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Courtland Sutton

Denver Broncos


29 YRS


Sports Category : NFL

Date Injury Game Missed Details
09/27/2014 Back Low back injury, possibly fracture, medical redshirt year
10/07/2017 Ankle 0 Ankle sprain, minor
12/09/2018 Quad 0 Quad bruise vs. strain, minor
09/15/2019 Ribs 0 Rib bruise vs. cartilage injury, fracture unlikely
10/06/2019 Leg 0 Lower leg injury, no details, likely calf injury
09/10/2020 Shoulder 1 Right AC sprain, likely type I or II
09/20/2020 Knee 15 Left torn ACL and MCL sprain likely grade II
10/20/2020 Knee 0 Left ACL reconstruction surgery
10/03/2021 Foot 0 Ankle sprain, minor
08/10/2022 Shoulder 0 Shoulder injury (preseason)
12/05/2022 Hamstring 2 Hamstring strain
12/24/2023 Concussion 1 Traumatic brain injury

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Courtland Sutton, born on October 10, 1995, is a dynamic wide receiver in the National Football League (NFL) who has left an indelible mark on the field. A product of Southern Methodist University, Sutton’s journey to the NFL was marked by his exceptional athleticism and playmaking abilities. In 2018, the Denver Broncos selected him in the second round of the NFL Draft, recognizing his potential to become a game-changing receiver. This page focuses on Courtland Sutton’s injury history & the recent updates on his health. 


Sutton’s arrival in the NFL showcased his ability to make contested catches, run precise routes, and contribute as a reliable target for his quarterbacks. His impact on the Denver Broncos’ offense quickly solidified his place as a cornerstone player and a fan favorite. As Sutton continued to evolve as a player, adversity struck in the form of injuries, testing his resilience and determination.


Courtland Sutton’s NFL Journey:


Courtland Sutton’s NFL journey began with promise, earning him a Pro Bowl selection in 2019. However, his path was not without hurdles, as injuries became a part of his narrative. Despite these setbacks, Sutton continued to showcase his exceptional skills, leaving fans eagerly anticipating his return to full form.


Courtland Sutton’s Injury History:


Courtland Sutton’s Back Injury (09/27/2014):


Sutton faced adversity early in his football career with a low back injury, possibly a fracture, leading to a medical redshirt year. This setback, although challenging, allowed him time for recovery and development, ultimately shaping his resilience.


Courtland Sutton’s Ankle Injury (10/07/2017 – 0 Games Missed – Minor Ankle Sprain):


In 2017, Sutton experienced a minor ankle sprain, showcasing his ability to overcome relatively minor setbacks. This incident served as an early test of his durability and determination. 


Quad Injury (12/09/2018 – 0 Games Missed – Quad Bruise vs. Strain):


A quad bruise in 2018 highlighted Sutton’s physical style of play. The distinction between a bruise and strain emphasized the intricacies of football injuries, with Sutton demonstrating his ability to play through discomfort. 


Ribs Injury (09/15/2019 – 0 Games Missed – Rib Bruise vs. Cartilage Injury):


Sutton faced a challenge with rib injuries in 2019, navigating between a bruise and a potential cartilage injury. The complexity of such injuries underscored the importance of accurate diagnosis and rehabilitation.


Courtland Sutton’s Leg Injury (10/06/2019 – 0 Games Missed – Lower Leg Injury):


Details were scarce about Sutton’s lower leg injury in 2019, likely a calf issue. The ambiguity surrounding the injury reflected the unpredictable nature of the sport.


Courtland Sutton’s Shoulder Injury (09/10/2020 – 1 Game Missed – Right AC Sprain):


Sutton’s 2020 season commenced with a right AC sprain, highlighting the perpetual risk of shoulder injuries in a contact sport. The decision to miss a game underscored the cautious approach to player health.


Courtland Sutton’s Knee Injury (09/20/2020 – 15 Games Missed – Left Torn ACL and MCL Sprain):


The most significant setback came in 2020 with a left torn ACL and MCL sprain, likely grade II. The extended absence and the complexity of the injury demanded a meticulous rehabilitation process.


Courtland Sutton’s Knee Injury (10/20/2020 – 0 Games Missed – Left ACL Reconstruction Surgery):


Sutton’s resilience was on full display as he underwent left ACL reconstruction surgery, signaling a commitment to long-term health and a determined return to the field.


Courtland Sutton’s Foot Injury (10/03/2021 – 0 Games Missed – Minor Ankle Sprain):


In 2021, Sutton encountered a minor ankle sprain, emphasizing the ongoing importance of managing and preventing recurring injuries for sustained success.


Courtland Sutton’s Shoulder Injury (08/10/2022 – 0 Games Missed – Preseason Shoulder Injury):


A preseason shoulder injury in 2022 posed a brief concern, serving as a reminder of the physical toll of training camp and the need for preventive measures.


Courtland Sutton’s Hamstring Injury (12/05/2022 – 2 Games Missed – Hamstring Strain):


Later in 2022, Sutton dealt with a hamstring strain, contributing to a two-game absence. The delicate nature of hamstring injuries required a cautious approach to avoid long-term complications.


Courtland Sutton’s Concussion (12/24/2023 – 1 Game Missed – Traumatic Brain Injury):


In December 2023, Sutton faced a traumatic brain injury, emphasizing the ongoing focus on player safety and the unpredictability of head injuries in football.


Courtland Sutton’s injury history, marked by various challenges to his back, ankle, quad, ribs, leg, shoulder, knee, foot, and hamstring, has become an integral part of his narrative. As he continues to overcome adversity, Sutton’s determination and resilience serve as an inspiration to fans and aspiring athletes alike.


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