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James Conner

Arizona Cardinals


28 YRS


Sports Category : NFL



Games Missed


September 05, 2015



Right, Grade 3 MCL tear, required surgery

October 09, 2015


Hodgkin's Lymphoma, underwent chemotherapy

August 30, 2017


Minor, grade 1, AC sprain

December 17, 2017




November 08, 2018


Traumatic brain injury.

December 02, 2018



Right high-ankle sprain

September 15, 2019


Minor knee sprain, unknown side

September 30, 2019


Minor ankle sprain, unknown side

October 06, 2019


Quad strain vs. bruise, had bye week to heal

October 28, 2019



Right AC sprain, likely Type II

November 14, 2019



Right AC sprain, likely Type II, reinjury

December 22, 2019



Quad strain vs. bruise

September 14, 2020


Ankle sprain, likely lateral mild

November 28, 2020



Tested positive for COVID.

December 13, 2020



Quad strain vs. bruise

January 01, 2021


Lumbar strain

April 12, 2021


Turf toe, grade II-III. Offseason surgery

December 13, 2021


Ankle sprain, likely lateral mild

December 21, 2021



Heel bruise

January 09, 2022


Rib fracture

September 18, 2022


Left ankle injury, no details

October 09, 2022



Knee sprain

January 02, 2023



Undisclosed Knee/shin injury

September 10, 2023


Calf strain

October 8, 2023



RIght knee, likely MCL. Placed on IR

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  • Cardinals officially designated RB James Conner to return from the injured reserve list. Conner can begin practicing today and the team can activate him to the 53-man roster any time during the next 21 days.

    Source: Adam Schefter via X

  • Cardinals officially placed RB James Conner on injured reserve, sidelining him a minimum of four games.

    Source: Adam Schefter via X

James Conner’s path to the NFL is an inspirational story of resilience, determination, and unwavering dedication. Born on May 5, 1995, in Erie, Pennsylvania, Conner discovered his love for football at an early age. This page focuses on the James Conner Injuries’ History & most recent updates and news of the great NFL player. 


Jamer Conner’s Journey to the NFL


He honed his skills at Erie McDowell High School, where he excelled as a standout athlete. His exceptional performance caught the attention of college scouts, leading him to the University of Pittsburgh. 

At Pitt, Conner showcased his prowess as a running back, impressing both fans and scouts with his skill set. He had a breakout season in 2014, where he rushed for over 1,700 yards and 26 touchdowns, earning ACC Player of the Year honors. However, it was during his junior year that adversity struck. Conner suffered a severe knee injury, a Grade 3 MCL tear, which threatened to derail his dreams.


Undeterred, Conner fought his way back through extensive rehabilitation and hard work. His determination paid off when he made a triumphant return for his senior year, impressing scouts and securing a spot in the 2017 NFL Draft. The Pittsburgh Steelers recognized his potential, selecting him in the third round.


In the NFL, Conner faced more challenges, including a battle with cancer, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, in 2015. Despite this setback, he fought through grueling chemotherapy and successfully defeated cancer, displaying remarkable courage. James Conner’s injuries and illnesses never made him weak, they only made him stronger. 


James Conner’s Injury History 


James Conner’s Injuries history has a long list like any other athlete in the NFL, highlighting the risks and challenges associated with professional football. Here’s a comprehensive look at his injury history, detailing the date, type of injury or illness, a brief description of the injury/illness, and the team he was playing against when he got injured.


September 05, 2015: James Conner’s Knee Injury 

In a game against St. John’s, Conner endured a severe right knee injury, and a Grade 3 MCL tear, demanding surgical intervention and revealing the sport’s physical toll.


October 09, 2015: James Conner’s Cancer Diagnosis

Conner faced an even greater challenge, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a cancer diagnosis that required chemotherapy, showcasing his resilience both on and off the field.


August 30, 2017: James Conner’s Shoulder Injury 

Conner grappled with a minor shoulder injury, a Grade 1 AC sprain, during a game against the Cleveland Browns, underlining the physical toll football exacts on players.


December 17, 2017: James Conner’s Knee and Quad Injury 

In a game against the New England Patriots, Conner faced a dual challenge with both knee and quad injuries, emphasizing the sport’s physical demands and unpredictability.


November 08, 2018: James Conner’s Concussion

A concussion, a traumatic brain injury, temporarily halted Conner’s journey during a game against the Carolina Panthers, highlighting the sport’s inherent risks and the importance of player safety.


