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Jaylen Waddle

Miami Dolphins


26 YRS


Sports Category : NFL

Date Injury Game Missed Details
10/24/2020 Ankle 7 Right high-ankle sprain and small fracture
10/24/2020 Ankle 0 High-ankle sprain and fracture surgery
12/05/2021 Leg 0 Leg injury, unknown
12/16/2021 COVID 1 Tested positive for COVID
08/22/2022 Unknown 0 Right leg injury (preseason)
09/25/2022 Groin 0 Groin injury, played through it
10/19/2022 Shoulder 0 Non-specific shoulder injury
08/09/2023 Oblique 0 Oblique injury, likely grade 2 (preseason)
09/17/2023 Concussion 1 Traumatic brain injury
10/22/2023 Back 0 Back strain, spasms. Returned W7
10/05/2023 Knee 0 Left knee injury
12/17/2023 Ribs 0 Rib injury. No details
12/24/2023 Ankle 2 L high-ankle sprain

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  • Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel said WR Jaylen Waddle has high-ankle sprain and added, “Those can be tricky.” This puts his availability for the rest of the regular season in doubt.

    Source: Ian Rapoport via X

  • According to HC Mike McDaniel, Dolphins’ WR Jaylen Waddle had a full practice today. If his progress continues positively, Waddle is expected to successfully complete the concussion protocol and should be ready to make his return against the Bills on Sunday.

    Source: Cameron Wolfe via X

  • The Dolphins are ruling out WR Jaylen Waddle (concussion) and they’ve elevated Robbie Chosen from the practice squad.

    Source: Ian Rapoport via Twitter

Jaylen Waddle, born on November 25, 1998, has emerged as a dynamic force in the National Football League (NFL). Standing at 5 feet 10 inches and weighing 182 pounds, Waddle’s journey from his college days at the University of Alabama to the NFL has been nothing short of extraordinary. Selected by the Miami Dolphins as the sixth overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, Waddle wasted no time making a significant impact with his explosive speed, precise route running, and versatility on the field. This page focuses on Jaylen Waddle’s Injury history & the recent updates on his health. 


Jaylen Waddle’s NFL Journey: Rising to Stardom


Waddle’s NFL journey commenced with the Miami Dolphins, where he quickly became a focal point of their offensive schemes. His rookie season showcased a seamless transition from collegiate success to professional prominence. Waddle’s ability to stretch the field, create separation, and contribute as a dynamic returner demonstrated his diverse skill set. Despite facing adversities, his resilience and determination have solidified his position as one of the league’s rising stars.


Jaylen Waddle’s Injury history 


Let’s take a look at Jaylen Waddle’s Injury history throughout his American football career. 


October 24, 2020: Jaylen Waddle’s Right High-Ankle Sprain and Small Fracture (7 Games Missed)


On October 24, 2020, a fateful game brought a significant setback for Waddle, as he suffered a right high-ankle sprain coupled with a small fracture. The intricate nature of high-ankle sprains, known for their prolonged recovery, posed a substantial challenge. The small fracture accentuated the complexity, leading to a seven-game absence. The subsequent surgical intervention aimed to stabilize the ankle, but the recovery demanded patience and meticulous rehabilitation.


Jaylen Waddle’s High-Ankle Sprain and Fracture Surgery (0 Games Missed)


Following the diagnosis, Waddle underwent high-ankle sprain and fracture surgery to address the severity of the injury. The procedure aimed to expedite healing and minimize long-term effects. Despite the surgical intervention, the road to recovery involved careful monitoring and rehabilitation to ensure Waddle’s return to peak performance.


December 5, 2021 Jaylen Waddle’s Leg Injury, Unknown (0 Games Missed)


On December 5, 2021, Waddle encountered a mysterious leg injury. The lack of specific details added an air of uncertainty, leaving fans and analysts curious about the nature and implications of the ailment. Waddle’s ability to overcome the challenge swiftly underscored his resilience and dedication to the Dolphins.


(December 16, 2021) :Tested Positive for COVID (1 Game Missed)


In a season marked by unexpected challenges, Waddle faced a health scare as he tested positive for COVID-19 on December 16, 2021. The positive test led to a one-game absence, highlighting the impact of external factors on player availability during unprecedented times.


October 19, 2022: Jaylen Waddle’s Right Leg Injury (Preseason, 0 Games Missed)


The 2022 preseason brought new challenges for Waddle with an unspecified right leg injury on August 22. The lack of specific details added an element of mystery to the situation, requiring careful assessment and management to ensure his readiness for the upcoming regular season.


Jaylen Waddle’s Groin Injury, Played Through It (0 Games Missed)


In the early stages of the 2022 regular season, Waddle faced a groin injury on September 25. Displaying his resilience, he played through the discomfort, showcasing his commitment to the team despite the physical challenges.


Jaylen Waddle’s Non-Specific Shoulder Injury (0 Games Missed)


The ambiguity continued as Waddle encountered a non-specific shoulder injury on October 19, 2022. The lack of detailed information left fans speculating about the nature of the shoulder ailment, underscoring the unpredictable nature of injuries in professional sports.


(August 9, 2023): Jaylen Waddle’s Oblique Injury, Likely Grade 2 (Preseason, 0 Games Missed)


As the 2023 preseason unfolded, Waddle faced an oblique injury on August 9. The likelihood of a grade 2 oblique injury added complexity to his preseason preparations. The delicate nature of oblique injuries demanded careful management to prevent further complications and ensure his availability for the regular season.


September 17, 2023 Traumatic Brain Injury (Concussion, 1 Game Missed)


In the early weeks of the 2023 regular season, Waddle suffered a concussion on September 17. The designation of a traumatic brain injury emphasized the seriousness of the situation, requiring adherence to the league’s concussion protocol for his safety and well-being.


December 24, 2023: Back Strain, Spasms (0 Games Missed, Returned Week 7)


Midway through the 2023 season, Waddle faced a back strain with spasms on October 22. His swift return in Week 7 showcased his determination to contribute despite the challenges posed by the back injury.


Jaylen Waddle’s Left Knee Injury (0 Games Missed)


On October 5, 2023, Waddle encountered a left knee injury, adding another layer of complexity to his injury history. The specifics of the knee ailment remained undisclosed, prompting speculation and concern among fans.


Jaylen Waddle’s Rib Injury, No Details (0 Games Missed)


As the season progressed, Waddle encountered a rib injury on December 17, 2023. The absence of specific details heightened the intrigue surrounding the nature and severity of the rib ailment, leaving fans eager for updates on his recovery.


Jaylen Waddle’s Left High-Ankle Sprain (2 Games Missed)


In the closing weeks of 2023, Waddle faced a left high-ankle sprain on December 24. The recurrence of an ankle ailment underscored the ongoing challenges in managing and preventing such injuries. The estimated two-game absence added to the hurdles Waddle navigated throughout his eventful career.


Jaylen Waddle’s injury history in the NFL has been a testament to his exceptional talent and unwavering resilience. Overcoming a series of injuries, Waddle continues to be a vital asset for the Miami Dolphins, demonstrating his ability to thrive in the face of adversity. As fans anticipate updates on his recovery and future performances, one thing remains clear—Jaylen Waddle’s impact on the NFL is far from over.


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