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Update: Leonard Fournette injury and fantasy implications

Photographer: David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire

Leonard Fournette


I honestly don’t know what to make of Fournette’s injury. First off, the kid is a beast and he demonstrated that at LSU. However, at the same time, Fournette has been bothered by lower-leg and foot issues for a couple years now. Despite limited information being released about exactly what he is dealing with, we have confirmed that Fournette is dealing with a foot injury, and not an ankle injury. Fournette has the physical gifts to be a top 5 RB in the NFL, but one of the main issues is that he plays for the Jacksonville Jaguars, who are simply not very good. QB Blake Bortles had a surprising 2015 campaign where he was able to find Allen Robinson with the deep-ball often, providing accuracy on about 50% of his passes, which in turn helped to free up the running game. However, last year Bortles really struggled with the deep passes, dropping from about 50% to under 30% accuracy, which in turn caused a bunch of problems for the Jaguars offense. Robinson was unable to make those same big plays that he had the year before, Marqise Lee showed promised but Allen Hurns struggled to be effective. These issues had a hand in causing the Jaguars running game to be unproductive, and unfortunately despite having a potential-star-in-the-making in Fournette, unless Bortles (or Henne if he ends up starting) improves his accuracy, especially with his passes over 20+ yards, then the Jaguars offense will be a disappointment. A running game is very important to controlling the game, but as we have seen over the past several years, the NFL is gradually changing to a pass-happy league, which does not bode well for Fournette and the Jaguars running game. If the Jaguars are going to be down in the majority of their games, which I expect they will be, the passing game will take precedent over the running game, translating to Fournette seeing limited time with the ball. Injury-wise, I think Fournette will be fine, and unless he sustained a stress fracture in the foot, turf toe or big toe injury (which can linger) expect Fournette to suit up Week 1 for the Jaguars.


Injury Affects: All Jags offensive players, Chris Ivory, Allen Robinson, Marqise Lee, Allen Hurns, Dede Westbrook  & Marcedes Lewis

Replacement: Chris Ivory

Current draft position:  2nd round, 7th pick. RB11.

Draft instead: Crowell, McCaffrey, Lamar Miller, Ty Montgomery

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