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Boston Scott

Philadelphia Eagles


29 YRS


Sports Category : NFL

Date Injury Game Missed Details
08/06/2022 Concussion 0 Traumatic brain injury
09/29/2022 Ribs 2 Rib injury
09/14/2023 Concussion 0 Traumatic brain injury

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In the world of professional football, few tales are as inspiring as that of. Born on April 27, 1995, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Scott’s journey to NFL stardom is a testament to determination, hard work, and unwavering passion for the game. Standing at 5’6″ and weighing 203 pounds, the running back defies expectations with his explosive speed, agility, and relentless drive on the field. This page focuses on Baton Rouge’s injury history and his recent updates on his health. 


Scott’s NFL journey began when he was drafted by the New Orleans Saints in the sixth round of the 2018 NFL Draft. Though his early career saw limited playing time, he showcased his potential with every opportunity. In 2019, Scott joined the Philadelphia Eagles, becoming a fan favorite for his electrifying plays and clutch performances. His ability to turn seemingly impossible situations into game-changing moments quickly earned him a spot in the hearts of Eagles’ faithful.


 Baton Rouge’s NFL Journey 


Scott’s rise to prominence reached new heights during the 2019 season, particularly in a crucial Week 14 matchup against the New York Giants. With injuries sidelining key players, Scott stepped into the spotlight, delivering a stellar performance that included three touchdowns, sealing the victory for the Eagles. This breakout game marked the beginning of Scott’s emergence as a reliable force in the backfield.


In the subsequent seasons, Scott continued to contribute significantly, showcasing versatility as a runner and a receiver out of the backfield. His speed and elusiveness made him a valuable asset in various offensive schemes, and his impact on the team continued to grow.


 Baton Rouge’s Injury History


Let’s take a look at  Baton Rouge’s injury history throughout his American football career. 


 Baton Rouge’s Concussion – August 6, 2022


August 6, 2022, stands etched in Boston Scott’s career as the day he faced a traumatic brain injury. A concussion, though not visibly debilitating, raised concerns about the toll on his cognitive health. Despite missing no games, the incident prompted rigorous medical evaluation and precautionary measures.


 Baton Rouge’s Ribs – September 29, 2022


Just weeks later, on September 29, 2022, Scott found himself nursing a rib injury. The physical demands of the game often subject players to bone-jarring hits, and Scott was no exception. Missing two games, he grappled with the pain of a rib injury, a reminder of the brutal nature of professional football.


 Baton Rouge’s Concussion – September 14, 2023


A year later, on September 14, 2023, Baton Rouge’s injury history repeated itself as Scott faced another concussion. The recurrence of traumatic brain injury sparked concerns about the potential long-term effects. Fortunately, the resilient athlete bounced back, demonstrating the mental fortitude required in the face of such adversity.


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