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Greg Dulcich

Denver Broncos


24 YRS



Date Injury Game Missed Details
07/30/2022 Hamstring 5 Grade 2 hamstring strain
12/25/2022 Hamstring 4 Grade 1 hamstring strain
09/10/2023 Hamstring 4 Hamstring strain. Placed on IR
10/12/2023 Hamstring 10 Hamstring re-injury. Placed on IR

Greg Dulcich, born on December 1, 1999, has become a rising star in the National Football League (NFL), captivating audiences with his athleticism, versatility, and exceptional skills as a tight end. Standing at 6 feet 4 inches and weighing 245 pounds, Dulcich played collegiate football at UCLA, where he distinguished himself as a dynamic playmaker. His journey to the NFL unfolded when he declared for the 2023 NFL Draft, catching the attention of teams eager to harness his potential. Drafted by the Los Angeles Rams, Dulcich’s entry into the professional league marked the beginning of what promises to be a remarkable career. He currently plays for the Denver Broncos. In this page, we will focus on Greg Dulcich’s injury history & the recent updates on his health. 


Greg Dulcich’s Navigating the NFL: Dulcich’s Gridiron Odyssey (200 words)


Dulcich’s transition from college football to the NFL showcased his adaptability and potential for greatness. As a member of the Los Angeles Rams, he quickly integrated into the team’s offensive scheme, displaying a unique blend of speed, hands, and blocking prowess. However, Dulcich’s journey, like many in the NFL, has not been without its challenges. Injuries have posed hurdles that tested his resilience and endurance, shaping the narrative of his early professional years. Despite setbacks, Dulcich remains a beacon of hope for Rams fans, eager to witness his continued growth and impact on the field.


Greg Dulcich’s Grade 2 Hamstring Strain (July 30, 2022)


Dulcich’s first encounter with significant injury occurred during training camp in 2022 when he suffered a Grade 2 hamstring strain. The severity of the strain forced him to miss five weeks of crucial preparation, raising concerns about his readiness for the regular season. The intricacies of managing a hamstring injury became a focal point, with questions surrounding rehabilitation protocols and the potential for recurrence.


Greg Dulcich’s Grade 1 Hamstring Strain (December 25, 2022)


Later in the same season, Dulcich faced another challenge with a Grade 1 hamstring strain. While less severe than the previous injury, the recurrence hinted at the persistent nature of soft tissue issues and the difficulties in maintaining peak physical condition over the course of a demanding NFL season.


Greg Dulcich’s Hamstring Strain (September 10, 2023)


The 2023 season brought fresh concerns as Dulcich experienced another hamstring strain, leading to his placement on injured reserve. The decision reflected the team’s commitment to his long-term well-being, prompting discussions about the effectiveness of preventive measures and the toll of a physically demanding sport.


Greg Dulcich’s Hamstring Re-Injury (October 12, 2023)


A setback struck again as Dulcich suffered a re-injury to his hamstring, this time sidelining him for an extended eight-week period. The complications of managing a recurring injury raised questions about the underlying factors contributing to the strain and the challenges in achieving full recovery.


In the face of these challenges, Dulcich’s determination and resilience shine through, reminding fans and teammates alike of his potential to overcome adversity. As he navigates the complexities of professional football, the young tight end’s journey becomes a compelling narrative, showcasing not just the triumphs but also the hurdles that shape a player’s legacy in the NFL.


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