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Amari Cooper

Amari Cooper

Cleveland Browns


29 YRS


Sports Category : NFL



Games Missed


January 01, 2010



Major injury, missed most junior year in high school

August 13, 2013


Foot sprain, likely mild midfoot, preseason.

September 14, 2013



Toe sprain, likely mild turf toe

November 22, 2014



Knee bruise, minor

November 08, 2015


Quad bruise

December 10, 2015


Chronic plantar fasciitis, lingered all season

October 30, 2016


Back injury, no details

December 08, 2016


Shoulder injury, likely

August 09, 2017


Knee injury, lingered half season

November 26, 2017



Left ankle sprain, likely moderate or high-ankle

November 26, 2017



Traumatic brain injury

December 10, 2017



Left ankle sprain reinjury, likely moderate or high-ankle

September 30, 2018


Likely plantar fasciitis, reinjury, chronic

October 14, 2018


Traumatic brain injury

August 03, 2019


Plantar fasciitis, reinjury, chronic

September 22, 2019


Right ankle sprain, likely lateral grade 1. MRI negative.

October 13, 2019


Quad bruise

October 18, 2019


Ankle injury, likely minor sprain

November 05, 2019


Left knee sprain, no details, MRI negative

August 22, 2020


Hamstring strain, likely mild, preseason.

September 13, 2020


Ankle pain, likely right

January 03, 2021


Right ankle, bone spurs causing impingement

January 07, 2021


Right ankle surgery, remove bone spurs

September 19, 2021


Rib bruise vs. cartilage injury, fracture unlikely

September 27, 2021


Right hamstring strain, likely grade 1

November 01, 2021


Right hamstring strain, reinjury or new?

November 19, 2021



Tested positive for COVID.

December 08, 2022


Sports hernia

February 15, 2023


Underwent core muscle surgery for sports hernia

September 16, 2023


Groin injury. No details

November 1, 2023


Mild ankle sprain.

November 26, 2023


Rib injury. X-rays negative

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Amari Cooper, born on June 17, 1994, in Miami, Florida, is a star wide receiver in the NFL, renowned for his exceptional route-running, reliable hands, and ability to make game-changing plays. Cooper’s football journey commenced at the University of Alabama, where he achieved collegiate success, earning the prestigious Fred Biletnikoff Award in 2014 as the nation’s best wide receiver.


Drafted by the Oakland Raiders (now Las Vegas Raiders) as the fourth overall pick in 2015, Cooper quickly made a mark in the NFL. His dynamic skills and impact on the field caught the attention of the Dallas Cowboys, who acquired him in a mid-season trade in 2018. Cooper’s arrival in Dallas revitalized the team’s passing game, solidifying his status as one of the league’s premier wide receivers. This page focuses on Amari Cooper’s Injury History & the recent updates on his health. 


Amari Cooper’s NFL Journey 


Amari Cooper’s NFL journey is a testament to his skill, resilience, and impact on the game. Drafted by the Oakland Raiders, Cooper’s early years showcased his ability to dominate on the field. The mid-season trade to the Dallas Cowboys in 2018 marked a turning point in his career, where he seamlessly integrated into the team and became a key playmaker.


Cooper’s connection with star quarterback Dak Prescott elevated the Cowboys’ offense, making them a formidable force in the league. Despite facing various challenges, including injuries, Cooper’s commitment to excellence has consistently shone through, earning him Pro Bowl selections and cementing his place among the elite in the NFL.


Amari Cooper’s Injury History:


Let’s take a look at Amari Cooper’s Injury History during his American football career. 

January 01, 2010 – Unknown:


A major injury during his high school junior year set the stage for Cooper’s resilience in overcoming setbacks early in his football journey.


August 13, 2013 – Amari Cooper’s Foot:


A mild midfoot sprain in the preseason of 2013 marked Cooper’s first taste of injury during his time at the University of Alabama.


September 14, 2013 – Amari Cooper’s Toe:


Cooper faced a mild turf toe injury on September 14, 2013, adding a challenging dimension to his collegiate experience.


November 22, 2014 – Amari Cooper’s Knee:


A minor knee bruise in November 2014 provided an early test of Cooper’s ability to bounce back from physical setbacks.


November 08, 2015 – Amari Cooper’s Quad:


Cooper dealt with a quad bruise on November 08, 2015, adding to the toll of injuries he had to navigate through.


December 10, 2015 – Amari Cooper’s Foot:


Chronic plantar fasciitis became a lingering issue for Cooper throughout the 2015 season. This foot ailment posed a continuous challenge, testing his endurance and commitment.


October 30, 2016 – Amari Cooper’s Back:


A mysterious back injury in late October 2016 brought uncertainty, with no specific details available. This period marked a phase of adversity where Cooper had to battle through an undisclosed back ailment.


