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Cordarrelle Patterson

Atlanta Falcons


33 YRS


Sports Category : NFL

Date Injury Game Missed Details
09/04/2013 Back 0 Back strain, didn't miss any games
12/22/2013 Chest 0 Bruise, likely to ribs
07/26/2014 Foot 0 No details if sprain or turf toe
09/18/2014 Chest 0 Bruise, likely to ribs
10/02/2014 Hip 0 Mild sprain, likely a flexor or pointer. Unknown side.
10/26/2014 Ankle 0 Left ankle injury, likely lateral sprain
11/23/2014 Knee 0 Knee injury, minor, played through it
12/12/2014 Hamstring 0 Mild hamstring strain, played through it
08/29/2016 Shoulder 0 Left shoulder sprain, likely AC
10/23/2016 Concussion 0 Traumatic brain injury
10/24/2017 Hip 0 Mild sprain, likely a flexor or pointer. Unknown side.
11/02/2018 Neck 0 Neck sprain, mild
12/23/2018 Knee 1 Knee sprain, no details
12/29/2019 Concussion 0 Traumatic brain injury
10/28/2020 Quad 0 Quad bruise, strain possible
12/21/2020 Knee 0 Knee sprain, no details
11/14/2021 Ankle 0 High-ankle sprain, likely grade 1, unknown side
09/25/2022 Knee 4 Non-specific knee injury. Placed on IR, Needed surgery
08/16/2023 Thigh 3 Thigh injury (preseason)

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Cordarrelle Patterson, born on March 17, 1991, in Rock Hill, South Carolina, is a versatile and dynamic player in the National Football League (NFL). Patterson’s journey to NFL stardom began at the University of Tennessee, where his exceptional athleticism and playmaking ability caught the attention of scouts. Selected by the Minnesota Vikings in the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft, Patterson quickly made a name for himself as a wide receiver and kick return specialist. This page focuses on Cordarrelle Patterson’s injury history & the recent updates on his health. 


Over the years, Patterson’s unique skill set has allowed him to thrive in various roles, showcasing his speed, agility, and knack for making impactful plays. His journey through multiple teams, including the Vikings, New England Patriots, Chicago Bears, and Atlanta Falcons, has solidified his reputation as a versatile and dynamic force on the field.


Cordarrelle Patterson’s NFL Journey


Patterson’s NFL journey began with the Minnesota Vikings in 2013, where he made an immediate impact as a kick returner. Throughout his career, he transitioned between wide receiver and running back roles, displaying a rare combination of speed and power. Patterson’s time with the New England Patriots saw him emerge as a valuable offensive weapon, while his tenure with the Chicago Bears and Atlanta Falcons further highlighted his versatility and ability to contribute in various capacities.


Cordarrelle Patterson’s Injury History


Let’s take a look at Cordarrelle Patterson’s injury history throughout his American football career. 


Cordarrelle Patterson’s Back Injury – 09/04/2013


Patterson faced his first recorded injury in September 2013, experiencing a back strain. Despite the strain, he remarkably did not miss any games, showcasing early signs of his resilience. The specifics of the strain remained undisclosed, leaving fans curious about the extent of the injury and its potential impact on his performance.


Cordarrelle Patterson’s Chest Injury – 12/22/2013


In December 2013, Patterson dealt with a chest injury, likely a bruise to the ribs. Although categorized as minor, the nature of the injury raised questions about his ability to absorb hits and play through physical discomfort.


Cordarrelle Patterson’s Foot Injury – 07/26/2014


Afoot injury in July 2014 added to Patterson’s injury history, with limited details provided. The ambiguity surrounding whether it was a sprain or turf toe left room for speculation regarding the severity and potential implications for his playing style.


Cordarrelle Patterson’s Chest Injury – 09/18/2014


September 2014 marked another chest injury for Patterson, identified as a bruise likely to the ribs. The recurring nature of chest injuries raised concerns about his vulnerability to physical contact and the potential cumulative effects over the course of his career.


Cordarrelle Patterson’s Hip Injury – 10/02/2014


Patterson encountered a mild hip sprain in October 2014, likely affecting a flexor or pointer muscle. The location of the injury, on an unspecified side, added complexity to the assessment and treatment, leaving fans and analysts eager for updates on his recovery.


