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Jameis Winston

New Orleans Saints


30 YRS


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Date Injury Game Missed Details
02/21/2015 Shoulder 0 Concerns at Combine regarding 'weaknesses' in his throwing shoulder
08/24/2015 Ankle 0 Ankle sprain, likely minor. Preseason.
11/04/2016 Knee 0 Knee injury, no details
10/15/2017 Shoulder 0 AC joint sprain, likely a type I
11/05/2017 Shoulder 3 AC joint reinjury, worsened, likely type II or III, evaluated by Dr. James Andrews
09/13/2019 Foot 0 Foot sprain, likely mild
11/17/2019 Ankle 0 Ankle sprain, likely minor
12/08/2019 Thumb 0 Right thumb (throwing) hairline fracture, non-displaced
12/15/2019 Knee 0 Knee, torn meniscus
12/14/2020 Knee 0 Knee surgery, arthroscopic meniscectomy, trimmed meniscus
02/07/2020 Miscellaneous 0 Underwent LASIK procedure
12/20/2020 COVID 1 Tested positive for COVID.
10/31/2021 Knee 10 Left knee ACL (grade 3) tear, and grade I/II MCL tear
11/12/2021 Knee 0 Left knee ACL reconstruction surgery, Dr. Neil ElAttrache
08/08/2022 Ankle 0 Torn peroneal tendon, never healed rest of season. (preseason)
09/11/2022 Back 3 Back fractures, likely transverse process. Never started again.

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In the dynamic world of the National Football League (NFL), Jameis Winston stands as a symbol of resilience and determination. Born on January 6, 1994, in Bessemer, Alabama, Winston’s journey from his collegiate success at Florida State to becoming a seasoned quarterback in the NFL is a testament to his unwavering commitment to the sport. This page focuses on Jameis Winston’s injury history & the recent updates on his health.


Jameis Winston’s NFL journey began when he was selected as the first overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. His early years showcased promise, but it was his move to the New Orleans Saints in 2020 that marked a turning point in his career. Winston’s ability to face challenges head-on has defined his tenure in the league, making him a player to watch.


Jameis Winston Injury History:


Let’s take a look at Jameis Winston’s Injury history throughout his American football career. 


Jameis Winston’s Shoulder Injury – February 21, 2015 


Winston’s NFL journey kicked off with concerns about the ‘weaknesses’ in his throwing shoulder at the Combine on February 21, 2015. While not a specific injury, the scrutiny hinted at potential vulnerabilities that would shape Winston’s approach to his physical well-being throughout his career.


Jameis Winston’s Ankle Injury – August 24, 2015 


During the preseason of his rookie year, Winston faced an ankle sprain on August 24, 2015. Though likely minor, it foreshadowed the physical toll the NFL would take on his body.


Jameis Winston’s Knee Injury – November 4, 2016


Details were scant, but on November 4, 2016, Winston grappled with a knee injury, adding to the list of physical challenges he encountered early in his career.


Jameis Winston’s Shoulder Injury – October 15, 2017 


A significant setback occurred on October 15, 2017, when Winston suffered an AC joint sprain, likely type I. This injury marked the beginning of recurring shoulder issues that would later test Winston’s resilience.


Jameis Winston’s Shoulder Reinjury – November 5, 2017 


Just weeks later, on November 5, 2017, Winston faced a more severe AC joint reinjury, evaluated by renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews. The nature of the injury worsened, likely escalating to type II or III, presenting a significant hurdle for Winston’s career.


Jameis Winston’s Foot Sprain – September 13, 2019 


Midway through the 2019 season, Winston encountered a foot sprain, likely mild. While seemingly less severe, it added to the cumulative toll on his body, underscoring the physical demands of professional football.


Jameis Winston’s Ankle Sprain – November 17, 2019 


In a late-season twist, Winston grappled with another ankle sprain on November 17, 2019, further highlighting the ongoing challenges he faced.


Thumb Fracture – December 8, 2019 


A right thumb (throwing) hairline fracture, non-displaced, occurred on December 8, 2019, presenting Winston with yet another obstacle to overcome.


Jameis Winston’s Knee – December 15, 2019 


Towards the end of 2019, Winston dealt with a torn meniscus in his knee, adding complexity to an already demanding season.


Jameis Winston’s Knee Surgery – December 14, 2020 


A year later, on December 14, 2020, Winston underwent knee surgery, specifically an arthroscopic meniscectomy that involved trimming the meniscus. This marked another chapter in Winston’s ongoing battle with physical setbacks.


Miscellaneous – February 7, 2020 


Amidst the physical challenges, Winston opted for a LASIK procedure on February 7, 2020, addressing an aspect of his health unrelated to football but reflective of his commitment to personal well-being.


Jameis Winston’s COVID-19 – December 20, 2020


Winston faced a unique challenge on December 20, 2020, when he tested positive for COVID-19, emphasizing the external factors that can impact an athlete’s career.


Jameis Winston’s Knee ACL Tear – October 31, 2021


The most significant blow came on October 31, 2021, with a left knee ACL (grade 3) tear and a grade I/II MCL tear. This marked a turning point in Winston’s career, necessitating extensive rehabilitation and resilience.


Jameis Winston’s Knee Reconstruction Surgery – November 12, 2021 


Just weeks after the devastating knee injury, Winston underwent left knee ACL reconstruction surgery performed by Dr. Neil ElAttrache on November 12, 2021. The meticulous procedure aimed to restore functionality and set the stage for Winston’s comeback.


Ankle Tendon Tear – August 8, 2022 


A challenging preseason in 2022 unfolded for Winston as he grappled with a torn peroneal tendon in his ankle, a condition that persisted throughout the season, preventing him from reaching his full potential on the field.


Back Fractures – September 11, 2022 


The 2022 season took an unfortunate turn for Winston as he suffered back fractures, likely transverse process fractures, on September 11, 2022. This marked the culmination of a tumultuous period, with Winston unable to reclaim his starting position.


In the face of these formidable challenges, Jameis Winston’s injury history stands as a testament to his resilience, determination, and unwavering commitment to overcoming obstacles on his path to success in the NFL.

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