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Deebo Samuel

San Francisco 49ers


28 YRS


Sports Category : NFL

Date Injury Game Missed Details
09/05/2015 Hamstring 7 Hamstring strain, likely grade 2
09/10/2016 Hamstring 3 Hamstring strain, likely grade 2
09/22/2023 Ribs 0 Rib bruise or cartilage injury
09/16/2017 Leg 10 Fibula fracture surgery
06/12/2019 Hip 0 Hip sprain, OTAs
10/13/2019 Groin 1 Groin strain, likely grade 1
11/17/2019 Shoulder 1 Shoulder sprain, likely type I/II AC
06/16/2020 Foot 3 Left 5th metatarsal (Jones) fracture
06/18/2020 Foot 0 Left 5th metatarsal fracture repair by Dr. Robert Anderson
09/25/2020 Foot 0 Left 5th metatarsal fracture setback
10/25/2020 Hamstring 3 Hamstring strain, likely grade 2
12/09/2020 Hamstring 5 Hamstring strain, likely a reinjury of previous strain
12/13/2020 Foot 0 Left foot discomfort, likely from 5th metatarsal fracture
08/20/2021 Glute 0 Glute Strain
11/01/2021 Calf 0 Calf strain, likely grade 1
11/16/2021 Leg 0 Shin bruise, played through it
11/28/2021 Groin 1 Groin strain, likely grade 1
01/22/2022 Knee 0 Knee sprain, likely mild bone bruise
08/28/2022 Knee 0 Knee contusion (preseason)
10/23/2022 Hamstring 1 Hamstring strain
11/23/2022 Hamstring 0 Hamstring strain
11/30/2022 Quad 0 Quad Strain
12/11/2022 Ankle 3 High ankle sprain/MCL sprain
10/15/2023 Shoulder 0 Shoulder injury. X-rays negative
10/21/2023 Shoulder 2 Hairline Fracture
01/20/2024 Shoulder 0 Shoulder re-injury. Likely AC joint sprain
02/11/2024 Hamstring 0 Hamstring strain in Super Bowl

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  • Kyle Shanahan said 49ers’ WR Deebo Samuel is off the injury report and will play Sunday’s NFC Championship Game vs the Lions.

    Source: Adam Schefter via X

  • For a second straight day, 49ers’ WR Deebo Samuel was a full participant at practice and is on track to play Sunday at Jacksonville.

    Source: Adam Schefter via X

Deebo Samuel, born on January 15, 1996, is a name that resonates through the NFL world as a testament to the sheer strength of the human spirit. This wide receiver, hailing from Inman, South Carolina, is a prominent player for the San Francisco 49ers, and his journey to stardom is nothing short of remarkable. This page focuses on Deebo Samuel’s Injury history & latest updates on his health. 


Deebo Samuel’s Journey to the NFL


Deebo Samuel’s journey to the NFL began in high school, where he was a star athlete at Chapman High School. He showcased his exceptional talent in football, track, and basketball, but it was his football skills that caught the eye of college scouts. After completing his high school career, Samuel took his talents to the University of South Carolina, where he played for the Gamecocks. His time at South Carolina was marked by outstanding performances, earning him the reputation of a game-changer.


Deebo Samuel’s success at the college level didn’t go unnoticed. In the 2019 NFL Draft, he was selected by the San Francisco 49ers in the second round as the 36th overall pick. His combination of speed, agility, and strength made him an instant asset to the team. Samuel’s impact was felt almost immediately, and his athleticism became a focal point of the 49ers’ offensive strategies.


However, with the glory of professional football came the inevitable setbacks – injuries. Over the years, Deebo Samuel has faced a series of injuries that have tested his resolve and determination. Each injury, often incurred while playing against formidable opponents, has served as a chapter in his remarkable story of resilience.


Deebo Samuel’s Injury History


Injuries can affect a player’s ability to play at his best, let’s take a look at Deebo Samuel’s Injury History and major complications that he faced during his American football career. 


September 05, 2015 – Deebo Samuel’s Hamstring Injury

Deebo Samuel’s journey through injuries began early in his career. In 2015, during a high school game, he suffered a hamstring strain, likely a grade 2. While still in high school, he was already exhibiting immense promise, but this injury posed a challenge.

A grade 2 hamstring strain often requires an extended recovery period, potentially affecting performance. He got this while playing against a school opponent. 


September 10, 2016 – Deebo Samuel’s Hamstring Injury


Samuel’s determination was evident in his speedy recovery from his first hamstring injury. However, in 2016, he faced another hamstring strain, again likely a grade 2, but it was clear that these injuries were not holding him back for long. Hamstring strains, when recurrent, can become a concern, potentially affecting long-term performance.


September 22, 2017 – Deebo Samuel’s  Leg Injury


As he entered college, Deebo Samuel encountered a more serious injury, suffering a fibula fracture that required surgery. Despite the severity of this injury, his determination to return to the game remained unwavering. Surgery and recovery for a fibula fracture are complex and time-consuming, but Samuel was committed to his comeback. He got this while playing against University of Kentucky Wildcats


June 12, 2019 – Deebo Samuel’s Hip Strain


During Organized Team Activities (OTAs), Samuel faced a hip strain. Such injuries can be challenging for a player’s agility and speed, but Deebo was ready to tackle it.

Hip strains can impact a player’s ability to perform at their best.


October 13, 2019 – Deebo Samuel’s Groin Injury


In the midst of the 2019 season, Samuel sustained a groin strain, likely grade 1. Despite the challenges, he continued to give his all on the field. Groin strains, if not managed properly, can lead to further complications.