December 02, 2018: James Conner’s Ankle Injury 

Conner suffered a right high-ankle sprain during a game against the Los Angeles Chargers, limiting his performance and emphasizing the vulnerability of players to various injuries.


September 15, 2019:James Conner’s Knee Injury

Conner encountered a minor knee sprain during a game against the Seattle Seahawks, showcasing the continuous risk of injuries in the dynamic sport of football.


September 30, 2019: James Conner’s Ankle Injury

In a game against the Cincinnati Bengals, Conner faced a minor ankle sprain, underlining the sport’s unpredictability and the toll it takes on an athlete’s body.


October 06, 2019: James Conner’s Quad Injury

During a game against the Baltimore Ravens, Conner suffered a quad injury, emphasizing the importance of recovery periods and the physical demands of professional football.


October 28, 2019: James Conner’s Shoulder Injury

Conner endured a shoulder injury, a right AC sprain, during a game against the Miami Dolphins, highlighting the potential for injuries that can affect an athlete’s performance.


November 14, 2019: James Conner’s Shoulder Reinjury 

In a game against the Cleveland Browns, Conner experienced a reinjury to his shoulder, emphasizing the challenges of managing and rehabilitating existing injuries in the high-impact sport of football.


December 22, 2019: James Conner’s Quad Injury 

Conner faced a quad injury during a game against the New York Jets, underscoring the risk of muscular injuries that can affect an athlete’s performance.


September 14, 2020: James Conner’s Ankle Injury

Conner suffered an ankle sprain, likely lateral mild, during a game against the Denver Broncos, illustrating the vulnerability of an athlete’s lower extremities in the sport.


November 28, 2020: James Conner’s COVID-19 Diagnosis

Conner tested positive for COVID-19 in November 2020, shedding light on the broader health risks associated with the pandemic affecting even professional athletes.


December 13, 2020: James Conner’s Quad Injury

Conner experienced a recurrence of a quad injury during a game against the Buffalo Bills, highlighting the challenges of managing and rehabilitating existing injuries in a physically demanding sport.


January 01, 2021: James Conner’s Back Injury

Conner faced a lumbar strain ahead of the week 17 game against the Bengals, underscoring the risk of back injuries that can impede an athlete’s performance and mobility.


April 12, 2021: James Conner’s Toe Injury 

Conner dealt with a toe injury, turf toe, Grade II-III, while riding a recreational vehicle during the off-season, highlighting the impact of foot injuries on an athlete’s ability to push off and maintain balance.


December 13, 2021: James Conner’s Ankle Injury 

Conner endured a recurrent ankle sprain, likely lateral mild, emphasizing the persistent vulnerability of the affected area.


December 21, 2021: James Conner’s Heel Injury

Conner faced a heel injury, a heel bruise, revealing the potential discomfort and limitations it could pose on an athlete’s movements.


January 09, 2022: James Conner’s Ribs Injury 

Conner suffered a rib fracture, underscoring the painful nature of such injuries and their impact on an athlete’s performance.


September 18, 2022: James Conner’s Ankle Injury 

Conner experienced an ankle injury, left ankle injury with no specific details, signifying the ongoing challenges of managing injuries in professional football.


October 09, 2022: James Conner’s Knee Injury

Conner faced a knee sprain during a game, illustrating the recurrent risk of lower extremity injuries that can affect an athlete’s agility and mobility.


January 02, 2023: James Conner’s Knee/Shin Injury 

Conner encountered an undisclosed knee/shin injury during a game against the Falcons, emphasizing the necessity for appropriate medical attention and rehabilitation to address undisclosed injuries.


September 10, 2023: James Conner’s Calf Injury

Conner suffered a calf strain during a game against the Kansas City Chiefs, highlighting the potential hindrance it can pose to an athlete’s ability to push off and sprint effectively.


October 8, 2023: James Conner’s Knee Injury

Conner faced a right knee injury, likely MCL, during a game against the Bengals, underscoring the challenges and setbacks athletes encounter while striving to compete at the highest level.


Conner’s journey is a testament to his indomitable spirit and perseverance. He continues to excel in the NFL, showcasing his talent and inspiring countless individuals worldwide. James Conner’s Injuries History and overcoming those injuries is a beacon of hope, illustrating that with unwavering determination and resilience, one can overcome any obstacle and achieve their dreams.

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