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David Montgomery

Detroit Lions


27 YRS


Sports Category : NFL

Date Injury Game Missed Details
09/29/2018 Arm 1 Upper arm injury, deep bruise
11/13/2019 Ankle 0 Mild lateral ankle sprain, unknown side
08/26/2020 Groin 2 Groin strain, Grade 2
11/08/2020 Concussion 1 Traumatic brain injury.
10/03/2021 Knee 4 Left knee injury, likely grade 2 MCL sprain
12/08/2021 Shoulder 0 Banged up with shoulder, glute and groin injuries
09/25/2022 Ankle 1 High-ankle sprain, knee sprain
09/17/2023 Quad 1 Thigh bruise.
10/15/2023 Ribs 1 Rib cartilage injury

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  • Lions officially ruled out running back David Montgomery for Monday night’s game against the Raiders.

    Source: Adam Schefter via X

  • According to Lions’ Head Coach Dan Campbell, RB David Montgomery will have to sit out for a while as he deals with a rib cartilage injury.

    Source: Adam Schefter via X

David Montgomery is a name that resonates with NFL enthusiasts, known for his incredible running prowess and unmatched determination on the field. As of my last update in September 2021, Montgomery was a running back for the Chicago Bears, a team he had been with since his entry into the league. His journey from college to the NFL is a testament to his hard work and determination. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into his illustrious career, followed by a detailed account of David Montgomery’s injury history, complete with insights into these challenging moments.


David Montgomery’s Journey to the NFL:


David Montgomery’s football journey began during his college years when he played for Iowa State University. His impressive performances garnered the attention of NFL scouts, and in 2019, he was selected by the Chicago Bears in the third round of the NFL Draft. Montgomery quickly became an integral part of the Bears’ offensive lineup and established himself as a reliable and hard-nosed running back.


David Montgomery’s injury history


Let’s take a look one of the most interesting players in the NFL world’s injury history. 


September 29, 2018 – David Montgomery’s Arm Injury


In his college years at Iowa State, David Montgomery suffered an upper arm injury with a deep bruise. Although he missed just one game, it was a challenging experience for the budding star. This injury highlighted the physical toll football can take, even before entering the NFL.


November 13, 2019 – David Montgomery’s Ankle Injury


In his rookie season with the Chicago Bears, Montgomery encountered his first significant injury – a mild lateral ankle sprain of unknown side. While the injury didn’t sideline him for long, it was a glimpse into the physical demands of professional football.


August 26, 2020 – David Montgomery’s Groin Injury (Preseason Game)


During the 2020 preseason, Montgomery faced another setback, missing two games due to a Grade 2 groin strain. While preseason games might not carry the same weight as regular season fixtures, the groin injury raised concerns about his durability.


November 08, 2020 – David Montgomery’s Concussion


A traumatic brain injury, commonly known as a concussion, struck Montgomery during a game. He missed one game, emphasizing the seriousness of head injuries in the NFL and the importance of player safety.


October 03, 2021 – David Montgomery’s Knee Injury


Montgomery’s left knee injury, likely a grade 2 MCL sprain, sidelined him for four games. Knee injuries can be particularly challenging for running backs, affecting their agility and speed.


December 08, 2021 – David Montgomery’s Shoulder Injury


As the 2021 season progressed, Montgomery was banged up with shoulder, glute, and groin injuries. These multiple injuries can hinder a player’s performance significantly.


September 25, 2022 – David Montgomery’s Ankle Injury


Montgomery’s bad luck with ankle injuries continued when he suffered a high-ankle sprain and a knee sprain. These injuries can be especially challenging for a running back, affecting their cutting ability and acceleration.


September 17, 2023 – David Montgomery’s Thigh Injury


In 2023, Montgomery experienced a thigh bruise. While it might not sound as severe as some other injuries, even a bruise can affect a player’s performance and mobility.


October 15, 2023 – David Montgomery’s Rib Injury


During a face-off, Montgomery sustained a rib cartilage injury. Rib injuries can be excruciating and impact a player’s ability to perform at their best.


David Montgomery’s Injury history has been a rollercoaster ride, filled with remarkable highs and challenging lows. His dedication to the game and determination to overcome injuries speak volumes about his character and resilience. As we continue to track his journey in the NFL, we can only hope for a brighter, injury-free future for this remarkable running back.


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