He got this injury while playing against Los Angeles Rams


November 17, 2019 – Deebo Samuel’s Shoulder Injury


Another challenge came when he suffered a shoulder sprain, likely a type I/II AC joint injury. Deebo Samuel’s determination to play through injuries was becoming increasingly evident. Shoulder injuries can impact a receiver’s ability to catch and make plays. He got this injury while playing against Arizona Cardinals


June 16, 2020 – Deebo Samuel’s Foot Injury


Deebo faced a significant setback when he suffered a left 5th metatarsal (Jones) fracture during offseason training. It was a significant injury, and Dr. Robert Anderson performed the necessary surgery. Foot injuries can significantly affect a player’s ability to cut and pivot.


June 18, 2020 –  Deebo Samuel’s Foot (Repair)


Samuel’s determination was on full display as he underwent surgery to repair the left 5th metatarsal fracture, a crucial step in his road to recovery. Surgery and recovery from foot fractures are complex and lengthy.


September 25, 2020 – Deebo Samuel’s Foot (Setback)


Unfortunately, Samuel faced a setback in his recovery journey, with a recurrence of the left 5th metatarsal fracture. Nevertheless, he was determined to overcome this obstacle. Recurrence of a foot injury can be disheartening, requiring further rehabilitation. 


October 25, 2020 – Deebo Samuel’s Hamstring


Another hamstring injury, likely grade 2, further tested his resolve during the 2020 season. Repeated hamstring injuries can impact a player’s speed and agility. He got this injury while playing against New England Patriots


December 09, 2020 –  Deebo Samuel’s Hamstring (Reinjury)


Deebo Samuel faced another hamstring strain, likely a reinjury of a previous strain, highlighting the challenges of managing such recurring injuries. Hamstring reinjuries can be frustrating and may require a more extended recovery period. 

He got this injury while playing against Washington Football Team


December 13, 2020 – Deebo Samuel’s Foot (Discomfort)


The lingering discomfort from his 5th metatarsal fracture became a concern, reminding us that some injuries leave lasting effects.


August 20, 2021 – Deebo Samuel’s Glute Strain


Deebo Samuel faced a glute strain during training camp in 2021, a reminder of the constant physical demands of professional football. Glute strains can affect a player’s speed and mobility.


November 01, 2021 – Deebo Samuel’s Calf Strain


During the 2021 season, Samuel encountered a calf strain, likely grade 1, yet continued to play through it. Playing through a calf strain can be challenging, potentially impacting performance.

He got this injury while playing against the Arizona Cardinals.


November 16, 2021 – Deebo Samuel’s Leg Injury


A shin bruise during a game in 2021 didn’t deter Samuel from playing through the discomfort. Shin bruising can be painful but may not necessarily sideline a determined player.


November 28, 2021 – Deebo Samuel’s Groin Injury


During the same season, he faced another challenge with a groin strain, likely grade 1, but his commitment to the game remained undiminished. Groin strains can affect a player’s agility and speed. He got this injury while playing against Minnesota Vikings


January 22, 2022 – Deebo Samuel’s Knee Sprain


In early 2022, Samuel faced a knee sprain, likely a mild bone bruise, underscoring the physical toll of his career. Knee sprains can affect a player’s ability to make quick cuts and changes in direction. He got this injury while playing against the Packers. 


August 28, 2022 – Deebo Samuel’s Knee (Preseason)


During the preseason of the 2022 season, Samuel encountered a knee contusion, yet he remained resilient. Knee contusions can cause pain and swelling but are manageable with proper care.


October 23, 2022 – Deebo Samuel’s Hamstring Injury


In 2022, another hamstring injury occurred, highlighting the recurring nature of this issue. Recurring hamstring injuries can be a persistent challenge.


November 23, 2022 – Deebo Samuel’s Hamstring Injury


Samuel faced yet another hamstring strain, further testing his resolve and resilience. Multiple hamstring strains can impact a player’s speed and agility.


November 30, 2022 – Deebo Samuel’s Quad Injury


In late 2022, a quad strain added to Samuel’s injury history, underscoring the physical demands of his position. Quad strains can affect a player’s explosiveness and mobility.


December 11, 2022 – Deebo Samuel’s Ankle Injury


As the 2022 season progressed, Samuel encountered a high ankle sprain and an MCL sprain, presenting a significant challenge to his performance. High ankle sprains and MCL sprains can sideline a player for an extended period.


October 15, 2023 – Deebo Samuel’s Shoulder Injury


In 2023, Samuel faced another setback with a shoulder injury, although X-rays showed it was not a significant concern. Shoulder injuries can affect a player’s range of motion and ability to catch passes.


October 21, 2023 – Deebo Samuel’s Shoulder Injury


A hairline fracture in the shoulder added to Samuel’s list of challenges in his pursuit of excellence in the NFL. Shoulder fractures may require additional care to prevent further damage.


Deebo Samuel’s journey in the NFL has been marked by numerous injuries, each testifying to his determination and unwavering commitment to the game. Despite the physical toll of these injuries, Deebo continues to be a key player for the San Francisco 49ers, making invaluable contributions to the team. Deebo Samuel’s Injury History is an inspiration to athletes and fans alike, showcasing the unwavering spirit of a true NFL warrior. As we follow his career, we can only anticipate more incredible moments from this exceptional player, who has proven time and again that he can overcome any challenge that comes his way.


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