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Kadarius Toney Injury History

Kadarius Toney

Kansas City


24 YRS


Sports Category : NFL

Date Injury Game Missed Details
10/09/2017 Shoulder 1 Shoulder sprain, likely type I AC
11/04/2017 Shoulder 1 Shoulder sprain, likely type I AC. Reinjury?
09/07/2019 Shoulder 6 Left shoulder injury, either type III AC or fracture
07/22/2021 COVID 0 Tested positive for COVID, just before training camp
08/14/2021 Hamstring 0 Hamstring strain, likely grade 2, Preseason
10/10/2021 Ankle 0 Right ankle sprain, likely mild lateral
10/17/2021 Ankle 1 Right ankle sprain, reinjury, likely lateral
11/01/2021 Thumb 0 Thumb sprain, likely UCL, fracture unlikely
11/22/2021 Quad 1 Quad injury, quad strain vs. bruise
12/01/2021 Oblique 2 Oblique strain, grade 2
12/13/2021 COVID 1 Tested positive for COVID
12/26/2021 Shoulder 2 Shoulder sprain, likely type I or II AC
05/23/2022 Knee 0 Offseason knee surgery, arthroscopy, no details
08/10/2022 Hamstring 0 Hamstring injury? (preseason)
09/15/2022 Hamstring 5 Bi-lateral hamstring injury
11/20/2022 Hamstring 3 Hamstring re-injury
01/29/2023 Foot 0 Unspecified foot injury in AFC Championship Game
07/23/2023 Knee 0 Meniscus injury. Surgery
09/20/2023 Toe 0 Toe sprain
11/25/2023 Ankle/Hip 1 Ankle sprain + hip sprain

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  • Chiefs’ running back Isiah Pacheco, dealing with a hamstring issue, and wide receiver Kadarius Toney, nursing a sprained toe, won’t be practicing today.

    Source: Adam Schefter via X

In the dynamic world of the NFL, Kadarius Toney stands out as an extraordinary talent. His journey has been marked not only by his remarkable football skills but also by a series of injuries that have tested his resilience. This comprehensive article will delve into the life and Kadarius Toney’s Injuries history, highlighting each significant moment and providing insights into the challenges he faced.


Kadarius Toney, a promising NFL player, began his professional career with the New York Giants. Known for his agility, speed, and incredible ball-handling abilities, he quickly became a fan favorite. Toney’s journey through the NFL was, however, accompanied by a series of injuries that presented significant hurdles throughout his career.


The Beginning of the Journey

Kadarius Toney’s NFL journey commenced with the New York Giants, a team he joined in 2021 as a wide receiver. The young athlete had showcased his immense potential while playing college football for the Florida Gators. The NFL offered him a platform to further demonstrate his prowess on a grand stage, but it wasn’t all smooth sailing.


Kadarius Toney’s Injury History


Kadarius Toney’s injury history is a testament to his dedication and determination. Let’s take a closer look at the injuries he encountered, including the date, type of injury/illness, and the respective teams he was playing against when these incidents occurred.


October 09, 2017 – Kadarius Toney’s Shoulder Sprain

On this fateful day, Toney faced a shoulder sprain, likely a type I AC injury. The journey had just begun, and the young athlete was already experiencing setbacks.


November 04, 2017 – Kadarius Toney’s Shoulder Setback

The shoulder sprain resurfaced in November 2017, suggesting a potential reinjury. This early challenge tested his mettle.


September 07, 2019 – Kadarius Toney’s Left Shoulder Troubles

In 2019, Toney encountered a left shoulder injury, which was diagnosed as either a type III AC injury or a fracture. Despite the adversity, he pressed on.


July 22, 2021 – Kadarius Toney’s COVID

Just before the training camp, Toney tested positive for COVID-19. This unforeseen health challenge further added to the complexity of his journey.


August 14, 2021 – Kadarius Toney’s Hamstring Strain

During the preseason, a hamstring strain, likely grade 2, posed another hurdle for Toney.


October 10, 2021 – Kadarius Toney’s Right Ankle Sprain

The NFL season brought another challenge in the form of a right ankle sprain, likely a mild lateral injury.


October 17, 2021 – Kadarius Toney’s Ankle Woes Persist

Shortly after, the same ankle faced a reinjury, this time likely lateral in nature.


November 01, 2021 – Kadarius Toney’s Thumb Sprain

Toney encountered a thumb sprain, likely affecting the UCL, with a fracture being unlikely.


November 22, 2021 – Kadarius Toney’s Battle with Quad Injury

A quad injury, presenting as a quad strain versus a bruise, provided another test of his strength.


December 01, 2021 – Kadarius Toney’s Another Encounter with COVID

In late 2021, COVID struck again, putting Toney’s journey on hold temporarily.


December 26, 2021 – Kadarius Toney’s Shoulder Strain

Yet another shoulder sprain, likely a type I or II AC injury, was added to Toney’s injury history.


May 23, 2022 – Kadarius Toney’s Knee Troubles

Offseason knee surgery, conducted through arthroscopy, raised concerns, although the details remained shrouded in mystery.


August 10, 2022 – Kadarius Toney Hamstring Revisits

A hamstring injury reappeared during the preseason, highlighting the persistent nature of certain injuries.


September 15, 2022 – Kadarius Toney’s Bilateral Hamstring Injury

Toney faced the challenge of bilateral hamstring injuries, further underscoring his perseverance.


November 20, 2022 – Kadarius Toney’s Hamstring Re-Injury

The hamstring trouble persisted, reflecting the intricate and often frustrating nature of injuries in professional sports.


January 29, 2023 – Kadarius Toney’s Foot Woes

In the AFC Championship Game, Toney encountered an unspecified foot injury, which required surgery.


July 23, 2023 – Kadarius Toney’s Knee and Toe Woes

Later in 2023, Toney had to confront a meniscus injury in his knee, followed by a toe sprain.


Kadarius Toney’s journey in the NFL has been marked by impressive highs and challenging lows. His ability to overcome a series of injuries is a testament to his resilience and unwavering determination. This article provides a comprehensive account of Kadarius Toney’s injury history, shedding light on the hardships he faced throughout his career. 


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