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Chris Godwin

Tampa Bay Buccaneers


28 YRS


Sports Category : NFL

Date Injury Game Missed Details
12/24/2017 Ankle 0 Ankle sprain, likely mild lateral
09/20/2018 Toe 0 Toe injury, likely mild turf toe
11/11/2018 Ankle 0 Ankle sprain, likely mild lateral
09/22/2019 Hip 0 Minor hip strain
12/15/2019 Hamstring 2 Hamstring strain, likely moderate grade 2
09/13/2022 Concussion 1 Traumatic brain injury
09/27/2020 Hamstring 2 Hamstring strain, likely mild grade 1
10/25/2020 Hand 1 Left index finger fracture
10/25/2020 Hand 0 Left index finger fracture surgery, pin placed
12/08/2020 Hand 0 Left index finger fracture surgery, pin removed
01/14/2021 Hip 0 Minor hip and quad injuries
09/07/2021 Quad 0 Quad bruise vs. strain
10/31/2021 Foot 0 Foot injury, likely mild midfoot sprain
11/10/2021 Foot 0 Likely minor midfoot sprain
12/19/2021 Knee 3 Right knee ACL and MCL tear, no meniscus damage
01/03/2022 Knee 0 Right knee surgery, performed by Dr. James Andrews
09/11/2022 Hamstring 2 Hamstring strain, ACL not 100%
10/22/2023 Neck 0 Neck strain, no details
12/13/2023 Knee 0 Knee injury. No details
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Chris Godwin, born on February 27, 1996, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is a renowned wide receiver in the National Football League (NFL). Godwin attended Middletown High School in Delaware, where he showcased his exceptional athletic prowess. Later, he pursued his collegiate football career at Penn State University, where he flourished as a star player. In 2017, he declared for the NFL Draft and was selected by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the third round, 84th overall. This page focuses on Chris Godwin’s Injury History and the recent updates on his health. 


NFL Journey of Chris Godwin


Since joining the NFL in 2017, Chris Godwin has been a vital asset for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Known for his remarkable speed, agility, and catching abilities, Godwin quickly made a name for himself in the league. Throughout his career, he has consistently delivered impressive performances, earning him accolades and admiration from fans and peers alike. Godwin’s journey in the NFL is marked by numerous achievements and memorable moments, solidifying his status as one of the league’s top wide receivers. 


Chris Godwin’s Injury History


Let’s take a look at Chris Godwin’s Injury History throughout his American football career. 


Chris Godwin: Ankle Injury – 12/24/2017


Chris Godwin sustained an ankle injury on December 24, 2017. The injury, diagnosed as a mild lateral ankle sprain, occurred during gameplay. Despite being categorized as mild, the ankle sprain caused discomfort and limited his mobility temporarily. However, Godwin’s resilience and determination enabled him to overcome the injury swiftly, allowing him to return to the field and continue contributing to his team’s success. 


Chris Godwin: Toe Injury – 09/20/2018


On September 20, 2018, Chris Godwin experienced a toe injury characterized as a mild turf toe. Despite its mild classification, turf toe can be debilitating for athletes, causing pain and hindering performance. Godwin’s ability to manage the injury effectively and minimize its impact speaks volumes about his dedication to the game and his commitment to excellence.


Chris Godwin: Ankle Injury – 11/11/2018


In November 2018, Chris Godwin encountered another setback in the form of a mild lateral ankle sprain. Despite experiencing a similar injury previously, Godwin approached the situation with resilience and optimism. His ability to navigate through adversity and maintain his performance level underscores his professionalism and unwavering determination to succeed.


Chris Godwin: Hip Injury – 09/22/2019


Chris Godwin sustained a minor hip strain on September 22, 2019. While initially concerning, the injury did not impede Godwin’s ability to contribute to his team. His dedication to rehabilitation and recovery allowed him to overcome the hip strain efficiently, ensuring his continued presence on the field and his invaluable contributions to his team’s success.


Chris Godwin: Hamstring Injury – 12/15/2019


On December 15, 2019, Chris Godwin faced a moderate grade 2 hamstring strain, posing a significant challenge to his performance and availability. Despite the severity of the injury, Godwin remained resilient, diligently adhering to his rehabilitation regimen. His commitment to recovery enabled him to overcome the hamstring strain and resume his role as a key player for his team.


Chris Godwin: Concussion – 09/13/2022


In September 2022, Chris Godwin suffered a traumatic brain injury, commonly known as a concussion. Concussions are serious injuries that require proper diagnosis and management to ensure the player’s safety and well-being. Godwin’s concussion necessitated adherence to the NFL’s concussion protocol, highlighting the league’s commitment to player safety and health.


Chris Godwin: Hamstring Injury – 09/27/2020


Chris Godwin experienced a mild grade 1 hamstring strain on September 27, 2020. Despite its classification as mild, hamstring strains can be recurring and require careful management to prevent exacerbation. Godwin’s experience with hamstring injuries underscores the importance of proper conditioning and preventive measures to mitigate the risk of recurrence.


