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Darren Waller

New York Giants


32 YRS


Sports Category : NFL

Date Injury Game Missed Details
10/11/2015 Concussion 1 Traumatic brain injury
10/26/2015 Hamstring 9 Hamstring strain, likely grade 2 or 3. Placed on IR
08/03/2019 Shoulder 0 AC sprain, likely type I or II, Preseason
10/27/2019 Foot 0 Foot sprain, likely mild
12/30/2019 Thumb 0 Underwent thumb surgery
09/21/2020 Knee 0 Knee sprain, likely mild
08/04/2021 Ankle 0 Ankle injury, likely lateral or high-ankle. Preseason
10/23/2021 Ankle 1 Ankle injury, no details
11/25/2021 Knee 5 IT band injury, likely lateral knee injury
12/22/2021 Back 5 Back strain? Herniated disk?
12/29/2021 COVID 0 Tested positive for COVID
08/12/2022 Hamstring 0 Reported hamstring injury (preseason)
10/06/2022 Shoulder 0 Minor shoulder injury, no details.
10/10/2022 Hamstring 8 Exited Week 5 with right hamstring strain. Placed on IR
09/08/2023 Hamstring 0 Left hamstring strain (preseason)
10/08/2023 Groin 0 Unspecified groin injury
10/29/2023 Hamstring 4 Right hamstring strain. Placed on IR

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  • Giants’ TE Darren Waller, listed as questionable for Sunday due to a hamstring injury, is expected to play vs. the Saints.

    Source: Adam Schefter via X

  • Giants TE Darren Waller had his practice window opened from IR, as he’s been designated to return.

    Source: Ian Rapoport via X

  • Giants’ TE Darren Waller will be absent from Sunday’s game against the Raiders due to a hamstring injury.

    Source: Adam Schefter via X

In the realm of the NFL, few players can claim to have a story as compelling as Darren Waller’s. His journey to becoming one of the league’s standout talents has been marked by both triumphs and tribulations. This comprehensive article will provide you with a deep understanding of Darren Waller’s life, career, and his remarkable journey through a series of Darren Waller’s injuries history.

The Beginning of a Star


Darren Waller, a prominent name in the NFL, has captivated football fans with his exceptional skills and unwavering determination. His journey into the professional football world commenced with the Baltimore Ravens, where he was drafted in 2015. However, the path to success was fraught with challenges.


Waller’s journey began in Baltimore, where he joined the Ravens as a wide receiver in the 2015 NFL Draft. Although he displayed immense promise, his career was marked by unforeseen setbacks, making his ascent to stardom all the more remarkable.


Darren Waller’s Injury History


Darren Waller’s injury history is a testament to his resilience and unwavering spirit. Let’s delve into the details of each injury he encountered, including the date, type of injury/illness, and the opposing team he was facing when these incidents occurred.


October 11, 2015 – Darren Waller’s  Concussion Challenge

Early in his career, Waller faced a traumatic brain injury in the form of a concussion. It was a challenging moment that tested his resolve.


October 26, 2015 – Darren Waller’s  Hamstring Woes

Just a couple of weeks later, Waller grappled with a hamstring strain, likely grade 2 or 3, which led to his placement on the injured reserve list.


August 03, 2019 – Darren Waller’s Shoulder Strain

During the preseason, Waller encountered an AC sprain in his shoulder, likely type I or II, presenting an early obstacle in his NFL journey.


October 17, 2019 – Darren Waller’s Foot Troubles

Later in 2019, Waller faced a foot sprain, likely mild in nature. Overcoming this adversity required significant effort.


December 30, 2019 – Darren Waller’s Thumb Surgery

The year 2019 concluded with Waller undergoing thumb surgery, marking another challenge in his career.


September 21, 2020 – Darren Waller’s Battle with Knee Sprain

In 2020, Waller encountered a knee sprain, likely mild, adding to the list of hurdles he had to overcome.


August 04, 2021 – Darren Waller’s Ankle Injury

The 2021 preseason brought an ankle injury, likely lateral or high-ankle, once again testing Waller’s resilience.


October 23, 2021 – Darren Waller’s Ankle Troubles Persist

Shortly after the preseason, Waller faced another ankle injury. Unfortunately, no specific details were available regarding this incident.


November 25, 2021 – Darren Waller’s IT Band Injury

A lateral knee injury, likely an IT band injury, presented itself in late November, further highlighting the physical demands of the sport.


December 22, 2021 – Darren Waller’s Back Strain or Herniated Disk?

As 2021 drew to a close, Waller encountered a back strain, with speculation about a potential herniated disk, making it a particularly challenging moment in his career.


December 29, 2021 – Darren Waller’s COVID-19 Disruption

COVID-19 was a universal challenge, and Waller was not immune. He tested positive for COVID-19 in late 2021, further highlighting the unpredictable nature of injuries and illnesses in professional sports.


August 12, 2022 – Darren Waller’s Hamstring Returns

In the 2022 preseason, Waller reported a hamstring injury, signifying the persistent nature of certain challenges.


October 06, 2022 – Darren Waller’s Shoulder Minor Injury

A minor shoulder injury occurred in Week 5 of the season. While not heavily detailed, it added to Waller’s injury history.


October 10, 2022 – Darren Waller’s Hamstring Strikes Again

In Week 5, Waller exited the game with a right hamstring strain, leading to his placement on the injured reserve list.


September 8, 2023 – Darren Waller’s Hamstring Woes Continue

Waller’s battle with hamstring injuries persisted, as he encountered a right hamstring strain in the 2023 preseason.


October 8, 2023 – Darren Waller’s Groin Troubles

A new challenge emerged in the form of an unspecified groin injury, adding to Waller’s injury history.


Darren Waller’s journey in the NFL has been marked by extraordinary perseverance and a determination to overcome adversity. This article provides a comprehensive account of Darren Waller’s injury history, shedding light on the challenges he has faced throughout his career.


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