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Mark Andrews

Baltimore Ravens


29 YRS


Sports Category : NFL

Date Injury Game Missed Details
01/01/2004 Diabetes 0 Type I diabetes, chronic condition, diagnosed at 9 years old
09/25/2014 Diabetes 0 Severe hypoglycemia, near-death experience
10/22/2016 Shoulder 0 Left shoulder AC sprain, likely type 1
07/26/2018 Unknown 0 Soft tissue injury, no details, Preseason
09/08/2019 Foot 0 Foot injury, likely grade 1 midfoot sprain, lingered for weeks
10/09/2019 Shoulder 0 Shoulder AC sprain, likely type 1
12/08/2019 Knee 0 Right knee sprain, bone bruise
12/22/2019 Ankle 0 Ankle sprain, lingered, likely moderate lateral or high-ankle
11/25/2020 Quad 0 Reinjury?
11/29/2020 COVID 2 Tested positive for COVID
10/19/2022 Knee 0 Minor knee injury
10/27/2022 Shoulder 1 Shoulder AC sprain, likely type I or II
08/23/2023 Quad 1 Quad injury (preseason)
11/16/2023 Ankle 7 L high-ankle sprain + fibula fracture. Surgery by Dr. Robert Anderson 11/21/23. Likely tightrope + fibula fracture repair. Placed on IR
10/08/2020 Quad 0 Andrews was added to the Ravens' Week 5 injury report with a thigh issue. He was active for Week 5 game vs. the Bengals
  • The Ravens have activated All-Pro TE Mark Andrews from Injured Reserve and he’ll play on Sunday in the AFC Title game against the Chiefs.

    Source: Ian Rapoport via X

  • Ravens designated TE Mark Andrews to return from injured reserve.
  • Ravens TE Mark Andrews will undergo surgery on his ankle today in Charlotte with specialist Robert Anderson doing the procedure, sources say. Andrews is likely out for the year, though as John Harbaugh said, there’s a chance he could return if Baltimore makes a deep playoff run.

    Source: Mike Garafolo via X

  • Pro Bowl TE Mark Andrews has suffered a cracked fibula and an ankle ligament injury, sources said after the MRI. It’s still believed to be a long-term injury, as the team said. Baltimore will consult with Dr. Robert Anderson in Charlotte next week for more info.

    Source: Ian Rapoport via X

In the heart of the football arena, one name resonates with the echoes of resilience and skill – Mark Andrews. Born on September 6, 1995, in Scottsdale, Arizona, Andrews has etched his name in the NFL annals as a formidable tight end. Standing at 6’5″ and weighing 256 pounds, he boasts a potent combination of speed, agility, and hands that can snag the most elusive passes. Andrews embarked on his football journey with the Oklahoma Sooners in college, where he emerged as a prominent figure in the tight end fraternity. This page focuses on Mark Andrews’ Injury history & the recent updates on his health. 


Mark Andrews’ Injury history


Mark Andrews’ Type I Diabetes Diagnosis (01/01/2004)


In a childhood marked by dreams of football stardom, Mark Andrews faced an unexpected adversary at the tender age of 9 – Type I diabetes. This chronic condition demanded meticulous management, challenging not just his physical prowess but his resilience and determination to pursue his passion against the odds.


Mark Andrews’ Near-Death Experience with Severe Hypoglycemia (09/25/2014)


In 2014, Andrews encountered a life-altering moment with severe hypoglycemia, standing on the precipice of death. This near-death experience served as a crucible, forging the indomitable spirit that would define his future exploits on the gridiron.


Mark Andrews’ Left Shoulder AC Sprain (10/22/2016)


The football field can be unforgiving, and in 2016, Andrews faced the daunting challenge of a left shoulder AC sprain, likely Type I. Navigating the uncharted waters of shoulder injuries, he exhibited a tenacity that hinted at the battles yet to come.