Cordarrelle Patterson’s Ankle Injury – 10/26/2014


An ankle injury in late October 2014 added to Patterson’s list of physical challenges. Characterized as a left ankle injury, likely a lateral sprain, the specifics of the injury prompted questions about its impact on his agility and cutting abilities.


Cordarrelle Patterson’s Knee Injury – 11/23/2014


In November 2014, Patterson played through a minor knee injury, showcasing his determination and resilience. The details of the knee injury remained unspecified, leaving fans curious about the specific challenges he faced and the potential for long-term effects.


Cordarrelle Patterson’s Hamstring Injury – 12/12/2014


Patterson experienced a mild hamstring strain in December 2014 but continued to play through it. The decision to play despite the strain emphasized his commitment to the game and the trust placed in his ability to contribute despite physical setbacks.


Cordarrelle Patterson’s Shoulder Injury – 08/29/2016


A left shoulder sprain in August 2016 added to Patterson’s injury history. Likely an AC (acromioclavicular) sprain of unspecified grade, the shoulder injury raised concerns about his ability to make catches and absorb hits in his role as a receiver.


Cordarrelle Patterson’s Concussion – 10/23/2016


Patterson faced a traumatic brain injury in October 2016, highlighting the inherent risks in the physical nature of football. The concussion underscored the ongoing challenges the NFL faces in prioritizing player safety and minimizing the risks associated with head injuries.


Cordarrelle Patterson’s Hip Injury – 10/24/2017


A mild hip sprain in October 2017 added to Patterson’s injury history, with the affected flexor or pointer muscles left unspecified. The recurrence of hip injuries emphasized the need for careful management and rehabilitation to ensure sustained peak performance.


Cordarrelle Patterson’s Neck Injury – 11/02/2018


In November 2018, Patterson encountered a mild neck sprain. The neck injury, while categorized as mild, raised concerns about the potential implications for his overall health and well-being, given the sensitivity of the neck area.


Cordarrelle Patterson’s Knee Injury – 12/23/2018


A knee sprain in December 2018 marked a notable injury for Patterson, resulting in a one-game absence. Limited details about the knee sprain left fans and analysts speculating about the specific challenges he faced and the timeline for his return.


Cordarrelle Patterson’s Concussion – 12/29/2019


Patterson faced another traumatic brain injury in December 2019, reiterating the ongoing challenges associated with head injuries in the NFL. The concussion raised questions about the league’s concussion protocol and player safety measures.


Cordarrelle Patterson’s Quad Injury – 10/28/2020


A quad bruise in October 2020 added to Patterson’s injury history, with a possible strain exacerbating the discomfort. The management of the quad injury highlighted the delicate balance between allowing recovery and maintaining peak physical condition.


Cordarrelle Patterson’s Knee Injury – 12/21/2020


In December 2020, Patterson encountered a knee sprain, with no specific details provided. The lack of information about the knee injury left fans curious about the severity and potential implications for his performance.


Cordarrelle Patterson’s Ankle Injury – 11/14/2021


November 2021 brought a high-ankle sprain for Patterson, likely of grade 1 severity. The unknown side of the injury added an element of uncertainty to his recovery process, with high-ankle sprains notorious for their lingering effects on mobility.


Cordarrelle Patterson’s Knee Injury – 09/25/2022


A non-specific knee injury in September 2022 proved significant, sidelining Patterson for four games and necessitating surgery. Placing him on the Injured Reserve (IR) highlighted the severity of the injury and the need for comprehensive medical intervention.


Cordarrelle Patterson’s Thigh Injury – 08/16/2023


Patterson faced a thigh injury during the preseason in August 2023, resulting in a three-game absence. The specifics of the thigh injury remained undisclosed, leaving fans and analysts speculating about the impact on his explosiveness and agility.


Despite the challenges posed by these injuries, Cordarrelle Patterson’s injury history and versatility have consistently allowed him to bounce back and contribute to his team’s success. His ability to overcome physical setbacks underscores not only his commitment to the game but also the rigorous nature of professional football. As Patterson continues his NFL journey, fans eagerly anticipate his return to the field and the electrifying plays that have defined his dynamic career.


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