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“Ty” for Nothing — Moving Past Montomgery’s Last-Minute Miss

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I knew that I’d be staring at a big, fat goose egg in my starting lineup and there was absolutely nothing I could do to fix it.

October 30th is commonly known as Mischief Night, where vandalism and tomfoolery run a muck. If you were a Ty Montgomery fantasy owner this past Sunday, the pranks started early. Very early.


After a week’s worth of limited practice participation due to an “undisclosed illness,” Ty Montgomery was all set to play per Ian Rapoport’s tweet early Sunday morning — which put the vast majority of his fantasy owners at ease (myself included).

Phew! No more worries. Plug him in, we thought. Expect big points, we thought. Simple as that, we thought.

Emphasis on the “we thought.”



The dreaded “late scratch” — every fantasy owners’ greatest fear. But with no forewarning, the early slate of games already locked, 6 teams on bye, AND only 4 games left in week 8 that fantasy owners could sift through for a last-second pickup, this was more like a fantasy nightmare.

I personally own Ty Montgomery in three of my leagues. Fortunately, I was able to scrape together some options, so the damage was mitigated to two of them. But the third? All of my reserves were locked or on bye, and waivers locked at 1pm — aka I knew that I’d be staring at a big, fat goose egg in my starting lineup and there was absolutely nothing I could do to fix it.

I ended up losing by 13 points. And Duke Johnson sat on my bench with 14 points.

Fantasy can be cruel…

Later in the week, we learned that Ty Montgomery’s absence was due to a kidney-related ailment, and it allegedly was brought on by his sickle-cell trait. This isn’t the first time this season that a player has missed game action for similar reasons (Arizona Cardinals WR John Brown and Atlanta Falcons RB Tevin Coleman).

Heading into week 9, Montgomery has practiced on a limited basis for consecutive days. According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentineto, Montomgery will “probably” be the Packers’ lead back this week.


With a great matchup on slate against the Indianapolis Colts, Montgomery is a very intriguing fantasy option. Fingers crossed that he’s able to suit up.


All4Fantasy Advice: Green Bay has a late-game kickoff once again in week 9. Make sure that you have a bench option that can be plugged in just in case Montgomery is unexpectedly ruled inactive. If you’re strapped for options, Jeff Janis is widely available (put up 4-30-TD in week 8 without Cobb and Montgomery in the lineup). Remember, if you put all of your eggs in one basket, you might just get stuck with another goose egg.

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