Mark Andrews’ Unspecified Soft Tissue Injury (07/26/2018)


The preseason of 2018 brought a mysterious setback in the form of an unspecified soft tissue injury. Veiled in ambiguity, this injury underscored the unpredictable nature of an athlete’s journey, adding another layer to Andrews’ evolving narrative.


Mark Andrews’ Lingering Foot Injury (09/08/2019)


As the 2019 season unfolded, Andrews grappled with a foot injury, likely a grade 1 midfoot sprain. Its persistence and lingering presence cast a shadow over weeks of play, testing not only his physical endurance but also his mental fortitude.


Mark Andrews’ Shoulder AC Sprain and Right Knee Sprain (10/09/2019 – 12/22/2019)


The latter part of 2019 brought a dual onslaught – a recurring shoulder AC sprain, likely Type I, and a right knee sprain coupled with a bone bruise. This cascade of injuries tested Andrews in ways that transcended the physical realm, challenging the core of his athletic mettle.


Mark Andrews’ Ankle Sprain and Lingered Complications (12/22/2019)


Mark Andrews closed 2019 on a challenging note, grappling with an ankle sprain that lingered, likely a moderate lateral or high-ankle injury. The persistence of this injury hinted at the toll it took on Andrews, both physically and in terms of navigating the uncertainties of recovery.


Mark Andrews’ Quad Reinjury Concerns (11/25/2020)


The specter of a quad reinjury surfaced in late 2020, raising concerns about the sustainability of Andrews’ physical exertion on the field. This episode underscored the delicate balance athletes must strike between pushing their limits and avoiding the pitfalls of overexertion.


Mark Andrews’ COVID-19 Positive Test (11/29/2020)


In the midst of the global pandemic, even the NFL’s brightest stars were not immune. Mark Andrews tested positive for COVID-19 in late 2020, a reminder of the unforeseen challenges that transcended the realm of physical injuries. Navigating the uncertainties of health became a shared experience for athletes worldwide.


Mark Andrews’ Minor Knee Injury (10/19/2022)


Returning to the field in 2022, Andrews faced a minor knee injury. While labeled as minor, any injury to a crucial joint like the knee demands meticulous attention. It became a testament to Andrews’ continuous battle with the rigors of professional football.


Mark Andrews’ Shoulder AC Sprain Redux (10/27/2022)


Andrews faced a familiar foe in 2022 – a shoulder AC sprain, likely Type I or II. This recurrence highlighted the persistent challenges athletes encounter, especially in physically demanding positions like tight end.


Mark Andrews’ Quad Injury in Preseason (08/23/2023)


As the 2023 preseason dawned, a new challenge emerged for Andrews – a quad injury. This preseason setback showcased the fragility of an athlete’s preparation for the upcoming season, with unexpected injuries disrupting even the best-laid plans.


Mark Andrews’ Ankle Sprain and Fibula Fracture (11/16/2023)


The most recent chapter in Mark Andrews’ injury saga unfolded in November 2023. A severe left-ankle sprain, coupled with a fibula fracture, required surgical intervention by renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr. Robert Anderson on 11/21/23. The surgical procedures likely included a tightrope procedure and fibula fracture repair. Placed on the Injured Reserve (IR), Andrews faced a prolonged recovery, once again testing his mettle against the formidable challenges posed by the gridiron.


Mark Andrews’ Thigh Issue in Week 5 (10/08/2020)


In the Ravens’ Week 5 matchup against the Bengals in 2020, Andrews found himself on the injury report with a thigh issue. While seemingly minor, it underscored the constant toll the sport exacts on the players, emphasizing the need for careful monitoring even with seemingly innocuous injuries.


Mark Andrews’ injury history is a testament to his enduring spirit, navigating a complex landscape of physical challenges, recoveries, and comebacks. As he continues to etch his legacy in the NFL, the tale of Mark Andrews stands as a symbol of resilience, determination, and the unwavering pursuit of excellence on the football field


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