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Kareem Hunt

Cleveland Browns


29 YRS


Sports Category : NFL

Date Injury Game Missed Details
09/30/2014 Ankle 3 High-ankle sprain, unknown side
02/12/2015 Unknown 3 Unknown injury
08/17/2017 Ankle 0 Mild ankle sprain
06/14/2018 Hamstring 0 Mild hamstring strain, offseason
07/24/2019 Groin 0 Mild groin strain
08/29/2019 Groin 0 Underwent sports hernia surgery (while under suspension)
09/30/2020 Groin 0 Mild groin strain
10/11/2020 Quad 0 Quad strain vs. bruise
10/21/2020 Ribs 0 Rib cartilage injury vs. bruise.
12/02/2020 Hamstring 0 Hamstring Strain
10/13/2021 Wrist 0 Wrist sprain, mild
10/13/2021 Knee 0 Knee sprain, mild
10/17/2021 Calf 5 Calf Strain - Placed on IR
12/12/2021 Ankle 4 Left ankle, concerning for medial grade 1 sprain
12/17/2021 COVID 0 Tested positive for COVID
09/24/2023 Groin 0 Groin/Rib injuries. No details
01/30/2024 Hernia 0 Sports hernia surgery to repair a ruptured adductor

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Kareem Hunt, a prominent figure in the NFL, has left an indelible mark with his explosive playing style and remarkable achievements. Born on August 6, 1995, in Willoughby, Ohio, Hunt rose to fame during his college football days at the University of Toledo. His exceptional skills as a running back caught the attention of NFL scouts, leading to his selection by the Kansas City Chiefs in the third round of the 2017 NFL Draft. He currently plays for the Cleveland Browns. This page focuses on Kareem Hunt’s injury history & the recent health updates. 


Kareem Hunt’s NFL Journey:


Hunt’s NFL journey began with a bang as he quickly established himself as a dynamic force on the field. In his rookie season with the Kansas City Chiefs, Hunt led the league in rushing yards, showcasing his versatility and agility. Despite facing challenges, including a suspension in 2018, Hunt continued to be a formidable presence in the league.


Kareem Hunt’s Injury history


Let’s take a look at Kareem Hunt’s Injury history throughout his NFL career. 


Ankle Injury – 09/30/2014:


The early stages of Hunt’s football career were marked by adversity, with a high-ankle sprain in 2014 during his time at the University of Toledo. The severity of the injury and the unknown side affected his performance, but Hunt’s resilience prevailed as he overcame this setback.


Kareem Hunt’s Unknown Injury – 02/12/2015:


Another hurdle emerged in 2015 with an undisclosed injury, shrouded in mystery. While the details remain elusive, Hunt’s ability to rebound from this setback illustrated his determination and commitment to the sport.


Kareem Hunt’s Ankle Injury – 08/17/2017:


Transitioning to the NFL, Hunt faced a mild ankle sprain in 2017 during his rookie training camp with the Kansas City Chiefs. Despite its mild nature, this injury underscored the physical toll of professional football.


Kareem Hunt’s Hamstring Injury – 06/14/2018:


A mild hamstring strain in the offseason of 2018 added to Hunt’s injury history. This served as a reminder of the constant risk and physical demands that professional athletes like Hunt navigate throughout their careers.


Kareem Hunt’s Groin Injury – 07/24/2019:


In 2019, a mild groin strain surfaced, requiring careful management to prevent exacerbation. This injury highlighted the challenges of maintaining peak performance in a physically demanding sport.


Kareem Hunt’s Sports Hernia Surgery – 08/29/2019:


Complicating matters, Hunt underwent sports hernia surgery while under suspension in 2019, showcasing the complex nature of managing injuries in professional sports.


Kareem Hunt’s Groin Injury – 09/30/2020:


A recurrence of a mild groin strain in 2020 emphasized the ongoing nature of managing and rehabilitating injuries, underscoring the inherent risks associated with an NFL player’s career.


Kareem Hunt’s Quad Injury – 10/11/2020:


The 2020 season brought a new challenge with a quad strain, further highlighting the susceptibility of players to various injuries, even in seemingly routine situations.


Kareem Hunt’s Rib Cartilage Injury – 10/21/2020:


A rib cartilage injury added to Hunt’s list of ailments in 2020, emphasizing the vulnerability of even the most elite athletes to injuries that can impact their performance on the field.


Kareem Hunt’s Hamstring Injury – 12/02/2020:


Later in the same season, a hamstring strain further showcased the physical toll of an NFL season, with players like Hunt navigating a fine line between peak performance and potential setbacks.


Kareem Hunt’s Wrist and Knee Injuries – 10/13/2021:


In 2021, a dual challenge emerged with mild wrist and knee sprains. These injuries highlighted the diverse nature of risks faced by players, from the extremities to the joints crucial for their performance.


Kareem Hunt’s Calf Strain – 10/17/2021:


A more severe setback occurred in 2021 with a calf strain that led to Hunt being placed on the Injured Reserve (IR) list, underscoring the potential impact of injuries on a player’s availability for crucial matches.


Kareem Hunt’s Ankle Injury – 12/12/2021:


Towards the end of 2021, Hunt faced a concerning left ankle injury, graded as a medial grade 1 sprain. This injury posed a significant challenge, raising questions about his recovery timeline and potential long-term effects.


Kareem Hunt’s COVID-19 Diagnosis – 12/17/2021:


The year concluded on a somber note as Hunt tested positive for COVID-19, further highlighting the unpredictable nature of challenges faced by athletes both on and off the field.


Kareem Hunt’s Groin/Rib Injuries – 09/24/2023:


The most recent entry in Hunt’s injury history, dated September 24, 2023, mentions groin and rib injuries. Unfortunately, no specific details are available at this time, leaving fans and analysts in anticipation of further updates on Hunt’s condition.


In retrospect, Kareem Hunt’s Injury history in the NFL has been a roller coaster of triumphs and challenges. His resilience in the face of injuries underscores the mental and physical fortitude required to thrive in the demanding world of professional football. As Hunt continues to evolve as a player, his ability to overcome adversity will undoubtedly shape his legacy in the annals of NFL history. 


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