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Justyn Ross

Kansas City


24 YRS


Sports Category : NFL

Date Injury Game Missed Details
11/13/2015 Knee 1 Right MCL sprain, likely mild.
12/04/2015 Knee 0 Right ACL tear, playing basketball. Unknown additional damage.
01/14/2016 Knee 0 Right ACL tear, no details on surgery.
12/29/2018 Leg 0 Likely soft tissue, unknown if hamstring or calf injury. Played through it.
09/14/2019 Hip Strain 1 No details, reportedly mild
11/16/2019 Ribs 0 Either rib bruise, cartilage injury or rib fracture. Had a bye week.
12/28/2019 Shoulder 0 Shoulder injury, unknown details, played through it.
06/01/2020 Unknown 12 Congenital spine fusion, herniated disk. Missed entire 2020 season.
06/05/2020 Unknown 0 Spinal surgery to stabilize, put in metal hardware into spine.
09/04/2021 Foot 0 Left foot, stress fracture, 5th metatarsal. Played all season on it.
10/02/2021 Concussion 0 Traumatic brain injury.
11/13/2021 Foot 3 Left foot stress fracture, likely fully fractured & required surgery.
11/13/2021 Foot 0 Left foot stress fracture surgery, likely screw into 5th MT (Jones fracture)
07/15/2020 Foot 18 Underwent additional foot surgery, placed on season-ending IR

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