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J.K. Dobbins

Baltimore Ravens


26 YRS


Sports Category : NFL

Date Injury Game Missed Details
08/26/2016 Leg 12 Right fibula fracture, surgery
12/28/2019 Ankle 0 Left high-ankle sprain, grade 3
11/23/2020 COVID 1 Tested positive for COVID.
12/27/2020 Ribs 0 Rib injury, likely rib bruise vs. cartilage injury
08/28/2021 Knee 17 Left ACL tear (contact), w/LCL, hamstring, and meniscus injury
09/07/2021 Knee 0 Left ACL reconstruction, by Dr. Neal ElAttrache
09/11/2022 Knee 2 Not ready yet from 2021 ACL surgery
10/16/2022 Knee 5 Surgery performed by Dr. Leigh Ann Curl to remove scar tissue from ACL surgery
09/10/2023 Achilles 17 Torn Achilles - Had Surgery September 15th -Dr. Neal ElAttrache

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In the dynamic world of professional football, few players embody resilience and determination like J.K. Dobbins. Born on December 17, 1998, in La Grange, Texas, Dobbins quickly emerged as a standout athlete, showcasing his exceptional talents on the gridiron. The Baltimore Ravens drafted him in the second round of the 2020 NFL Draft, recognizing his potential to make a significant impact on the field. This page focuses on JK Dobbins Injury History & the recent updates on his health.


The NFL Journey of J.K. Dobbins


J.K. Dobbins’ journey in the NFL is a testament to his unwavering dedication and skill. His career began to flourish during his rookie season in 2020, as he swiftly became a key contributor to the Baltimore Ravens’ dynamic offense. Dobbins’ explosive speed, agility, and versatility in both rushing and receiving solidified his position as a vital asset for the team.


As the seasons progressed, Dobbins’ role continued to evolve, making him a fan favorite and a formidable force in the league. His ability to navigate through opposing defenses and consistently deliver standout performances marked him as a rising star in the NFL.


J.K. Dobbins Injury History


08/26/2016: Leg Fracture and Severe Ankle Injury (Missed 12 Games)


J.K. Dobbins faced a significant setback on August 26, 2016, during his college career. A right fibula fracture, coupled with a severe ankle injury, demanded surgical intervention. The lengthy recovery process kept him sidelined for 12 games, testing his resilience early in his football journey.


12/28/2019: Left High-Ankle Sprain (Missed 0 Games)


In a pivotal moment during his college career, Dobbins grappled with a grade 3 left high-ankle sprain on December 28, 2019. Remarkably, he managed to play through the injury, showcasing his determination and commitment to his team.


11/23/2020: COVID-19 Diagnosis (Missed 1 Game)


The unforeseen challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic impacted J.K. Dobbins on November 23, 2020, when he tested positive for the virus. Despite missing a game due to health protocols, Dobbins demonstrated resilience by returning to the field after his recovery.


12/27/2020: Rib Injury (Missed 0 Games)


Later in the same season, Dobbins faced a rib injury on December 27, 2020, with uncertainty about whether it was a bruise or cartilage-related. He powered through the discomfort, showcasing his dedication to the game.


08/28/2021: Left ACL Tear and Multi-Ligament Damage (Missed 17 Games)


A pivotal moment occurred on August 28, 2021, when Dobbins suffered a left ACL tear, accompanied by injuries to the LCL, hamstring, and meniscus. The severity of the damage kept him out for the entire season, requiring surgery and extensive rehabilitation.


09/07/2021: Left ACL Reconstruction (Missed 0 Games)


In a determined comeback, Dobbins underwent left ACL reconstruction on September 7, 2021, under the expertise of Dr. Neal ElAttrache. This marked the beginning of his journey back to the field.


09/11/2022: Recovery from ACL Surgery (Missed 2 Games)


As part of the rehabilitation process, Dobbins faced the challenge of recovering from ACL surgery, missing the first two games of the 2022 season.


10/16/2022: Knee Surgery for Scar Tissue Removal (Missed 5 Games)


Further complications arose on October 16, 2022, as Dobbins underwent knee surgery performed by Dr. Leigh Ann Curl to remove scar tissue from his previous ACL surgery. The procedure kept him sidelined for an additional five games.


09/10/2023: Torn Achilles and Surgery (Missed 16 Games)


The most recent setback occurred on September 10, 2023, when Dobbins suffered a torn Achilles, a devastating blow requiring surgical intervention by Dr. Neal ElAttrache. The extensive rehabilitation process lies ahead as Dobbins faces yet another formidable challenge in his football journey.


J.K. Dobbins’ injury history is intertwined with triumphs, setbacks, and an unwavering commitment to the game. As fans eagerly await his return to the field, his resilience in overcoming a series of injuries cements his status as a player whose determination transcends the challenges posed by the unpredictable nature of professional football.


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