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Dalvin Cook

Baltimore Ravens


29 YRS


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Date Injury Game Missed Details
01/01/2013 Shoulder 0 Left shoulder surgery in high school, unknown injury. Labrum?
03/08/2014 Shoulder 0 Right shoulder dislocation, anterior torn labrum. Surgery to repair.
10/24/2015 Ankle 0 Left ankle sprain, no details, played through it.
10/24/2015 Hamstring 1 Left hamstring strain, likely mild.
03/31/2016 Shoulder 0 Right shoulder injury, posterior shoulder injury. Likely a labral tear.
04/06/2016 Shoulder 0 Right shoulder surgery, likely another labral repair. Missed 8+ weeks.
10/01/2016 Knee 12 Left ACL tear, some damage to cartilage and meniscus.
10/09/2017 Knee 0 Left ACL repair by Dr. James Andrews
09/16/2018 Hamstring 1 Hamstring strain, likely grade 1 but returned too quickly. Unknown side.
09/27/2018 Hamstring 4 Hamstring reinjury, now grade 2.
11/26/2019 Chest 0 Unknown chest injury. Rib? SC joint?
12/01/2019 Chest 0 Chest reinjury, no details.
12/15/2019 Shoulder 2 Left shoulder injury. AC sprain vs. dislocation.
10/11/2020 Groin 1 Groin strain, likely a grade 1 adductor, unknown side.
11/29/2020 Ankle 0 Ankle sprain, likely mild lateral, returned to game. Unknown side.
09/19/2021 Ankle 1 Right ankle, likely lateral ankle sprain (grade 2) or high-ankle.
10/06/2021 Ankle 1 Right ankle reinjury, returned too quickly.
11/28/2021 Shoulder 1 Left shoulder dislocation and torn labrum. Played with brace in 10 days.
12/23/2021 COVID 1 Placed on COVID list.
09/25/2022 Shoulder 0 Shoulder dislocation, left
02/14/2023 Shoulder 0 Surgery for reported "broken" shoulder suffered in 2019

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  • The Ravens have signed RB Dalvin Cook to the Practice Squad ahead of their Week 18 matchup. This would be big boost for Ravens heading into the playoffs.

    Source: Ravens via X

Dalvin Cook, a prominent figure in the National Football League (NFL), is not just a running back but a symbol of tenacity and determination. Born on August 10, 1995, in Miami, Florida, Cook’s journey to the NFL is a testament to his unwavering commitment to the sport and his unyielding spirit. This page focuses on Dalvin Cook’s Injuries History & the recent updates on his health. 


Dalvin Cook’s Football Journey 


Dalvin Cook’s football odyssey began at Florida State University, where he played college football for the Florida State Seminoles. During his college years, he showcased his remarkable running abilities, establishing himself as one of the nation’s top running back prospects. Cook’s impressive performances at Florida State laid the foundation for his NFL career.


Cook entered the NFL as a second-round pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, selected by the Minnesota Vikings. His transition from college to the professional league was marked by high expectations and the pressure to perform at an elite level. As a Viking, Cook rapidly proved himself as a key player, demonstrating his skills as a versatile running back with breakaway speed.


Dalvin Cook’s Injury History


Despite his immense talent, Cook’s journey in the NFL has been punctuated by injuries that tested his resilience and commitment to the game. From shoulder and knee injuries to concussions and ankle sprains, he has faced a multitude of physical challenges. Let’s take a look at Dalvin Cook’s Injury History & the challenges he faced during his Football career. 


Dalvin Cook’s Shoulder Surgery (January 01, 2013)


Cook’s injury history traces back to high school when he underwent left shoulder surgery for an unknown injury, likely involving the labrum. This early experience with injury set the stage for Cook’s journey, demonstrating his early resilience.


Dalvin Cook’s Right Shoulder Dislocation (March 08, 2014)


In 2014, Cook faced a right shoulder dislocation with an anterior torn labrum. Surgical intervention was required to address this injury. These early challenges shaped Cook’s attitude towards adversity.


Dalvin Cook’s Ankle Sprain (October 24, 2015)


Cook encountered a left ankle sprain during a game, playing through the discomfort without divulging specific injury details. This event highlighted his determination to contribute to his team, even while injured.


