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Jimmy Garoppolo

Las Vegas Raiders


33 YRS


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Date Injury Game Missed Details
09/18/2016 Shoulder 0 Right shoulder AC sprain, was backup QB
09/23/2018 Knee 13 Left ACL tear, no additional information
10/03/2018 Knee 0 Left ACL reconstruction, by Dr. Neal ElAttrache
09/20/2020 Ankle 2 Right high-ankle sprain, likely grade 1 or 2
11/01/2020 Ankle 8 Left high-ankle sprain, Grade 3.
11/03/2021 Calf 1 Calf strain, likely grade 1
12/23/2021 Thumb 0 Right throwing thumb fracture and UCL tear
01/16/2022 Shoulder 1 Right shoulder, torn capsule, no significant rotator cuff damage
02/01/2022 Thumb 0 Right thumb fracture and UCL tear surgery
03/08/2022 Shoulder 0 Right shoulder surgery, labrum/capsule repair, by Dr. Neal ElAttrache
12/04/2022 Foot 0 Fractured left foot. Surgery
09/10/2023 Ankle 0 Ankle injury. No details
09/24/2023 Concussion 1 Traumatic brain injury
10/15/2023 Back 1 Back injury. No details

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  • Raiders’ QB Jimmy Garoppolo will not play Sunday’s game vs. the Bears due to his back injury.

    Source: Adam Schefter via X

  • Raiders’ QB Jimmy Garoppolo has cleared concussion protocol and is now expected to start Monday night vs. the Packers.

    Source: Adam Schefter via X

Jimmy Garoppolo, a prominent quarterback in the National Football League (NFL), has left an indelible mark on the sport with his remarkable career. Born on November 2, 1991, in Arlington Heights, Illinois, Garoppolo’s journey to NFL stardom is one defined by perseverance, skill, and resilience. He played college football at Eastern Illinois University, where he earned the Walter Payton Award as the best offensive player in the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS). This recognition foreshadowed his future success in the professional arena. This page focuses on Jimmy Garoppolo’s Injury History & the recent updates on his health. 


In the 2014 NFL Draft, Garoppolo was selected by the New England Patriots as the 62nd overall pick. His time in New England, under the tutelage of the legendary Tom Brady, proved instrumental in shaping his career. Garoppolo’s skill set and leadership qualities caught the attention of the NFL community, leading to a significant turning point in his career when he joined the San Francisco 49ers in a trade during the 2017 season. He currently plays for the Las Vegas Raiders


Jimmy Garoppolo Injury History:


Let’s take a look at the complete Jimmy Garoppolo’s Injury History over the years in his American football career. 


Jimmy Garoppolo’s Shoulder Injury – September 18, 2016:


On this fateful day, Garoppolo, serving as the backup quarterback, suffered a right shoulder AC sprain. Though a backup at the time, this injury hinted at the physical toll of the sport even for those not on the frontlines. The specific team he was playing against remains undisclosed.


Jimmy Garoppolo’s Knee Injuries – September 23, 2018, and October 03, 2018:


In a cruel twist of fate, Garoppolo faced two devastating knee injuries within a short span. The first, a left ACL tear on September 23, 2018, left fans and teammates in shock. Shortly after, on October 03, 2018, he underwent left ACL reconstruction by the skilled hands of Dr. Neal ElAttrache.


Jimmy Garoppolo’s Ankle Injuries – September 20, 2020, and November 01, 2020:


Garoppolo encountered a series of ankle setbacks, with a right high-ankle sprain (grade 3) on September 20, 2020, followed by a left high-ankle sprain (Grade 3) on November 01, 2020. These injuries presented unique challenges, impacting his mobility and overall performance.


Jimmy Garoppolo’s Calf Strain – October 03, 2021:


A calf strain, likely grade 1, further added to Garoppolo’s injury woes on October 03, 2021. The strain intensified concerns about his durability on the field.


Jimmy Garoppolo’s Thumb Injuries – December 23, 2021, and February 01, 2022:


The quarterback grappled with thumb issues, first with a right throwing thumb fracture and UCL tear on December 23, 2021. Subsequently, on February 01, 2022, he underwent surgery for a right thumb fracture and UCL tear, highlighting the complexity of the injury.


Jimmy Garoppolo’s Shoulder Injuries – January 16, 2022, and March 08, 2022:


Garoppolo faced challenges with his throwing arm, experiencing a torn capsule in the right shoulder on January 16, 2022. This was followed by right shoulder surgery, including labrum/capsule repair, performed by Dr. Neal ElAttrache on March 08, 2022.


Jimmy Garoppolo’s Foot Injury – December 04, 2022:


Adding to the list of setbacks, Garoppolo endured a fractured left foot on December 04, 2022, requiring surgery and posing new hurdles for his on-field return.


Jimmy Garoppolo’s Ankle, Concussion, and Back Injuries – September 10, 2023, September 24, 2023, and October 15, 2023:


In the 2023 season, Garoppolo faced an ankle injury on September 10, a traumatic brain injury resulting in a concussion on September 24, and a back injury on October 15. The details of these injuries remain scant, leaving fans concerned about his overall well-being.


In navigating these challenges, Jimmy Garoppolo has showcased remarkable resilience, aiming to overcome adversity and make impactful contributions to his team’s success. Jimmy Garoppolo’s injury history & his gameplay continues to captivate football enthusiasts, illustrating the unwavering spirit required to thrive in the demanding landscape of the NFL.


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