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Diontae Johnson

Carolina Panthers


28 YRS


Sports Category : NFL

Date Injury Game Missed Details
01/01/2016 Foot 12 Suffered a 5th metatarsal (Jones) fracture. Season-ending.
01/02/2016 Foot 0 Surgery for 5th metatarsal (Jones) fracture, screw placed.
08/23/2019 Unknown 0 Unknown injury, preseason
09/15/2019 Hernia 0 Sports hernia, lingered all season
11/14/2019 Concussion 0 Traumatic brain injury
02/06/2020 Hernia 0 Sports hernia surgery, offseason
08/24/2020 Calf 0 Calf strain, likely grade 1,Ppreseason
09/10/2020 Foot 0 Foot injury, possibly turf toe
09/22/2020 Toe 0 Toe injury, likely lingering turf toe
09/27/2020 Concussion 0 Traumatic brain injury
10/11/2020 Back 1 Lumbar strain
10/28/2020 Toe 0 Toe injury, likely lingering turf toe
11/01/2020 Hamstring 0 Hamstring strain, likely mild
09/09/2021 Knee 1 Minor knee strain
01/06/2022 COVID 0 Tested positive for COVID.
01/09/2022 Ribs 0 Rib bruise vs. cartilage injury, fracture unlikely
08/08/2022 Hip 0 Hip flexor strain
08/28/2022 Shoulder 0 Shoulder injury (preseason)
12/07/2022 Hip 0 Hip sprain, pointer/flexor, could be FAI?
12/20/2022 Toe 0 Turf toe
09/10/2023 Hamstring 4 Hamstring strain. Likely grade 2. Placed on IR

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Diontae Johnson, born on July 5, 1996, in Ruskin, Florida, has carved a remarkable path in the National Football League (NFL) as a wide receiver. Known for his agility, precise route running, and explosive plays, Johnson has become a vital asset for his team, displaying a relentless work ethic and resilience in the face of challenges. This page focuses on Diontae Johnson’s Injury History & the recent updates on his health. 


NFL Journey: Rising Star


Diontae Johnson’s journey to the NFL is a testament to his dedication and undeniable talent. After playing college football at Toledo, he entered the league in 2019 when the Pittsburgh Steelers selected him in the third round of the NFL Draft. From the outset, Johnson showcased his ability to make impactful plays, quickly earning recognition as a rising star in the league.


His dynamic playing style and knack for turning routine plays into spectacular moments have endeared him to Steelers fans. As he continues to evolve as a key component of the team’s offensive strategy, Johnson’s journey reflects a relentless pursuit of excellence and a determination to leave an indelible mark on the NFL.


Diontae Johnson’s Injury History


Let’s take a look at Diontae Johnson’s Injury History throughout his American football career. 


Diontae Johnson’s Foot Injury – January 1, 2016


Johnson’s early football days were marred by a significant foot injury, a 5th metatarsal (Jones) fracture. This season-ending setback occurred during his collegiate career, challenging the young player’s resilience and determination. Surgery was required to address the fracture, with a screw placed to facilitate the healing process.


Diontae Johnson’s Unknown Injury – August 23, 2019


In the preseason of 2019, Johnson faced an unspecified injury, creating an air of uncertainty. The lack of details surrounding the injury adds an element of mystery to this chapter of his injury history, leaving fans and analysts intrigued about the nature of the setback.


Diontae Johnson’s Hernia – September 15, 2019


A sports hernia plagued Johnson throughout the 2019 season, lingering as a persistent issue. The complexity of sports hernias often involves a delicate balance between rest and rehabilitation. The impact of such injuries on a player’s performance raises concerns about long-term effects and the potential for recurrence.


Diontae Johnson’s Concussion – November 14, 2019


The traumatic brain injury experienced by Johnson in November 2019 underscored the physical toll of the sport. Concussions require careful management due to their potential for lingering effects and the heightened awareness of player safety in the NFL. Johnson’s recovery from this concussion marked a pivotal moment in his journey.


Diontae Johnson’s Calf Injury – August 24, 2020


During the preseason of 2020, Johnson encountered a calf strain, likely grade 1 in severity. Calf injuries, even when considered mild, can impact a player’s agility and explosiveness. The preseason setback required strategic rehabilitation to ensure Johnson’s readiness for the regular season.


