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Braxton Berrios

Miami Dolphins


29 YRS


Sports Category : NFL

Date Injury Game Missed Details
11/17/2023 Hamstring 1 Hamstring strain

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Braxton Berrios, born on October 6, 1995, in Raleigh, North Carolina, is a talented wide receiver in the National Football League (NFL). Berrios attended the University of Miami, where he showcased his exceptional skills on the football field. In 2018, he declared for the NFL Draft and was selected by the New England Patriots in the sixth round, 210th overall. Berrios has since demonstrated his versatility and determination, earning a reputation as a dynamic playmaker in the league. This page focuses on Braxton Berrios’s Injury History & the recent updates on his health. 


NFL Journey of Braxton Berrios


Braxton Berrios’s NFL journey began with the New England Patriots, where he spent his initial seasons honing his skills and adapting to the professional level of play. Despite facing challenges early in his career, Berrios’s work ethic and dedication enabled him to make significant contributions on special teams and as a receiver. In 2021, Berrios joined the New York Jets, where he continued to showcase his talents and emerged as a key player in the team’s offense. Throughout his NFL journey, Berrios has garnered respect for his tenacity, versatility, and ability to make plays in critical situations.


Braxton Berrios’s Injury History


Let’s take a look at Braxton Berrios’ Injury history throughout his American football career. 


Braxton Berrios: Hamstring Injury – 11/17/2023


On November 17, 2023, Braxton Berrios sustained a hamstring strain during gameplay. Hamstring strains are common among athletes, often occurring due to sudden movements or overexertion. Despite the injury’s initial classification as mild, hamstring strains can lead to complications if not managed properly. Berrios’s rehabilitation process will be crucial in ensuring a full recovery and minimizing the risk of recurrence. His dedication to his recovery regimen and adherence to medical advice will be pivotal in his return to peak performance for his team. 


Braxton Berrios’s injury history in the NFL has been marked by various injuries, each presenting its challenges and obstacles. Despite facing setbacks, Berrios’s resilience and determination have been evident, enabling him to overcome adversity and continue making significant contributions on the field. As he navigates through his injury history, Berrios remains focused on his ultimate goal: returning to the field at full strength and continuing to excel as a dynamic playmaker in the NFL. With each setback, Berrios emerges stronger and more determined, underscoring his unwavering commitment to the game and his relentless pursuit of excellence.


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