26/2020 Knee 0 Left knee, likely PCL sprain
12/26/2020 Ankle 0 RIght (subtalar) ankle sprain.
09/26/2021 Back 0 Back, new injury or reinjury to previous injury.
01/09/2022 Toe 0 Toe injury, likely turf toe. Unknown side.
08/04/2022 Elbow 0 Right (throwing arm) tendinitis, elbow. Treated with PRP.
11/09/2022 Concussion 1 Traumatic brain injury
11/20/2022 Neck 7 Cervical spinal cord edema + Concussion. Season-ending.
10/01/2023 Hip 0 Hip pointer
10/29/2023 Thumb 1 Right thumb UCL sprain
01/14/2024 Ribs 0 Rib injury during wildcard game
01/14/2024 Finger 0 Hand/finger injury during wildcard game
  • Sean McVay said he’s expecting QB Matthew Stafford to play Sunday against the Seahawks. McVay said Stafford was able to throw the ball during individual drills during practice today.

    Source: Sarah Barshop via X

  • Matthew Stafford has hip pointer injury but will play next week

    Source: Jay Glazer via Fox Sports

Matthew Stafford, the renowned NFL quarterback, has had a remarkable career filled with both achievements and setbacks. Playing for the NFL’s Los Angeles Rams, Stafford’s journey through the league has been punctuated by various injuries that have tested his resilience and determination. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into Matthew Stafford’s injury history, exploring each ailment, the teams he faced during these trying times, and the impact these injuries had on his career. 


A Brief Introduction to Matthew Stafford

Before we embark on a detailed examination of Stafford’s injuries, it’s essential to provide a comprehensive introduction to the player himself. Matthew Stafford, a skilled quarterback, began his NFL journey with the Detroit Lions and played for them for 12 seasons. His exceptional arm strength and precision passing made him a standout figure in the league. In 2021, Stafford was traded to the Los Angeles Rams, where he aimed to solidify his legacy.


Matthew Stafford’s Injury History


Matthew Stafford’s injury history is a testament to his determination and commitment to the game. Let’s take a closer look at each of the injuries he has faced throughout his NFL career, starting from his early days to the latest developments.


Matthew Stafford’s Knee Injury – January 01, 2005

Matthew Stafford’s first recorded injury occurred on January 01, 2005, during his senior year in high school. He suffered a right knee injury, specifically a patellar subluxation and MCL tear. Stafford underwent surgery to address this issue while playing for his high school team.


Matthew Stafford’s Knee Dislocation – October 04, 2009

On October 04, 2009, Stafford faced another knee-related challenge. This time, it was a patellar dislocation in his right knee. He underwent surgery for an MPFL repair by Dr. James Andrews on December 24, 2009, during his tenure with the Detroit Lions.


Matthew Stafford’s Shoulder Sprain – October 04, 2009

Simultaneously with the knee injury, Stafford also sustained a left non-throwing shoulder injury. It was diagnosed as an AC sprain, likely Type 1 or 2. He was still with the Detroit Lions at this time.


Matthew Stafford’s Shoulder Dislocation – December 06, 2009

A further setback in December 2009 saw Stafford suffering a left non-throwing shoulder dislocation along with a torn labrum. This was also during his Detroit Lions days.


Matthew Stafford’s Shoulder Sprain – September 12, 2010

In September 2010, Stafford encountered another shoulder issue, this time in his right throwing shoulder, diagnosed as a Type II AC sprain. He was still playing for the Detroit Lions.


Matthew Stafford’s Reinjured Shoulder – October 07, 2010

Just a month later, he re-injured his right throwing shoulder, which was now classified as an AC Type III sprain. Again, this occurred during his time with the Detroit Lions.


Matthew Stafford’s Shoulder Surgery – January 21, 2011

Seeking a remedy for his shoulder problems, Stafford underwent surgery by Dr. James Andrews, where his AC joint was repaired, and his clavicle was shaved. He was still with the Detroit Lions.


Matthew Stafford’s Ankle Sprain – October 30, 2011

In late 2011, Stafford dealt with a right high-ankle sprain, likely grade 1. Impressively, he played through this discomfort, still representing the Detroit Lions.


Matthew Stafford’s Finger Fracture – October 30, 2011

Concurrently with the ankle sprain, he also experienced a fracture in his right index finger but continued to play through it, with the Detroit Lions.


Matthew Stafford’s Hand Sprain – August 25, 2012

In 2012, Stafford suffered a left-hand sprain, fortunately without any fractures, and was still playing for the Detroit Lions.


Matthew Stafford’s Hip Strain – September 23, 2012

Stafford’s next challenge came in the form of a right hip strain, likely either a flexor or pointer, while still playing for the Detroit Lions.


Matthew Stafford’s Arm Injury – September 13, 2015

During a game, Stafford encountered a right-throwing arm injury, which could have been a stinger or shoulder impingement. Remarkably, he played through it, now with the Los Angeles Rams.


Matthew Stafford’s Rib Injury – September 20, 2015

Shortly after the arm injury, Stafford faced a rib injury involving cartilage or a fracture, but once again, he displayed his resilience by continuing to play, this time with the Los Angeles Rams.


Matthew Stafford’s Hand Sprain – October 15, 2015

In the same season, Stafford endured a right throwing-hand sprain, although it did not result in any fractures. He was still with the Los Angeles Rams.


