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Chase Claypool

Miami Dolphins


26 YRS


Sports Category : NFL

Date Injury Game Missed Details
11/14/2017 Shoulder 1 AC sprain unknown type, missed Citrus Bowl
08/17/2021 Ankle 0 Minor ankle sprain, likely lateral, Preseason
09/30/2021 Hamstring 1 Hamstring strain, likely grade 1, lingered for weeks
11/08/2021 Toe 1 Toe injury, likely grade 2 turf toe
01/25/2022 Arm 0 Surgery on arm/elbow. No details
07/30/2022 Shoulder 0 Mild shoulder strain (Preseason)
12/14/2022 Knee 2 Non-specific knee injury
08/12/2023 Hamstring 0 Hamstring strain (preseason)
11/17/2023 Knee 2 Minor knee procedure

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Chase Claypool, born on July 7, 1998, in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada, is a wide receiver known for his exceptional athleticism, towering stature, and playmaking abilities. Standing at 6 feet 4 inches and weighing 238 pounds, Claypool’s imposing presence on the field has made him a force to be reckoned with. His journey to the National Football League (NFL) is nothing short of remarkable, reflecting his dedication, hard work, and passion for the game. This page focuses on Chase Claypool’s Injury History & the recent updates on his health. 


Chase Claypool’s NFL Journey: Rising Star


Claypool’s football prowess became evident during his college years at the University of Notre Dame, where he played for the Fighting Irish. Excelling as a wide receiver, he showcased his ability to make crucial plays and dominate opposing defenses. His standout performances drew the attention of NFL scouts, leading to his selection by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 2nd round of the 2020 NFL Draft.


Upon joining the Steelers, Claypool wasted no time making an impact. His rookie season saw him becoming a vital part of the team’s offensive arsenal, finishing the year with an impressive stat line. His combination of size, speed, and agility made him a nightmare for opposing defenses, earning him recognition as one of the league’s emerging stars.


As Claypool continued to shine, his journey in the NFL became a testament to his resilience and adaptability. His dynamic playing style and knack for making clutch plays endeared him to Steelers fans and solidified his place as a key player in the franchise’s future.


Chase Claypool’s Injury History


Let’s take a look at Chase Claypool’s Injury History throughout his American football career.




Chase Claypool’s Shoulder Injury – November 14, 2017


On this date, Claypool suffered a shoulder injury, specifically diagnosed as an AC sprain of an unknown type. This injury forced him to miss a crucial Citrus Bowl game. The exact circumstances leading to the AC sprain remain unclear, but the setback didn’t deter Claypool’s determination.


Chase Claypool’s Ankle Injury – August 17, 2021


In the preseason of 2021, Claypool experienced a minor ankle sprain, likely lateral in nature. Despite being a preseason injury, the setback highlighted the physical toll of the sport. Fortunately, the sprain was deemed minor, allowing Claypool to recover swiftly and rejoin the action.


Chase Claypool’s Hamstring Injury – September 30, 2021


A hamstring strain, likely grade 1, haunted Claypool during the 2021 season. Lingering for weeks, the injury led to the wide receiver missing a game. Hamstring issues are notorious for their persistence, and Claypool’s case emphasized the challenges of managing such injuries in a demanding NFL season.


Chase Claypool’s Toe Injury – November 8, 2021


Midway through the 2021 season, Claypool faced a toe injury, likely a grade 2 turf toe. This painful condition affected his mobility and performance, resulting in a missed game. Turf toe injuries can be tricky to manage, often requiring careful rehabilitation to prevent long-term complications.


Chase Claypool’s Arm Injury – January 25, 2022


In a surprising turn of events, Claypool underwent surgery on his arm/elbow. Unfortunately, no specific details about the nature of the arm injury were disclosed. Such undisclosed medical procedures often raise questions about the severity and potential long-term effects, leaving fans and analysts speculating about the impact on Claypool’s future performance.


Chase Claypool’s Shoulder Injury – July 30, 2022


Another encounter with a shoulder injury occurred in the preseason of 2022. Described as a mild shoulder strain, this setback once again highlighted the physical toll of the sport even during non-competitive periods. Claypool’s resilience was put to the test as he navigated the challenges of rehabilitation.


Chase Claypool’s Knee Injury – December 14, 2022


A non-specific knee injury sidelined Claypool for two games in December 2022. The lack of specific details about the nature of the knee injury raised concerns among fans and analysts. Knee injuries, even when vaguely defined, can have significant implications for a player’s performance and longevity in the NFL.


Chase Claypool’s Hamstring Injury – August 12, 2023


Claypool faced another bout of hamstring trouble during the preseason of 2023. Hamstring strains, though common in the NFL, can disrupt a player’s rhythm and preparation for the regular season. Claypool’s ability to manage recurrent hamstring issues became a focal point of discussions among fans and experts alike.


Chase Claypool’s Knee Injury – November 17, 2023


A minor knee procedure in November 2023 resulted in Claypool missing two games. The nature of the knee procedure was not explicitly detailed, leaving room for speculation regarding the severity and potential impact on Claypool’s future performance. Knee issues, even minor ones, can have lasting effects on a player’s career trajectory.


Chase Claypool’s injury history in the NFL, marked by stellar performances and challenging injury episodes, underscores the unpredictable nature of professional football. As he continues to evolve as a player, Claypool’s ability to overcome setbacks will undoubtedly contribute to his legacy in the league. The intersection of talent, perseverance, and a relentless work ethic defines Chase Claypool’s narrative, making him a standout figure in the dynamic world of the NFL.


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