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Update: The very latest on the Andrew Luck injury and implications

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Andrew Luck

The limited information we know about Luck’s injury is that he underwent a labral repair in his throwing shoulder about 8 months (end of January). The issue with shoulders is that they heal very slowly and take a long time to regain the range-of-motion (ROM), strength and flexibility; much longer than the knee for instance. Assuming he only had a labral repair, Luck should be back throwing a football (there have been reports of him throwing a tennis ball) by now, his ROM and strength should be about 50-75% back by now and he should at least have been practicing with the team. But unfortunately he hasn’t. Colts Chuck Pagano told the press earlier this week that there is no timeline for Luck to return. With the season approaching rapidly, even if Luck was activated today, how long do you think it will honestly take for him to get up to speed and re-develop the rapport he needs with his WRs, TEs and RBs? Two weeks, four weeks? What happens if he comes back and takes a big hit causing him to land on that same surgically-repaired shoulder? When he does come back, Luck will inevitably go through periods of soreness, pain and difficulties as he breaks through that scar tissue from the surgery as part of the natural healing process. In the long-run, meaning over the next 5 years, I think Luck will be just fine, but in the short-term, as in this season for season-long fantasy leagues, buyer beware. Let someone else have to worry about when he’s going to come back, and when he does come back how effective he will be. In DFS, it will be more of a wait-and-see approach, and we will cross that bridge when the time comes. Do yourself a favor and draft someone less risky later in the draft, like Mariota, Winston, Big Ben, Rivers or even Cousins who have less question marks going into the season.


Injury Affects: Hilton, Montcrief, Phillip Dorsett, Doyle, Gore

Replacement: Scott Tolzien

Current draft position:  7th round, 12th pick. QB8.

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