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Carson Wentz Injury History

Carson Wentz

Los Angeles Rams


31 YRS


Sports Category : NFL



Games Missed


January 01, 2011


Stress fracture in back, redshirted his freshman year (no specific date)

October 17, 2015



Right throwing wrist fracture, non-displaced

October 21, 2015


Right wrist surgery, screw inserted, missed 8 weeks

January 01, 2016


(no specific date) Reportedly had soreness in throwing elbow, causing mechanical issues

August 11, 2016


Hairline fracture in ribs, played all season within

April 27, 2017


Underwent LASIK procedure, offseason

December 10, 2017



Torn left ACL and LCL.

December 13, 2017


Left ACL and LCL reconstruction by Dr. James Bradley

October 21, 2018


Likely early stages of stress fracture in back

December 09, 2018



Stress fracture in back, likely pars interarticularis (spondylolysis)

November 24, 2019


Right throwing bruise

Traumatic brain injury, playoffs


Traumatic brain injury, playoffs

August 30, 2020


Soft tissue injury, preseason

July 29, 2021


Left foot injury, preseason, reinjury from high school

August 02, 2021


Left foot surgery, remove bone in foot by Dr. David Porter

August 30, 2021


Tested positive for COVID.

December 28, 2021


Tested positive for COVID.

October 10, 2022


Biceps tendon strain

October 13, 2022



Ring finger fracture on throwing hand. Surgery (4-6 week RTP)

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Carson Wentz, a prominent name in the world of American football, has left an indelible mark with his incredible talent and passion for the game. Born on December 30, 1992, in Raleigh, North Carolina, Wentz made his way to the National Football League (NFL) and became the face of the Philadelphia Eagles for several years. This 6’5″ quarterback boasts a remarkable career, but he has also faced his fair share of injury hurdles. In this article, we will dive deep into Carson Wentz’s injuries history, discussing each injury’s details and the teams he was playing against when the injuries occurred.


Carson Wentz’s Journey

Carson Wentz’s football journey started when he attended North Dakota State University. During his time there, he was a standout player, showing immense potential as a future NFL star. In the 2016 NFL Draft, the Philadelphia Eagles selected Wentz as the second overall pick, solidifying his entry into professional football. He currently plays for the Washington Commanders


Carson Wentz’s Injury History 


Carson Wentz is a renowned NFL player with a series of injuries in his American football career. Let’s take a look at Carson Wentz’s Injury history throughout his football journey. 


Carson Wentz’s Stress Fracture in Back (January 01, 2011)

Carson Wentz’s injury history traces back to his college days. On January 1, 2011, he faced a stress fracture in his back. This injury led to him being redshirted during his freshman year, indicating the severity of the condition.


Carson Wentz’s Wrist Fracture (October 17, 2015)

Shortly after joining the NFL, Wentz encountered a wrist fracture in his right throwing wrist. Although non-displaced, this injury had the potential to affect his gameplay.


Carson Wentz’s Right Wrist Surgery (October 21, 2015)

To address the wrist issue, Wentz underwent right wrist surgery, during which a screw was inserted. This operation resulted in him missing eight weeks of play, a crucial period in the football season.


Carson Wentz’s Elbow Soreness (January 01, 2016)

In early 2016, reports emerged of soreness in Carson Wentz’s throwing elbow, causing mechanical issues that raised concerns about his performance.


Carson Wentz’s Rib Fracture (August 11, 2016)

Later that year, Wentz dealt with a hairline fracture in his ribs. Despite this injury, he continued to play throughout the season, demonstrating his determination and resilience.


Carson Wentz’s LASIK Procedure (April 27, 2017)

In April 2017, Carson Wentz underwent a LASIK procedure during the offseason to address his vision, a vital aspect for a quarterback.


Carson Wentz’s Torn Left ACL and LCL (December 10, 2017)

A significant setback came in December 2017 when Wentz suffered a torn left anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and lateral collateral ligament (LCL). The impact on his career was substantial, necessitating extensive recovery and rehabilitation.


Carson Wentz’s ACL and LCL Reconstruction (December 13, 2017)

In the wake of his ACL and LCL injury, Wentz underwent a reconstruction procedure, conducted by Dr. James Bradley. This marked a crucial phase in his recovery journey.


Carson Wentz’s Stress Fracture in Back (October 21, 2018)

A recurring issue emerged in October 2018 when Wentz likely experienced early stages of a stress fracture in his back. The persistent nature of this injury was a cause for concern.


Carson Wentz’s Recurrent Back Stress Fracture (December 09, 2018)

Later in December 2018, Wentz faced another bout of stress fracture in his back, likely involving the pars interarticularis (spondylolysis). These back problems posed a significant challenge for the young quarterback.


Carson Wentz’s Hand Bruise (November 24, 2019)

In November 2019, Wentz suffered a hand bruise on his right throwing hand, impacting his ability to perform at his best.


Carson Wentz’s Concussion (Playoffs)

During the playoffs, Wentz faced a traumatic brain injury due to a concussion, further compounding his injury woes.


Carson Wentz’s Soft Tissue Injury (August 30, 2020)

Wentz’s health struggles continued in 2020 when he encountered a soft tissue injury during preseason.


Carson Wentz’s Left Foot Injury (July 29, 2021)

In July 2021, Wentz dealt with a left foot injury, which was a reinjury from his high school days, further highlighting the fragility of his lower extremities.


Carson Wentz’s Left Foot Surgery (August 02, 2021)

To address the persistent issues with his left foot, Wentz underwent surgery to remove a bone, conducted by Dr. David Porter.


Carson Wentz’s COVID-19 Positive Tests (August 30, 2021 & December 28, 2021)

Amid the global pandemic, Wentz faced a different kind of health challenge as he tested positive for COVID-19 twice in 2021.


Carson Wentz’s Biceps Tendon Strain (October 10, 2022)

More recently, in October 2022, Wentz suffered a biceps tendon strain, adding to his list of medical concerns.


Carson Wentz’s Ring Finger Fracture (October 13, 2022)

Shortly after the biceps injury, Wentz endured a ring finger fracture on his throwing hand, requiring surgery and a recovery time of 4-6 weeks.


Carson Wentz’s NFL journey has been a rollercoaster ride of triumphs and tribulations. His exceptional talent on the field has often been overshadowed by his persistent injuries. This comprehensive overview of Carson Wentz’s injury history highlights the challenges he has faced throughout his career. Despite these obstacles, Wentz continues to inspire fans and fellow athletes with his resilience and determination. 


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