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Brock Purdy

San Francisco 49ers


25 YRS


Sports Category : NFL

Date Injury Game Missed Details
01/01/2016 Illness 3 Acute mononucleosis. Unable to play due to fatigue, increased risk splenic rupture.
05/15/2017 Hand 0 Left non-throwing hand laceration from cactus, surgery to remove splinters.
10/12/2019 Ankle 0 Left ankle sprain, likely minor
11/23/2019 Ankle 0 Right ankle sprain, likely more moderate but played through it
12/28/2019 Ankle 0 Left high-ankle sprain in bowl game
09/11/2021 Unknown 0 No specifics. Minor injury if anything.
10/20/2021 Concussion 0 Evaluated for a traumatic brain injury (concussion), but cleared protocol.
12/11/2022 Oblique 0 Oblique strain
01/29/2023 Elbow 0 Right elbow (UCL) sprain. Injured in NFC Championship game.
03/05/2023 Elbow 0 Right elbow, primary repair torn UCL. Surgery on 3/10/23.Likely by Dr. Keith Meister.
10/25/2023 Concussion 0 Traumatic brain injury
12/17/2023 Neck 0 Stinger
12/25/2023 Neck 0 Stinger. Re-injury
  • Kyle Shanahan said Brock Purdy is now in concussion protocols. He is expected to miss Sunday game against the Bengals.

    Source: Adam Schefter via X

Brock Purdy, a name synonymous with resilience and determination, has emerged as a prominent figure in the world of American football. Born on December 27, 1999, in Gilbert, Arizona, Purdy was destined for greatness from an early age. His journey to becoming an NFL quarterback is a testament to his unwavering passion for the sport and his ability to conquer challenges. This page covers the details of the Brock Purdy’s Injury History & the latest updates/news on this NFL star. 


The Genesis of a Star

Purdy’s love for football was ignited during his formative years, and he dedicated himself to honing his skills. He attended Perry High School, where he displayed exceptional talent as a quarterback, catching the eye of scouts and fans alike. His impressive high school career set the stage for what was to come—a journey of triumphs and trials.


After high school, Purdy committed to Iowa State University, where he further refined his abilities and became a dominant force on the field. His college years were marked by outstanding performances, and he was a key player for his team, showcasing his expertise in quarterbacking.


The transition to the NFL was the next logical step in Purdy’s journey. He was picked by the  San Francisco 49ers of the National Football League (NFL). , and thus began his professional career. He was dubbed as ‘Mr. Irrelevant’. 

The challenges of the NFL would soon test Purdy’s resilience, both physically and mentally.


A Closer Look at Brock Purdy’s Injury History

January, 2016: Brock Purdy’s Illness 


Illness: Purdy faced a significant setback due to acute mononucleosis, a viral illness that resulted in fatigue and an increased risk of splenic rupture. This rendered him unable to play during this period.


May, 2017: Brock Purdy’s Hand Injury


Hand: A non-throwing hand laceration caused by a cactus required surgery to remove splinters, a bizarre injury that showcased Purdy’s resilience even in the face of unexpected challenges.


October, 2019: Brock Purdy’s Ankle Injury 


Ankle: Purdy endured a left ankle sprain, likely minor in nature, highlighting the physical demands and risks associated with playing football at a competitive level.


November, 2019:  Brock Purdy’s Ankle Injury 


Ankle: Another ankle injury, this time on the right side, occurred as a moderate sprain. Despite the severity, Purdy displayed determination by playing through the discomfort.


December, 2019: Brock Purdy’s Ankle Sprain


Ankle: A left high-ankle sprain during a bowl game further underlined the toll the sport can take on an athlete’s body, showcasing the risk of injury in critical games.


September, 2021: Brock Purdy’s Minor Injuries


Unknown: Although no specific details were provided, an undisclosed minor injury indicated the unpredictability of the sport and the importance of health management.


October, 2021: Brock Purdy’s Head Injury


Head: Evaluation for a traumatic brain injury (concussion) emphasized the crucial concern for player safety and the extensive medical procedures undertaken to ensure the well-being of athletes.


December, 2022: Brock Purdy’s Oblique Strain


Oblique: An oblique strain added to Purdy’s injury list, reflecting the diverse types of injuries an NFL player can encounter during their career.


January, 2023: Brock Purdy’s Elbow Injury 


Elbow: A significant injury to Purdy’s right elbow, specifically the ulnar collateral ligament (UCL), occurred during the NFC Championship game. Surgery was performed by Dr. Keith Meister on March 10, 2023, highlighting the severity of Brock Purdy’s injury and the importance of medical intervention in rehabilitation.


Triumph Over Trials: The Brock Purdy Legacy

Brock Purdy’s injury history & NFL journey is a narrative of resilience, a tale of overcoming adversities on and off the field. His injury history is a testament to his perseverance, a reminder that the path to success is often paved with challenges. As he continues to carve his legacy in the NFL, Purdy’s story will undoubtedly inspire aspiring athletes and stand as a beacon of hope for those facing their own struggles. 

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