Dalvin Cook’s Hamstring Strain (October 24, 2015)


On the same day as the ankle sprain, Cook also experienced a left hamstring strain, likely mild. He continued to persevere through these challenges, displaying his commitment to the game.


Dalvin Cook’s Posterior Shoulder Injury (March 31, 2016)


In 2016, Cook faced another shoulder injury, this time involving his right shoulder, likely a labral tear. These repeated shoulder issues were indicative of his determination to return to peak performance.


Dalvin Cook’s Right Shoulder Surgery (April 06, 2016)


To address the posterior shoulder injury, Cook underwent right shoulder surgery, likely involving another labral repair. This procedure sidelined him for over two months, further testing his resilience




Dalvin Cook’s ACL Tear (October 01, 2017)


One of the most significant setbacks in Cook’s career occurred in 2017 when he suffered a left ACL tear, accompanied by damage to cartilage and meniscus. This injury resulted in him missing twelve games, highlighting the physical toll the sport can take on athletes.


Dalvin Cook’s ACL Repair (October 09, 2017)


Cook’s road to recovery began with an ACL repair conducted by renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews. This phase of his journey was marked by intense rehabilitation and determination to return to the field.


Dalvin Cook’s Hamstring Strain (September 16, 2018)


In September 2018, Cook faced a hamstring strain, likely of grade 1, though he returned to play sooner than advisable. The specific side of the hamstring injury is not mentioned, but Cook’s eagerness to contribute to his team was evident.


Dalvin Cook’s Hamstring Reinjury (September 27, 2018)


Just days after the initial hamstring strain, Cook suffered a hamstring reinjury, this time classified as grade 2. His determination to overcome setbacks remained unwavering as he worked through the rehabilitation process.


Dalvin Cook’s Chest Injury (November 26, 2019)


In November 2019, Cook sustained an unknown chest injury, which may have involved the rib or SC joint, though specific details are lacking. He continued to play, demonstrating his commitment to the game.


Dalvin Cook’s Chest Reinjury (December 01, 2019)


Shortly after the initial chest injury, Cook faced a chest reinjury, with no further details provided. His resilience in the face of repeated setbacks was evident.


Dalvin Cook’s Left Shoulder Injury (December 15, 2019)

In December 2019, Cook encountered another shoulder injury, this time involving his left shoulder, possibly an AC sprain or dislocation. He played with a brace just ten days after the injury, showcasing his determination to contribute to his team.


Dalvin Cook’s Groin Strain (October 11, 2020)


On October 11, 2020, Cook faced a groin strain, likely a grade 1 adductor injury. The specific side of the groin injury is not mentioned, but he continued to demonstrate his commitment to the game.


Dalvin Cook’s Ankle Sprain (November 29, 2020)


In late 2020, Cook encountered an ankle sprain, likely mild and lateral. He returned to the game, further underscoring his determination to overcome physical challenges.


Dalvin Cook’s Ankle Reinjury (September 19, 2021)


Cook experienced another ankle injury in September 2021, this time affecting his right ankle, likely a lateral ankle sprain (grade 2) or high-ankle sprain. Despite the setback, he continued to persevere.


Dalvin Cook’s Right Ankle Reinjury (October 06, 2021)


In October 2021, Cook faced a re-injury to his right ankle, returning to play swiftly, exemplifying his commitment to his team and the game.


Dalvin Cook’s Left Shoulder Dislocation (November 28, 2021)


Cook encountered a left shoulder dislocation and torn labrum on November 28, 2021, playing with a brace just ten days after the injury. This injury showcased his determination and resilience.


Dalvin Cook’s COVID-19 (December 23, 2021)


In December 2021, Cook was placed on the COVID-19 list, highlighting the unique challenges athletes faced during the pandemic.


Dalvin Cook’s Shoulder Surgery (February 14, 2023)


Cook’s journey includes a recent shoulder surgery in February 2023 to address a reported “broken” shoulder suffered in 2019, further emphasizing his resilience and dedication to his craft.


Dalvin Cook’s career has been a rollercoaster ride of injuries and comebacks. His unwavering determination and commitment to overcoming adversity have made him not only a formidable NFL running back but a symbol of resilience in the world of professional sports. Despite the physical toll of Dalvin Cook’s injury history, Cook’s passion for the game has remained unshaken, and his journey continues to inspire both teammates and fans alike.


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