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Irv Smith Jr.

Kansas City


26 YRS


Sports Category : NFL

Date Injury Game Missed Details
11/08/2020 Groin 2 Groin strain, likely grade 1
12/02/2020 Back 1 Back strain
08/27/2021 Knee 17 Meniscal tear, large (Bucket handle?)
09/01/2021 Knee 0 Meniscal tear repair, performed by Dr. Christopher Larsen
08/02/2022 Thumb 0 Thumb surgery (preseason)
10/30/2022 Ankle 9 High ankle sprain (grade 3). Possibly unstable, surgery
09/22/2023 Hamstring 2 Hamstring strain

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Irv Smith Jr., born on August 9, 1998, is a skilled tight end in the NFL, recognized for his athleticism and playmaking abilities. Hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana, Smith played college football at the University of Alabama before embarking on his professional journey. The Minnesota Vikings selected him in the second round of the 2019 NFL Draft, where he quickly established himself as a vital asset to the team. This page focuses on Irv Smith Jr’s Injury history & the recent updates on his health. 


Irv Smith Jr’s NFL Journey 


Irv Smith Jr.’s transition to the NFL showcased his prowess as a dynamic tight end for the Minnesota Vikings. His impressive receptions, coupled with his ability to stretch the field, made him a key contributor to the team’s offensive strategy. However, despite his on-field success, Smith faced a series of challenging injuries that tested his resilience and determination.


Irv Smith Jr’s Groin Injury – November 8, 2020:


In November 2020, Smith suffered a groin strain, likely grade 1, sidelining him for two games. Groin injuries, even of mild severity, can impede an athlete’s agility and explosiveness. The strain prompted cautious rehabilitation to prevent recurrence. The nuanced nature of groin injuries demanded a strategic recovery plan to ensure Smith’s return to peak performance.


Irv Smith Jr’s Back Injury – December 2, 2020:


A month later, Smith grappled with a back strain that kept him out of one game. Back injuries in football are notorious for their potential to impact mobility and overall comfort on the field. The strain required targeted treatment and rehabilitation to alleviate discomfort and fortify the structural integrity of his back.


Irv Smith Jr’s Knee Injury – August 27, 2021:


August 2021 marked a significant setback for Smith as he endured a large meniscal tear, possibly of the bucket handle variety, sidelining him for a staggering 17 games. Knee injuries, especially involving the meniscus, pose substantial challenges to a player’s agility and stability. The extensive absence reflected the severity of the injury, necessitating a comprehensive recovery plan.


Irv Smith Jr’s Knee Injury Repair – September 1, 2021:


Following the meniscal tear, Smith underwent meniscal tear repair surgery performed by Dr. Christopher Larsen. This procedure aimed at restoring knee function and stability. Post-surgery, meticulous rehabilitation was crucial to ensure a successful recovery and reduce the risk of complications.


Irv Smith Jr’s Thumb Injury – August 2, 2022:


In the preseason of 2022, Smith faced a thumb injury that required surgery. Thumb injuries can affect a player’s ability to catch and grip, demanding specialized treatment and rehabilitation. Smith’s commitment to addressing the issue before the regular season demonstrated his dedication to peak performance.


Irv Smith Jr’s Ankle Injury – October 30, 2022:


In late October 2022, Smith encountered a high-ankle sprain, grade 3, possibly unstable, prompting surgery and sidelining him for nine games. High-ankle sprains, especially of severe grades, can significantly impact mobility and require surgical intervention for stabilization. The extended recovery period underscored the complexity of the injury.


Irv Smith Jr’s Hamstring Injury – September 22, 2023:


In September 2023, Smith faced a hamstring strain, causing a two-game absence. Hamstring injuries, if not managed carefully, can lead to recurring issues. Smith’s rehabilitation approach likely focused on strengthening the hamstring muscles and addressing contributing factors to prevent future setbacks.


In the face of these challenges, Irv Smith Jr.’s injury history reflects not only his on-field prowess but also his resilience in overcoming a series of intricate injuries. As he continues to evolve in the NFL, his ability to rebound from setbacks will shape his legacy in the league.


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