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Baker Mayfield

Tampa Bay Buccaneers


29 YRS


Sports Category : NFL

Date Injury Game Missed Details
10/05/2013 Knee 4 Right knee injury, no details, no surgery reported.
11/21/2015 Concussion 0 Traumatic brain injury
12/31/2015 Concussion 0 Traumatic brain injury, National Semifinal game
10/11/2020 Ribs 0 Rib bruise vs. cartilage injury, fracture unlikely
09/19/2021 Shoulder 0 Left shoulder dislocation, partially torn labrum, played through it
10/17/2021 Shoulder 1 Left shoulder dislocation, fractured humerus
10/07/2021 Foot 0 Left heel injury, likely bone bruise, possibly plantar fasciitis
11/14/2021 Knee 0 Right knee contusion, likely sprain & bone bruise
12/20/2021 COVID 1 Tested positive for COVID.
01/19/2022 Shoulder 0 Left shoulder labrum repair (no bone), by Dr. Orr Limpisvasti
10/09/2022 Ankle 3 Left ankle, high-ankle sprain, likely grade 1.
10/22/2023 Knee 0 Knee injury. No details
11/12/2023 Thumb 0 Mild right thumb sprain
11/26/2023 Ankle 0 Right ankle sprain
01/01/2024 Ribs 0 Rib bruise vs cartilage fracture

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Baker Mayfield, born on April 14, 1995, in Austin, Texas, has emerged as a dynamic force in the NFL, showcasing exceptional quarterbacking skills and leadership on and off the field. A Heisman Trophy winner during his college days at the University of Oklahoma, Mayfield entered the NFL as the first overall pick in the 2018 draft, selected by the Cleveland Browns. Known for his precision passing, competitive spirit, and charismatic personality, Mayfield has become a cornerstone for the Browns, bringing renewed hope and optimism to the franchise. This page focuses on Baker Mayfield’s Injury History & the recent updates on his health. 


Baker Mayfield’s NFL Journey


Mayfield’s NFL journey began in 2018, and from the outset, he demonstrated his ability to adapt and thrive at the professional level. His rookie season saw him break the rookie touchdown pass record, laying the foundation for what promised to be a remarkable career. Over subsequent seasons, Mayfield continued to evolve, showcasing his resilience and determination, culminating in leading the Cleveland Browns to the playoffs in the 2020 season. He currently plays for Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 


Baker Mayfield Injury History:


Baker Mayfield’s Knee Injury – October 5, 2013:


In 2013, Baker Mayfield faced a knee injury to his right knee, sidelining him for four games. While specific details were undisclosed, the absence indicated the severity of the injury. Fortunately, surgery wasn’t required, but the episode marked the early challenges in Mayfield’s football career.


Baker Mayfield’s Concussion – November 21, 2015:


During a game in 2015, Mayfield endured a traumatic brain injury, leading to a concussion. The nature of the injury required careful evaluation and monitoring. Despite the absence of long-term complications, concussions underscore the risks inherent in contact sports.


Baker Mayfield’s Shoulder Injury – September 19, 2021:


In September 2021, Mayfield faced a left shoulder dislocation, coupled with a partially torn labrum. Remarkably, he played through the injury, showcasing his determination. The risk of aggravation lingered, and the decision to continue playing highlighted Mayfield’s commitment to his team.


Baker Mayfield’s Shoulder Fracture – October 17, 2021:


A few weeks later, Mayfield encountered a more severe left shoulder dislocation, this time accompanied by a fractured humerus. The complexity of the injury necessitated careful management to ensure proper healing and prevent long-term consequences.


Baker Mayfield’s Foot Injury – October 7, 2021:


Mayfield experienced a left heel injury in October 2021, likely a bone bruise with a potential connection to plantar fasciitis. The nuanced nature of foot injuries required strategic handling to avoid prolonged discomfort and maintain optimal performance.


Baker Mayfield’s Knee Contusion – November 14, 2021:


Later in the same season, Mayfield suffered a right knee contusion, likely involving a sprain and bone bruise. The intricacies of knee injuries demanded a comprehensive approach to rehabilitation, balancing the need for recovery with the demands of the game.


Baker Mayfield’s COVID-19 – December 20, 2021:


In December 2021, Mayfield tested positive for COVID-19, resulting in a one-game absence. The pandemic introduced a new layer of challenges for players, with health and safety becoming paramount concerns for both individuals and teams.


Baker Mayfield’s Shoulder Labrum Repair – January 19, 2022:


Postseason, Mayfield underwent a left shoulder labrum repair, conducted by Dr. Orr Limpisvasti. The surgical intervention aimed at addressing the underlying issue and preventing future complications, marking a crucial step in Mayfield’s ongoing career.


Baker Mayfield’s Ankle Sprain – October 9, 2022:


Returning to the field in 2022, Mayfield faced a left ankle high-ankle sprain, likely grade 1. The grading indicated the severity of the sprain, influencing the pace of his recovery and return to peak performance.


Baker Mayfield’s Knee Injury – October 22, 2023:


In the 2023 season, Mayfield encountered a knee injury, with specific details undisclosed. The lack of information underscored the challenges in real-time injury reporting and the subsequent uncertainty surrounding recovery.


Baker Mayfield’s Thumb Sprain – November 12, 2023:


During the same season, Mayfield sustained a mild right thumb sprain. While less severe than some previous injuries, the impact on grip and ball control necessitated careful management to ensure optimal quarterback performance.


Baker Mayfield’s Ankle Sprain – November 26, 2023:


In November 2023, Mayfield faced a right ankle sprain. The recurrence of ankle injuries underscored the ongoing challenges in preserving a quarterback’s mobility and stability throughout a demanding NFL season.


Baker Mayfield’s injury history stands as a testament to the physical toll of professional football and his unwavering determination to overcome adversities for the love of the game and his team.


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