Diontae Johnson’s Foot Injury (Possibly Turf Toe) – September 10, 2020


Another foot injury occurred early in the 2020 season, possibly a case of turf toe. The specific details surrounding the injury remained elusive, leaving fans to speculate about the challenges Johnson faced in managing a potentially debilitating foot ailment.


Diontae Johnson’s Concussion – September 27, 2020


Johnson’s second concussion, suffered in September 2020, emphasized the inherent risks associated with the sport. The recurrence of traumatic brain injuries raises concerns about a player’s susceptibility and underscores the league’s commitment to implementing protocols that prioritize player safety.


Diontae Johnson’s Back Injury – October 11, 2020


A lumbar strain in October 2020 added another layer of complexity to Johnson’s injury history. Back injuries can be particularly challenging for athletes, impacting mobility and overall performance. Johnson’s ability to overcome this setback highlighted his resilience in the face of adversity.


Diontae Johnson’s Toe Injury (Lingering Turf Toe) – October 28, 2020


Johnson’s encounter with a toe injury, likely a lingering case of turf toe, during the 2020 season, emphasized the persistent nature of certain ailments. Turf toe injuries demand careful management to prevent long-term complications and maintain a player’s peak physical condition.


Diontae Johnson’s Hamstring Injury – November 01, 2020


A mild hamstring strain in November 2020 further tested Johnson’s physical resilience. Hamstring injuries, though common in the NFL, can disrupt a player’s performance and necessitate strategic rehabilitation to prevent recurrence.


Diontae Johnson’s Knee Injury – September 09, 2021


Johnson faced a minor knee strain at the onset of the 2021 season, resulting in a one-game absence. Knee injuries often require careful monitoring, and Johnson’s swift return showcased his commitment to maintaining peak performance.


Diontae Johnson’s COVID-19 Positive Test – January 06, 2022


In early 2022, Johnson tested positive for COVID-19, adding a unique chapter to his injury history. The pandemic presented unprecedented challenges, impacting players both physically and mentally. Johnson’s recovery from the virus highlighted the resilience required to navigate unforeseen obstacles.


Diontae Johnson’s Rib Injury (Bruise vs. Cartilage) – January 09, 2022


A rib injury in January 2022, described as a bruise vs. cartilage injury with a fracture deemed unlikely, showcased the physicality of the sport. Rib injuries, although painful, often involve a shorter recovery period compared to fractures. Johnson’s ability to manage this injury became a testament to his toughness.


Diontae Johnson’s Hip Flexor Strain – August 08, 2022


Johnson faced a hip flexor strain during the preseason of 2022, adding another dimension to his injury history. Hip flexor injuries can impact agility and explosiveness, making strategic rehabilitation crucial for a player’s return to peak form.


Diontae Johnson’s Shoulder Injury – August 28, 2022


Another preseason setback occurred in 2022, this time in the form of a shoulder injury. The exact nature of the injury remained undisclosed, leaving fans and analysts to speculate about the implications and required recovery timeline.


Diontae Johnson’s Hip Sprain – December 07, 2022


Johnson encountered a hip sprain in December 2022, specifically noted as a pointer/flexor injury, raising the possibility of femoroacetabular impingement (FAI). The complexity of hip injuries demands careful management to prevent long-term complications and maintain optimal playing condition.


Diontae Johnson’s Toe Injury (Turf Toe) – December 20, 2022


Johnson faced another bout of turf toe in December 2022, emphasizing the recurrent nature of certain injuries. The strategic management of turf toe is essential to prevent long-lasting effects and ensure a player’s readiness for future competitions.


Diontae Johnson’s Hamstring Injury – September 10, 2023


A hamstring strain, likely grade 2, in September 2023 led to Johnson being placed on Injured Reserve (IR), sidelining him for four games. The recurrence of hamstring issues raised concerns about the effectiveness of rehabilitation strategies and the potential for long-term complications.


Diontae Johnson’s injury history reflects the challenging journey of an NFL player, navigating the physical demands of the sport while striving for peak performance. As he continues to evolve as a key figure for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Johnson’s resilience in overcoming injuries stands as a testament to his commitment to the game and his unwavering determination to contribute to his


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