Chris Godwin: Hand Injury – 10/25/2020


On October 25, 2020, Chris Godwin suffered a left index finger fracture during gameplay. The fracture necessitated surgical intervention, with a pin placed to facilitate proper healing. Despite the setback, Godwin’s determination and resilience enabled him to undergo successful surgery and embark on the road to recovery, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to returning to peak performance.


Chris Godwin: Hand Injury – 12/08/2020


Following surgery to address his left index finger fracture, Chris Godwin underwent a subsequent procedure on December 8, 2020, to remove the pin. The successful removal of the pin marked a significant milestone in Godwin’s recovery journey, signifying progress towards his eventual return to the field.


Chris Godwin: Hip Injury – 01/14/2021


In January 2021, Chris Godwin experienced minor hip and quad injuries, underscoring the physical demands and inherent risks associated with professional football. While the injuries were deemed minor, they required careful management and rehabilitation to ensure Godwin’s continued availability and performance at the highest level.


Chris Godwin: Quad Injury – 09/07/2021


Chris Godwin sustained a quad bruise versus strain on September 7, 2021, highlighting the inherent physicality of the sport and the potential for injury during gameplay. Despite the setback, Godwin’s resilience and commitment to recovery enabled him to overcome the quad injury and resume his role as a key contributor to his team’s success.


Chris Godwin: Foot Injury – 10/31/2021


On October 31, 2021, Chris Godwin encountered a mild midfoot sprain, posing challenges to his mobility and performance. Foot injuries can be particularly debilitating for athletes, requiring careful management and rehabilitation to facilitate full recovery. Godwin’s experience with foot injuries underscores the importance of preventive measures and proper conditioning to mitigate the risk of injury recurrence.


Chris Godwin: Foot Injury – 11/10/2021


Following his midfoot sprain in late October 2021, Chris Godwin experienced a likely minor midfoot sprain on November 10, 2021. Despite the recurrence of the injury, Godwin remained resilient and committed to his rehabilitation regimen, determined to overcome the setback and return to peak performance for his team.


Chris Godwin: Knee Injury – 12/19/2021


In December 2021, Chris Godwin suffered a significant setback in the form of a right knee ACL and MCL tear, with no meniscus damage reported. Knee injuries of this nature are particularly challenging and require extensive rehabilitation and recovery time. Godwin’s perseverance and determination will be crucial as he embarks on the road to recovery and seeks to regain his form following this serious injury.


Chris Godwin: Knee Surgery – 01/03/2022


Following his right knee ACL and MCL tear in December 2021, Chris Godwin underwent surgery on January 3, 2022, performed by renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews. Knee surgeries are complex procedures that require meticulous attention to detail and comprehensive rehabilitation to ensure optimal outcomes. Godwin’s determination and commitment to his recovery journey will be instrumental as he navigates the challenges of rehabilitation and works towards returning to the field at full strength.


Chris Godwin: Hamstring Injury – 09/11/2022


In September 2022, Chris Godwin encountered another setback in the form of a hamstring strain, with his ACL not yet fully recovered. Hamstring strains can be particularly challenging for athletes recovering from previous injuries, requiring careful management and rehabilitation to prevent further complications. Godwin’s experience with hamstring injuries underscores the importance of patience and perseverance as he continues his journey towards full recovery.


Chris Godwin: Neck Strain – 10/22/2023


On October 22, 2023, Chris Godwin sustained a neck strain, although details regarding the severity and extent of the injury remain undisclosed. Neck injuries are inherently concerning due to their potential impact on neurological function and player safety. Godwin’s health and well-being will be closely monitored as he undergoes evaluation and treatment to address the neck strain and ensure his long-term health and safety on the field.


Chris Godwin: Knee Injury – 12/13/2023


In December 2023, Chris Godwin encountered another knee injury, although specific details regarding the nature and severity of the injury are currently unavailable. Knee injuries are recurrent challenges for athletes, requiring ongoing vigilance and preventive measures to minimize the risk of recurrence. Godwin’s resilience and commitment to his rehabilitation will be crucial as he navigates the uncertainties surrounding his knee injury and works towards returning to peak performance for his team.


Throughout his NFL career, Chris Godwin’s Injury History has encountered various injuries, ranging from ankle sprains to more serious knee and head injuries. Despite facing numerous setbacks, Godwin’s resilience, determination, and commitment to his recovery have been evident. As he continues his journey in the NFL, his injury history serves as a testament to his perseverance and unwavering dedication to the game. With each setback, Godwin has emerged stronger and more resilient, demonstrating his ability to overcome adversity and continue making significant contributions to his team’s success. As he embarks on his path to recovery following his most recent injuries, Chris Godwin remains focused on his ultimate goal: returning to the field at full strength and continuing to excel as one of the league’s premier wide receivers.


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