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Ahead of the Curve Players to Start Pre-Planning for Post NFL Combine

The 2023 NFL Combine has wrapped up resulting in player’s value fluctuating up and down based on their performance. Nothing has been set in stone by any means since the offseason free agency period is about to start in about a week, followed by the NFL Draft in April. As a fantasy manager for a dynasty team, you want to be on the lookout for guys you can get for cheap and possibly free in a redraft league. There are a few guys to keep an eye on that people have either written off or forgotten about that could come to light with offseason changes happening. The Houston Texans are picking 2nd overall and are very much expected to select a quarterback. They could also bring in a veteran signal caller too which in either case it would be an upgrade. With an upgrade at passer that could be a boost for the receivers. If you think I am getting at Nico Collins and Brandin Cooks then you didn’t read my mind.  John Metchie is the guy I am looking at. Nico Collins could very much flourish and Cooks is expected to be on another team next year. Metchie was a first round type of talent coming out of the University of Alabama. However, injuries can affect draft stock in reference to the ligament tear in his knee he had. He appears healthy now and expected to be fully recovered from Leukemia that kept him out all the 2023 season. Another pending factor that has me seeking out Metchie before people start talking about him again is the possibility of the Texans drafting Bryce Young. The chemistry between the two was consistent weekly at the University of Alabama. If reunited, you would think Bryce would trust the previous comfort level of throwing to Metchie. Metchie is a route running specialist that is more physical than he looks. He could be a solid option especially for PPR type of leagues. Next place I am looking at is the Denver Broncos. They are not taking on a new quarterback but traded for a new head coach in Sean Payton. He is known for getting the best out of his players. While he may not be the number one option; K.J. Hamler could be in line for a solid role producing chunk plays and touchdowns with his down field speed.  Jerry Jeudy may be the top guy, but with numerous New Orleans teams, Sean Payton was great at spreading the ball around to all receivers and tight ends. Greg Dulcich could be in line for much more as well. The rumors of Courtland Sutton being traded opens up more targets for others. This is a situation to keep an eye on as Hamler has flashed at moments when healthy. Payton helping Russell Wilson return to Seahawks form is the primary factor that could open the doors for K.J. Surely Hamler can find his niche in potential high scoring games versus the Chiefs and Chargers where Denver may have to keep scoring until the final whistle. This one is a little more obvious, but Jordan Love may not be rostered in plenty of leagues pending bench size. He probably won’t be a top quarterback taken in redraft leagues either. Aaron Rodgers sitting in his dark place trying to figure out his future is his usual routine, which makes you think the Packers may be ready to move on so they don’t have to play these offseason games to guess what your signal caller is going to do.  Christian Watson came on strong last year as a type of threat which usually translates to big points for quarterbacks. Also rushing yards are king for passers that also run getting an extra fantasy points edge. Love is a very capable runner. Love may not be the same runner as Jalen Hurts or Justin Fields but he is very much capable churning out yards in the process. In a redraft type of league, drafting Love later could open an opportunity for you to stack your team throughout the earlier rounds if that’s a strategy you use. Away from the rushing yards we all know what Aaron Jones is capable of with a simple 3 yard dump off pass. So keep your eyes peeled for Aaron Rodgers and what may happen as he is having interaction with the Jets, and possibly other teams. The listed players are just a few to look at that people may have forgotten about and may not be in a rush to add as offseason activity picks up. Half the battle is getting players on your roster, and if you can do it ahead of the curve without giving up anything or very little, then it plays to your advantage.

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