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Alexander Mattison

Las Vegas Raiders


26 YRS


Sports Category : NFL

Date Injury Game Missed Details
12/11/2019 Ankle 3 Ankle sprain, likely moderate lateral or high ankle
12/05/2020 Abdomen 2 Appendix rupture, appendectomy
12/20/2020 Concussion 1 Traumatic brain injury
10/10/2021 Shoulder 0 Likely AC sprain, type I
12/13/2021 COVID 1 Tested positive for COVID.
08/03/2023 Unknown 0 Undisclosed injury. No details (preseason)
10/12/2022 Shoulder 0 Shoulder Sprain
11/12/2023 Concussion 0 Traumatic brain injury
12/10/2023 Ankle 1 Ankle injury. No details

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  • Vikings ruled out RB Alexander Mattison for Saturday’s game at Cincinnati and are listing WR Justin Jefferson as questionable.

    Source: Adam Schefter via X

Alexander Mattison, born on June 19, 1998, in San Bernardino, California, is a talented running back making waves in the National Football League (NFL). He played college football for Boise State University, showcasing exceptional skills that caught the eye of NFL scouts. Mattison’s remarkable blend of power, agility, and football intelligence positioned him as a promising prospect, leading to his selection in the 2019 NFL Draft. This page focuses on Alexander Mattison’s Injuries History & the recent health updates on this NFL star. 


College Years and NFL Debut

Mattison had a prolific college football career with the Boise State Broncos. During his time at Boise State, he amassed over 2,500 rushing yards and displayed his versatility as both a rusher and a receiver out of the backfield. His consistent performances made him an attractive choice for NFL teams, and in the 2019 NFL Draft, the Minnesota Vikings selected him in the third round, 102nd overall.


NFL Career with the Minnesota Vikings

Joining the Minnesota Vikings was a significant milestone for Alexander Mattison. He found himself in a team known for its strong running game and sought to make his mark alongside star running back Dalvin Cook. Throughout his tenure with the Vikings, Mattison became an essential part of the team’s offense, showcasing his skills in various games.


Now, let’s delve into Alexander Mattison’s injury history, detailing each incident, the type of injury, the complications, and the opponent team.


Alexander Mattison’s Injury History


December 11, 2019: Alexander Mattison’s Ankle Injury

Alexander Mattison encountered a challenging ankle sprain during a game against the Seattle Seahawks. The severity of the injury was considerable, likely a moderate lateral or high ankle sprain. This injury significantly affected his mobility and performance on the field, necessitating a period of rehabilitation and recovery to regain optimal playing condition.


December 05, 2020: Alexander Mattison’s Abdominal Injury

In a game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Mattison faced a serious abdominal injury, specifically an appendix rupture that required an emergency appendectomy. The complications of appendicitis and the subsequent surgery meant he had to undergo a period of rest and recovery to regain strength and return to the field.


December 20, 2020: Alexander Mattison’s Concussion

During a game against the Chicago Bears, Alexander Mattison suffered a concussion, a traumatic brain injury. Concussions are always concerning due to their potential impact on cognitive functions and overall well-being. Following the NFL’s concussion protocol, Mattison underwent a thorough medical evaluation and a necessary recovery period to ensure his safety and health.


October 10, 2021: Alexander Mattison’s Shoulder Injury 

Facing the Detroit Lions, Mattison endured a shoulder injury, likely categorized as an AC sprain (type I). This type of injury affects the acromioclavicular joint in the shoulder and can hinder movement and performance. The nature of the injury indicated a need for medical attention and rehabilitation to ensure a smooth recovery and his eventual return to play. 


December 13, 2021: Alexander Mattison’s COVID Update

In December 2021, Alexander Mattison faced an unfortunate and globally prevalent circumstance when he tested positive for COVID-19. The impact of this diagnosis on athletes cannot be understated. This infectious illness posed significant challenges for Mattison, requiring adherence to safety protocols, isolation, and a focus on recovery to regain his health and return to optimal performance. 


October 12, 2022: Alexander Mattison’s Shoulder Sprain

In October 2022, Alexander Mattison encountered a shoulder sprain. Shoulder injuries, particularly sprains, can significantly hinder a player’s ability to perform at their best. The shoulder is a pivotal joint for a football player, and a sprain could affect movement, strength, and overall gameplay. Mattison would have likely undergone rehabilitation and medical treatment to mitigate the effects of the sprain and return to the field at full strength.


August 3, 2023: Undisclosed

During the preseason in August 2023, Alexander Mattison experienced an undisclosed injury, the details of which remained undisclosed. While the nature and severity of the injury were not revealed, this event raised concerns and speculation among fans and analysts. The uncertainty surrounding the injury prompted extensive medical evaluation and a cautious approach to ensure a full and secure recovery. 


Alexander Mattison’s journey through the NFL has been a testament to resilience and determination. Despite encountering a series of injuries throughout his career, Mattison has consistently demonstrated the tenacity to bounce back stronger. From ankle sprains to a concussion and even a challenging battle with COVID-19, he faced each adversity head-on. Instead of allowing these setbacks to define him, Mattison used them as stepping stones towards growth. Alexander Mattison’s Injury History shows the resilience of this astonishing player.


Every injury became an opportunity for learning and introspection, enabling him to better understand his body and develop strategies to mitigate future risks. The shoulder sprain and the undisclosed preseason injury were no exception. Mattison’s dedication to rehabilitation and his unwavering work ethic ensured that he was back on the field, ready to make an impact. 


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