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Chris Carson

Seattle Seahawks


30 YRS


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Date Injury Game Missed Details
10/26/2012 Knee 4 Torn ACL, unknown side
10/10/2015 Ankle 1 Ankle sprain, either lateral moderate or high-ankle
09/10/2016 Thumb 4 Broken thumb
02/01/2017 Hamstring 0 Hamstring strain, affected NFL Combine
10/01/2017 Ankle 12 Left ankle fracture plus high-ankle sprain, season-ending
10/03/2017 Leg 0 Left fibula fracture surgery with likely tightrope
09/23/2018 Hip 1 Hip injury, no details
11/04/2018 Quad 1 Left quad strain vs. bruise
12/02/2018 Finger 0 Dislocated finger, unknown hand
05/21/2019 Knee 0 Knee surgery, arthoscopic scope, likely to clean up meniscus
10/04/2019 Shoulder 0 Shoulder sprain, likely AC sprain, grade 1
12/22/2019 Hip 1 Stress fracture of hip, season-ending. No surgery.
12/22/2019 Hip 3 Hip stress fracture, season-ending, no surgery.
09/27/2020 Knee 0 Minor knee sprain
10/25/2020 Foot 4 Midfoot (Lisfranc) sprain, likely moderate
09/09/2021 Neck 0 Cervical injury, no details.
10/03/2021 Neck 13 Cervical injury, herniated disk(s), radiculopathy. Season-ending.
10/05/2021 Neck 13 Cervical surgery, likely cervical fusion

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Chris Carson, born on September 16, 1994, in Biloxi, Mississippi, has emerged as a formidable force in the National Football League (NFL). Standing at 5’11” and weighing 222 pounds, Carson’s journey to becoming a star running back is nothing short of inspirational. His football prowess shone through during his college years at Oklahoma State, where he showcased exceptional skills, earning him a seventh-round pick by the Seattle Seahawks in the 2017 NFL Draft. This page focuses on Chris Carson’s Injury History & the recent updates on his health.


Carson’s NFL journey began with the Seattle Seahawks, where he swiftly established himself as a key player. Known for his powerful running style, agility, and determination, Carson has become a fan favorite. Despite facing numerous injuries throughout his career, his resilience and unwavering commitment to the game have solidified his place among the league’s elite.


Chris Carson’s Injury History


Let’s take a look at Chris Carson’s Injury History throughout his American football career. 

Knee Injury – 10/26/2012


In 2012, during his college years, Carson suffered a setback with a torn ACL, an injury notorious for its impact on athletes. This knee injury sidelined him for four games, raising concerns about his future performance. The torn ACL, occurring on an unknown side, marked a challenging phase in Carson’s career, testing his resilience and commitment to overcoming adversities.


Chris Carson’s Ankle Injury – 10/10/2015


Carson’s ankle injury in 2015, identified as either a moderate lateral sprain or a high-ankle sprain, posed a threat to his agility. Missing a single game, Carson faced the challenge of recovering from this ankle setback, a testament to his determination and the medical team’s expertise.


Chris Carson’s Thumb Injury – 09/10/2016


A broken thumb in 2016 sidelined Carson for four games, adding to his injury woes. This unexpected setback tested his ability to adapt and maintain peak performance despite the physical limitations imposed by the injury.


Chris Carson’s Hamstring Injury – 02/01/2017


Carson’s hamstring strain in 2017, affecting the NFL Combine, underscored the fragility of an athlete’s journey. Although not sidelining him for any games, the injury raised concerns about his overall physical fitness and the challenges he might face in future seasons.


Chris Carson’s Leg Injury – 10/01/2017

In October 2017, Carson faced a severe leg injury with a left ankle fracture and a high-ankle sprain, resulting in a season-ending absence. Shortly after, a left fibula fracture led to surgery, likely involving a tightrope procedure. These injuries marked a critical juncture in Carson’s career, requiring extensive rehabilitation.


Chris Carson’s Leg Injury – 10/03/2017


A subsequent leg injury in October 2017 compounded Carson’s challenges, involving left fibula fracture surgery with a likely tightrope procedure. The complex nature of these injuries raised questions about his ability to return to peak performance.


Chris Carson’s Hip Injury – 09/23/2018


Carson faced a hip injury in September 2018, resulting in a one-game absence. Limited details about the nature of the injury added an element of uncertainty to his recovery and future performance on the field.


Chris Carson’s Quad Injury – 11/04/2018


In November 2018, Carson encountered a left quad strain, pitting him against the challenge of recovering from this muscular setback. Despite missing just one game, the injury underscored the constant physical toll of professional football.


Chris Carson’s Finger Injury – 12/02/2018


A dislocated finger in December 2018 added another dimension to Carson’s injury history. The specifics of the finger and hand involved remained unknown, leaving fans and analysts curious about the impact on his ball-carrying abilities.


Chris Carson’s Knee Injury – 05/21/2019


Carson faced knee surgery in May 2019, involving an arthroscopic scope likely aimed at cleaning up the meniscus. The timing of the surgery raised questions about his readiness for the upcoming season and the potential lingering effects on his performance.


Chris Carson’s Shoulder Injury – 10/04/2019


A shoulder sprain in October 2019, likely an AC sprain of grade 1, tested Carson’s ability to withstand the physicality of his position. Although not sidelining him, the injury posed challenges in maintaining his effectiveness as a running back.


Chris Carson’s Hip Injury – 12/22/2019


The 2019 season concluded with a significant hip injury, as Carson faced a stress fracture. Despite the season-ending nature of the injury, the decision to forgo surgery added a layer of complexity to his recovery process.


Chris Carson’s Hip Injury – 12/22/2019


A continuation of the hip stress fracture saga unfolded in late 2019, extending Carson’s absence to three games. The absence of surgical intervention raised questions about the long-term implications of managing such a condition without invasive procedures.


Chris Carson’s Knee Injury – 09/27/2020


Carson encountered a minor knee sprain in September 2020, testing his resilience and ability to recover swiftly from injuries. The nature of the sprain remained unspecified, leaving room for speculation about its potential impact on his performance.


Chris Carson’s Foot Injury – 10/25/2020


In October 2020, Carson faced a midfoot (Lisfranc) sprain, likely of moderate severity. The complexity of foot injuries in football, especially for a running back, raised concerns about his agility and ability to pivot on the field.


Neck Injury – 09/09/2021


A cervical injury in September 2021 brought additional challenges for Carson, with limited details provided. The ambiguity surrounding the nature of the injury left fans and analysts curious about the potential impact on his playing style and long-term health.


Neck Injury – 10/03/2021


The 2021 season took a drastic turn for Carson with a cervical injury, leading to herniated disk(s) and radiculopathy. This season-ending setback necessitated comprehensive medical intervention, further emphasizing the physical toll of professional football.


Neck Injury – 10/05/2021


A significant development followed on October 5, 2021, as Carson underwent cervical surgery, likely involving cervical fusion. This decisive step aimed at addressing the cervical injury showcased the dedication to his career and the lengths Carson and his medical team were willing to go for a full recovery.


Despite Chris Carson’s injury history, Carson’s tenacity and determination have been the driving forces behind his successful comebacks. His ability to overcome physical setbacks reflects not only his resilience but also the unwavering support of the medical teams and rehabilitation specialists.


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