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Adam Trautman

Denver Broncos


27 YRS


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Date Injury Game Missed Details
07/23/2021 Ankle 1 Trautman injured his left ankle during the preseason game versus the Jaguars. He was healthy for the Week 1 game.
11/21/2021 Knee 3 Trautman sustained an MCL sprain in Week 11's loss to the Eagles. He missed three games
10/16/2022 Ankle 2 Non-specific ankle injury

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Adam Trautman stands as a promising talent in the National Football League (NFL), poised to make a significant impact on the gridiron. Born on March 14, 1997, Trautman’s journey to professional football began in his hometown of Elk Rapids, Michigan. Excelling on the field from a young age, Trautman’s exceptional athleticism and dedication to his craft earned him recognition as one of the top tight end prospects in the country.


After an impressive collegiate career at the University of Dayton, where he set numerous records and garnered national attention, Trautman entered the NFL Draft with high expectations. In 2020, the New Orleans Saints selected him in the third round, showcasing their belief in his potential to excel at the highest level of competition. This page focuses on Adam Trautman’s Injury history throughout his American football career. 


NFL Journey:


Adam Trautman’s NFL journey commenced with the New Orleans Saints, where he quickly showcased his talent and potential. Despite facing stiff competition in a league dominated by elite athletes, Trautman’s determination and work ethic propelled him forward, earning him a spot on the Saints’ roster and the opportunity to contribute on the field. 


Throughout his time with the Saints, Trautman continued to develop his skills and adapt to the demands of professional football. With each game, he demonstrated his ability to make plays and contribute to his team’s success, earning the respect of teammates, coaches, and fans alike. Trautman’s dedication to his craft and unwavering commitment to excellence positioned him as a key player in the Saints’ offensive scheme, poised to make a significant impact for years to come.


Adam Trautman’s Ankle Injury: July 23, 2021


During a preseason game against the Jaguars on July 23, 2021, Adam Trautman suffered a left ankle injury. While he managed to recover in time for Week 1, the injury still posed challenges for Trautman, affecting his mobility and agility on the field. Ankle injuries can be particularly troublesome for football players, impacting their ability to pivot and change direction effectively. Despite the setback, Trautman’s resilience allowed him to push through and continue contributing to his team’s success.


Adam Trautman’s Knee Injury: November 21, 2021


In Week 11’s game against the Eagles on November 21, 2021, Adam Trautman sustained an MCL sprain. This injury sidelined him for three games, highlighting the severity of the sprain and its impact on his ability to compete. MCL sprains can significantly affect an athlete’s stability and mobility, requiring careful management and rehabilitation to ensure a full recovery. Despite the setback, Trautman remained focused on his rehabilitation, determined to return to the field and continue making an impact for his team.


Adam Trautman’s Second Ankle Injury: October 16, 2022


On October 16, 2022, Adam Trautman suffered a non-specific ankle injury during a game. While details about the specific nature of the injury remain undisclosed, any issue with the ankle can pose challenges for a football player, impacting their ability to perform effectively on the field. Ankle injuries require careful management and rehabilitation to ensure a full recovery and prevent further complications.


Despite the setbacks, Trautman remained determined to overcome the injury and return to the field stronger than ever. Adam Trautman’s Injury history is a testament to his sheer resilience and strength both on and off-field. 


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