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Joe Mixon

Cincinnati Bengals


28 YRS


Sports Category : NFL

Date Injury Game Missed Details
12/04/2017 Concussion 2 Traumatic brain injury.
12/24/2017 Ankle 0 Unknown side, unclear if lateral or high-ankle. Played through it.
09/13/2018 Knee 2 Right knee, meniscal tear
09/15/2018 Knee 0 Right knee, arthroscopic trimming of meniscus
11/15/2018 Knee 0 Likely minor reinjury to previously injured knee.
12/19/2018 Wrist 0 Minor wrist injury, probably a sprain
12/19/2018 Thigh 0 Quad bruise vs. strain, played through it
09/08/2019 Ankle 0 Right ankle sprain, likely a moderate lateral, no games missed.
12/05/2019 Foot 0 Minor foot injury, unknown side.
12/19/2019 Calf 0 Calf strain, likely very mild, unknown side.
08/27/2020 Miscellaneous 0 Unclear if true, he was in contract negotiations
09/27/2020 Chest 0 Unclear exact cause, required hospital evaluation, breathing issue.
10/18/2020 Foot 10 Right foot sprain - placed on IR
09/30/2021 Ankle 0 Left ankle, possible high-ankle sprain, played through it
12/19/2021 Ankle 0 Left ankle sprain, likely lateral
01/05/2022 COVID 1 Tested positive, out one game.
09/25/2022 Ankle 0 Non-specific ankle injury
11/20/2022 Concussion 2 Traumatic brain injury
11/01/2023 Ribs 0 Chest/rib, likely mild bruise.

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Joe Mixon, born on July 24, 1996, in Oakley, California, has established himself as a dynamic force in the NFL, showcasing a versatile skill set as a running back. His journey to professional football began at the University of Oklahoma, where he excelled as a key playmaker before being selected by the Cincinnati Bengals in the second round of the 2017 NFL Draft. Mixon quickly became a vital component of the Bengals’ offense, known for his agility, power, and ability to contribute both as a rusher and a receiver. His impact on the field has solidified his position as a cornerstone player for the Cincinnati Bengals. This page focuses on Joe Mixon’s Injury history & the recent updates on his health. 


Joe Mixon’s NFL Journey 


Entering the NFL in 2017, Mixon wasted no time in making his mark. Over the seasons, he evolved into a focal point of the Bengals’ offensive strategy, consistently delivering standout performances. Mixon’s ability to break tackles, find open spaces, and contribute in the passing game has made him a dynamic asset. The 2020 season witnessed Mixon signing a four-year contract extension with the Bengals, reflecting the team’s confidence in his skills and commitment.


Joe Mixon Injury History:


Joe Mixon’s Concussion – December 4, 2017:


In a challenging start to his NFL career, Mixon faced a Traumatic brain injury resulting from a concussion. The nature of the injury required a meticulous approach to recovery, with Mixon sitting out two games to ensure proper healing and minimize the risk of complications associated with head injuries.


Joe Mixon’s Ankle Injury – December 24, 2017:


Towards the end of his rookie season, Mixon battled through an ankle injury of an unknown nature, demonstrating his resilience by playing through the pain. The lack of specificity regarding the injury’s location reflected the challenges associated with in-game injuries, emphasizing Mixon’s determination to contribute to his team’s success.


Joe Mixon’s Knee Injury – September 13-15, 2018:


The 2018 season brought a series of challenges for Mixon, starting with a meniscal tear in his right knee. Despite missing two games to address the injury, he faced a subsequent meniscal tear and underwent arthroscopic trimming. The intricacies of managing knee injuries, including potential complications and the risk of reinjury, became apparent during this period.


Joe Mixon’s Wrist and Thigh Injuries – December 19, 2018:


In late 2018, Mixon contended with a minor wrist injury, likely a sprain, and a quad bruise or strain. Playing through these ailments underscored his commitment to the team, with the wrist injury highlighting the susceptibility of players to various types of injuries during the course of a demanding season.


Joe Mixon’s Ankle Sprain – September 8, 2019:


The 2019 season saw Mixon facing a moderate lateral ankle sprain in his right ankle. Notably, he managed to play through the injury, showcasing his ability to contribute despite physical challenges. The emphasis on the lateral aspect indicated the need for precise management to ensure optimal recovery.


Joe Mixon’s Foot and Calf Injuries – December 2019:


As the year concluded, Mixon encountered a minor foot injury of unknown side, along with a likely very mild calf strain. The challenges associated with foot and calf injuries were navigated with caution, highlighting the comprehensive approach required to address various types of lower extremity ailments.


Joe Mixon’s Miscellaneous and Chest Issues – 2020:


In 2020, Mixon faced uncertainty surrounding a miscellaneous issue related to contract negotiations. Additionally, he experienced chest issues requiring hospital evaluation due to breathing problems. These incidents underscored the multifaceted challenges players can encounter, both on and off the field.


Joe Mixon’s Foot Sprain – October 18, 2020:


A significant setback occurred in 2020 with a right foot sprain, leading to Mixon being placed on injured reserve for ten games. The extended absence emphasized the severity of the injury and the importance of allowing sufficient time for proper healing.


Joe Mixon’s Ankle Injuries – September 30, 2021, and December 19, 2021:


Mixon’s 2021 season included a left ankle injury, possibly a high-ankle sprain, which he played through. Later in the season, he faced a left ankle sprain, likely lateral in nature. These incidents highlighted the ongoing challenges associated with ankle injuries and the importance of managing them to avoid exacerbation.


Joe Mixon’s COVID-19 – January 5, 2022:


In early 2022, Mixon tested positive for COVID-19, resulting in him missing one game. The pandemic introduced a unique set of challenges for NFL players, with health and safety protocols becoming integral aspects of the game.


Joe Mixon’s Non-specific Ankle Injury – September 25, 2022:


As the 2022 season unfolded, Mixon encountered a non-specific ankle injury. The lack of specificity regarding the injury highlighted the dynamic nature of in-game situations and the challenges associated with providing detailed information in real-time.


Joe Mixon’s Concussion – November 20, 2022:


Mixon faced another concussion in 2022, emphasizing the recurrent risk associated with head injuries in football. The two-game absence allowed for appropriate medical evaluation and underscored the league’s commitment to player safety.


Joe Mixon’s Ribs/Chest Bruise – November 1, 2023:


In 2023, Mixon contended with a likely mild chest or rib bruise, further showcasing the physical toll the game takes on players. The injury, while not resulting in missed games, highlighted the importance of careful management to prevent potential complications.


Joe Mixon’s injury history reflects not only the physical demands of professional football but also his resilience in overcoming various challenges to remain a key contributor to the Cincinnati Bengals.


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