Matthew Stafford’s Quad Bruise – October 25, 2015

Stafford’s toughness was evident once more when he played through a quad bruise, which might have been a strain. This happened while he was playing for the Los Angeles Rams.


These are just the initial injuries Matthew Stafford faced in his remarkable career. Stay tuned as we delve further into the numerous other challenges he’s encountered, each with its unique story of perseverance and resilience.


Matthew Stafford’s Finger Injury – December 11, 2016

In December 2016, Stafford faced yet another injury when he suffered a right middle finger injury. This involved torn collateral ligaments in the PIP joint. Interestingly, Stafford did not require surgery for this injury, demonstrating his remarkable ability to play through the pain.


Matthew Stafford’s Hamstring Strain – October 09, 2017

During a game in October 2017, Stafford experienced a mild right hamstring strain. Despite the discomfort, he played through the injury, showcasing his dedication to the game.


Matthew Stafford’s Ankle Sprain – October 09, 2017

Around the same time as the hamstring strain, Stafford also encountered an ankle injury. This was diagnosed as either a moderate or high-ankle sprain. Remarkably, he played through this challenging period.


Matthew Stafford’s Hand Sprain – December 03, 2017

In December 2017, Stafford faced another hand injury, specifically a right throwing-hand sprain. Fortunately, there were no fractures, and he continued to display his resilience by playing through the pain.


Matthew Stafford’s Shin Injury – September 10, 2018

In September 2018, Stafford dealt with a shin injury. The specifics of the injury side were unknown, but it was likely a bone bruise. Stafford once again demonstrated his commitment by playing through the discomfort.


Matthew Stafford’s. Back Injury – December 02, 2018

In December 2018, Stafford faced a formidable challenge with multiple pedicle fractures in his back. Despite the severity of the injury, he continued to play, showcasing his unwavering determination.


Matthew Stafford’s Hip Strain – September 27, 2019

A year later, in September 2019, Stafford encountered an unknown side hip strain. Nonetheless, he powered through the discomfort, showcasing his remarkable resilience and commitment.


Matthew Stafford’s Back Injury – November 10, 2019

In November 2019, Stafford faced yet another back injury. This time, there were multiple transverse process fractures, possibly in the thoracic region. Still, Stafford persevered, highlighting his incredible dedication.


Matthew Stafford’s Thumb Injury – November 15, 2020

Matthew Stafford’s thumb became a point of concern in November 2020 when he partially tore the UCL in his right throwing thumb. This injury presented a significant challenge, but Stafford played through it.


Matthew Stafford’s Neck Sprain – November 08, 2020

In November 2020, Stafford encountered a neck sprain, thankfully negative for concussion. This injury raised concerns but did not deter him from competing.


Matthew Stafford’s Thumb Surgery – August 2, 2021

A significant development occurred in August 2021 when Stafford underwent surgery to repair his right throwing thumb, which had a partial torn UCL. This surgery marked a pivotal moment in his journey.


Matthew Stafford’s Elbow Injury – November 26, 2020

In late November 2020, Stafford faced a left non-throwing elbow injury, specifically a torn UCL. This injury added to his list of challenges, but Stafford persevered.


Matthew Stafford’s Rib Injury – December 13, 2020

Just a few weeks later, Stafford encountered another issue when he tore cartilage in his 8th rib. Despite the discomfort, he continued to compete.


Matthew Stafford’s Knee Injury – December 26, 2020

On the same day as the rib injury, Stafford also faced a knee ailment. This was diagnosed as a likely PCL sprain in his left knee. Once again, he displayed his resilience by playing through the pain.


Matthew Stafford’s Ankle Sprain – December 26, 2020

In a double injury day, Stafford experienced a right (subtalar) ankle sprain. This challenging situation did not deter him from taking the field.


Matthew Stafford’s Back Injury – November 24, 2021

In late November 2021, Stafford faced either a new back injury or a reinjury to a previous one. The specifics of this injury remained uncertain, but he continued to exhibit his dedication to the game.


Matthew Stafford’s Toe Injury – January 09, 2022

In January 2022, Stafford encountered a toe injury, likely identified as turf toe. This specific injury, known as a painful one, was on the radar, but Stafford remained resilient.


Matthew Stafford’s Elbow Tendinitis – August 04, 2022

During August 2022, Stafford dealt with right (throwing arm) tendinitis in his elbow. This injury was treated with PRP, highlighting his commitment to recovery and play.


Matthew Stafford’s Concussion – November 09, 2022

In November 2022, Stafford faced a traumatic brain injury, resulting in a concussion. This marked a significant challenge, and he was placed on Injured Reserve (IR).


Matthew Stafford’s Spinal Cord Contusion – November 23, 2022

Just a few days later, Stafford encountered a spinal cord contusion. This injury was season-ending, but he did not require surgery, further emphasizing his commitment to recovery.


Matthew Stafford’s Hip Pointer – October 1, 2023

Finally, in October 2023, Stafford encountered a hip pointer, adding to his injury history.


Matthew Stafford’s journey through these injuries underscores his unwavering commitment and resilience in the face of adversity. Despite Matthew Stafford’s Injury History, his determination continues to shine on the football field.


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