December 08, 2016 – Amari Cooper’s Shoulder:


Adding to the physical toll, Cooper faced a shoulder injury on December 08, 2016, presenting yet another hurdle in his journey.


August 09, 2017 – Amari Cooper’s Knee:


Lingering knee issues half the season brought forth a persistent knee injury on August 09, 2017, challenging Cooper’s endurance.


November 26, 2017 – Amari Cooper’s Ankle and Concussion:


A double blow unfolded on November 26, 2017, as Cooper suffered a left ankle sprain, likely moderate or high-ankle, coupled with a traumatic brain injury (concussion) during the same game.


December 10, 2017 – Amari Cooper’s Ankle:


The challenges persisted with a reinjury of the left ankle on December 10, 2017, further testing Cooper’s resilience.


September 30, 2018 – Amari Cooper’s Foot:


A chronic ailment resurfaced as Cooper faced likely plantar fasciitis, reinjury, chronic in nature on September 30, 2018.


October 14, 2018 – Amari Cooper’s Concussion:


The recurrence of traumatic brain injury struck again on October 14, 2018, presenting Cooper with the challenge of navigating through another concussion.


August 03, 2019 – Amari Cooper’s Foot:


Continuing struggles with plantar fasciitis were evident as Cooper faced a reinjury of this chronic foot ailment on August 03, 2019.


September 22, 2019 – Amari Cooper’s Ankle:


A right ankle sprain, likely lateral grade 1, surfaced on September 22, 2019, with an MRI yielding negative results.


October 13, 2019 – Amari Cooper’s Quad:


A quad bruise on October 13, 2019, underscored the physical toll that the game of football can exact, testing Cooper’s durability.


October 18, 2019 – Amari Cooper’s Ankle:


Another ankle-related setback occurred on October 18, 2019, characterized as an ankle injury, likely a minor sprain.


November 05, 2019 – Amari Cooper’s Knee:


Left knee sprain with no specific details emerged on November 05, 2019, with an MRI yielding negative results.


August 22, 2020 – Amari Cooper’s Hamstring:


A preseason challenge unfolded on August 22, 2020, as Cooper faced a mild hamstring strain, testing his physical readiness.


September 13, 2020 – Amari Cooper’s Ankle:


Ankle pain, likely on the right side, presented itself on September 13, 2020, adding another layer of complexity to Cooper’s injury history.


January 03, 2021 – Amari Cooper’s Ankle:


The onset of 2021 brought an ankle ailment for Cooper, with bone spurs causing impingement on his right ankle.


January 07, 2021 – Amari Cooper’s Ankle:


To address the ankle issues, Cooper underwent right ankle surgery to remove bone spurs on January 07, 2021.


September 19, 2021 – Amari Cooper’s Ribs:


A rib bruise vs. cartilage injury surfaced on September 19, 2021, with the fortunate outcome of no fracture.


September 27, 2021 – Amari Cooper’s Hamstring:


Cooper faced a right hamstring strain, likely grade 1, on September 27, 2021, highlighting the continued challenges in managing his physical well-being.


November 01, 2021 – Amari Cooper’s Hamstring:


A potential reinjury or a new hamstring strain surfaced on November 01, 2021, marking another chapter in Cooper’s ongoing battle with lower-body ailments.


November 19, 2021 – Amari Cooper’s COVID:


The external challenge of COVID-19 impacted Cooper on November 19, 2021, as he tested positive for the virus.


December 08, 2022 – Amari Cooper’s Hernia:


A sports hernia emerged as a new challenge for Cooper on December 08, 2022, necessitating careful management and rehabilitation.


February 15, 2023 – Amari Cooper’s Hernia:


The journey took a medical turn as Cooper underwent core muscle surgery for the sports hernia on February 15, 2023, adding to the intricacies of his injury history.


September 16, 2023 – Amari Cooper’s Groin:


The latest chapter unfolded with a groin injury on September 16, 2023, underscoring the ongoing physical demands of professional football.


November 1, 2023 – Amari Cooper’s Ankle:


The most recent entry in Cooper’s injury saga involves a mild ankle sprain on November 1, 2023, presenting yet another hurdle in his journey to recovery.


Amari Cooper’s Injury history in the NFL, marked by success and challenges, is a narrative of resilience and determination. From his early years in high school to collegiate achievements and now as a prominent wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, Cooper’s impact on the game extends beyond statistics.


Despite encountering various injuries, including foot sprains, concussions, and surgeries, Cooper’s ability to overcome adversity and consistently perform at a high level underscores his dedication to the sport. The chemistry he shares with Dak Prescott has made him an integral part of the Cowboys’ offense, earning Pro Bowl honors and contributing to the team’s success.


As Cooper continues to evolve in the NFL, his journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes and a testament to the enduring spirit required to thrive in one of the most demanding sports leagues in the world. The challenges, victories, and resilience define Amari Cooper’s legacy, ensuring his place as a standout figure in the annals of NFL history.


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