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Derek Carr

New Orleans Saints


33 YRS


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Date Injury Game Missed Details
08/15/2014 Ribs 0 Rib bruise, possibly fracture.
08/16/2014 Concussion 0 Traumatic brain injury.
09/28/2014 Ankle 0 Left high-ankle sprain, usually out 3+ weeks, only missed the bye.
09/28/2014 Knee 0 Left MCL sprain, unknown severity, likely grade 1. Played through it.
12/14/2014 Hand 0 Right ring finger sprain, sprain vs. fracture, causing numbness. Surgery?
12/14/2014 Ankle 0 Ankle sprain, likely mild lateral, unknown side.
05/19/2015 Finger 0 Right ring finger sprain, no specifics, causing numbness.
09/13/2015 Hand 0 Right thumb sprain, likely UCL.
11/27/2016 Hand 0 Right 5th finger, fracture/dislocated in 2 places. Played through it.
12/24/2016 Leg 2 Right broken ankle/leg (fibula). No ligament offers. Surgery.
10/01/2017 Back 1 Fractured 3 transverse process (likely thoracic) in back. No surgery.
10/14/2018 Ankle 0 Unknown injury, no specifics. Minor.
12/17/2022 Groin 0 Left groin strain, likely grade 1. Played through it.
09/19/2021 Ankle 0 Ankle injury, likely mild lateral sprain, unknown side.
10/26/2022 Back 0 Undisclosed injury, appeared on injury report for multiple weeks
09/24/2023 Shoulder 0 Right AC sprain, likely type I
11/12/2023 Concussion 0 Traumatic brain injury
11/12/2023 Shoulder 0 Right shoulder injury, likely AC sprain reinjury
  • Derek Carr enters concussion protocol with injuries to head, back & shoulder.

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Derek Carr, a prominent NFL quarterback, has earned a reputation for his remarkable skills, resilience, and dedication to the sport. Born on March 28, 1991, in Fresno, California, Carr displayed an early passion for football. He honed his craft at Fresno State University, where he showcased exceptional talent as a quarterback. Carr’s journey to the NFL was marked by impressive achievements, leading to his selection by the Oakland Raiders in the 2014 NFL Draft, now known as the Las Vegas Raiders. Throughout his career, Carr has faced numerous injuries, yet his determination and unwavering spirit have propelled him to overcome adversities and continue delivering exceptional performances on the football field. He currently plays for the New Orleans Saints. This page discusses Derek Carr’s Injuries’ History & all the recent updates on this astonishing NFL player. 


Derek Carr’s Injury History:


Like other NFL players, Derek Carr’s Injury History also has a long list. He has overcome a lot of injuries in his career. Details of the injuries he faced during his career are listed below. 


August 15, 2014: Derek Carr’s Rib Bruise and Concussion

Derek Carr faced a dual injury during a preseason game against the Detroit Lions. He endured a rib bruise, possibly a fracture, and a traumatic brain injury, also known as a concussion. Despite the challenges, Carr’s resilience was evident even early in his career.


September 28, 2014: Derek Carr’s Ankle and Knee Injury

During a game against the Miami Dolphins, Carr sustained a left high-ankle sprain, usually sidelining players for over three weeks. Concurrently, he also experienced a left MCL sprain of unknown severity, likely grade 1. Remarkably, Carr played through the knee injury, illustrating his determination.


December 14, 2014: Derek Carr’s Foot and Ankle Injury 

In a match against the Kansas City Chiefs, Carr encountered a right ring finger sprain, with uncertainty regarding whether it was a sprain or a fracture, causing numbness. Simultaneously, he suffered an ankle sprain, likely mild and lateral, though the specific side remains unknown.


May 19, 2015: Derek Carr’s Finger Injury

During offseason activities, Carr faced another finger injury, this time on his right hand. The injury involved a ring finger sprain, though specific details regarding the severity and treatment were not disclosed.


September 13, 2015: Derek Carr’s Hand Injury

In a game against the Cincinnati Bengals, Carr endured a right thumb sprain, likely related to the UCL (ulnar collateral ligament). Despite the injury, Carr displayed resilience and continued to lead the team.


November 27, 2016: Derek Carr’s Hand Injury

In a game against the Carolina Panthers, Carr sustained a fracture/dislocation of his right 5th finger, a significant injury that occurred in two places. Admirably, he played through the pain, highlighting his commitment to the game.


December 24, 2016: Derek Carr’s Leg Injury

An unfortunate injury occurred during a game against the Indianapolis Colts, where Carr suffered a right broken ankle/leg (fibula) with no ligament offers. This serious injury required surgery and extensive rehabilitation. He missed the rest of the season. 


October 01, 2017: Derek Carr’s Back Injury

During a game against the Denver Broncos, Carr experienced a fractured transverse process in the back, likely thoracic. Despite the pain and discomfort, he opted for a non-surgical approach to manage the injury.


October 14, 2018: Derek Carr’s Minor Ankle Injury

The specifics of this ankle injury remain undisclosed, but it was considered minor and didn’t keep Carr from participating in subsequent games.


December 17, 2020: Derek Carr’s Groin Strain

Carr faced a left groin strain during a game against the Los Angeles Chargers, likely a grade 1 injury. Remarkably, he played through the discomfort, showcasing his dedication to the team.


September 19, 2021: Derek Carr’s Ankle Injury

In a game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Carr encountered an ankle injury, likely a mild lateral sprain. Despite the challenge, he exhibited resilience and determination to keep playing.


October 26, 2022: Derek Carr’s Undisclosed Back Injury

Carr appeared on the injury report for multiple weeks due to an undisclosed back injury. The specifics of the injury remained undisclosed, leaving fans and analysts curious about its nature and impact on his performance.


September 24, 2023: Derek Carr’s Shoulder Injury

Carr recently faced a right AC sprain during a game against the Packers. Despite the injury, he displayed resilience and played through the discomfort, demonstrating his commitment to the team.

Derek Carr’s Injuries’ History in his football career has been a testament to his resilience and determination, overcoming injuries and emerging stronger on the other side. His ability to play through pain and maintain high-performance levels underscores his dedication to the sport and his team. As Carr continues his NFL journey, fans eagerly await his triumphant return to the field, knowing that he will rise above any challenge that comes his way.

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